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  1. 2 hours ago, OhioColt said:

    Shotgun style QB with first round bust written all over him.  Good luck to the coaching staff that has to work years getting him comfortable working under center and trying to make him a franchise QB.


    We are paying Brissett too much money to play second fiddle to a head case QB that boldly claimed he needed help adjusting to NFL style of play.  Bad enough the FO conveniences Vinatieri out of retiring mid season after he held a press conference initially wanting to retire because he was mentally lost.  Injuries to both our DBs and WRs didn't help our W:L but to blame all this on Brissett as the sole reasoning why we need to draft a QB in R1 is nonsense imo.






  2. 2 hours ago, CantBeStopped said:

    Personally I think the best route is signing rivers, drafting our future at 13 and cutting ties with JB. He has shown no improvement going into year 4. He is what he is. Rivers could come in and give us at minimum what jb does. He'd have the best oline he's had his entire career. And I'd rather have the future learning from a guy that's potentially going to the HOF over a guy that can't read a defense


    As much as I dislike Rivers (still mad about getting flipped off by him in the RCA Dome) I agree with this 100%.


    At least Rivers can lead receivers and throw them open. I just will not enjoy looking at his face every week. 

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