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  1. I can do that. What about your vote? So which one do you want? Pick your position or set reverse order?
  2. @Matthew Gilbert Welcome our newest and 10th member of the league! Join us in our discussions and let talk draft dates and time. ALL: @Bluefire4, @WarGhost21, @Btown_Colt, @onebad150, @BPindy, @Lucky Colts Fan I am thinking maybe Saturday, 25th of August. Would you guys prefer a morning, afternoon, or late afternoon time? 4pm EST is 10pm over here for myself and my wife. The league vote last year ended up squeaking by to have the draft order be set by reverse final season standings. However, you got to pick your position. So last place gets to pick first and then the winner gets the last position. In this case we have two new people, so unfortunately new guys get messed over and would be the last two to pick their positions (based on when they joined). The previous way we did draft order was straight up reverse order, so last place drafted in the #1 position (Which to many is not the best position to be in). Then the guys that left, their spots were open for the people who were ranked above or below to drop into, and then new guys fill in accordingly. Example: If Chad72 was ranked 5th, and Lucky Colts Fan was 4th, and Btown_Colt was 6th. Then Lucky would get the option to drop down, if he didn't, Btown could move up. If neither did, then One Bad would move into that position. Since we have two new people, I would like a revote on this. Would you prefer the way we did it last year, or by picking your position based on your final season rankings? My vote is for picking the position, as it better facilitates the purpose of last place team getting the better position. However, as the League Manager I withhold from voting on most things. Only in the event of a tie (someone could abstain) then I would break the tie. I would like to get 6/9 votes for an option before implementing. If I don't get a supermajority for either, then the previous vote will stand and people will pick their position. Thank you for your help.
  3. Come on man, you gotta lock it in! Lol
  4. Is everyone available for the Aug 24th-26th weekend? If so which days and times? PS: 3 people in the league live in Europe so we're 5 hours ahead of EST. So keep that in mind as a 6pm start would be 11pm for us. Thanks!
  5. @Btown_Colt Hey I apologize, I listed the wrong person and left you out. Are you interested in playing again this year? If so, what weekends (FRI-SUN) are you available for? Keeping in mind we only have two weekends available for us (See above two posts) so maybe do it on a Weekday. Again, I am sorry.
  6. Yes we do, If you want to PM me your email I can add you as an owner. I just reactivated the league and will be sending out an email invite soon.
  7. Instead of posting projections, post your current planned roster for that week and list your backups for each position as well. That way we can assess matchups etc to better help you out. Example Format QB: Starting QB, Backup RB: Starting RB, Starting RB, Backup, Backup WR: Starting WR, Starting WR, Backup Backup Flex: Starting, Backup TE: Starting, Backup Def: Starting, Backup K: Starting Then maybe list some waiver wire options your interested in.
  8. So if we want to do it on a weekend, we only have the following dates: Aug 24-6 & Aug 31st - Sep 2nd Is anyone ok with doing it during a weekday in August? (Aug 6th - 8th I will be out)
  9. Well that's a bummer, wish it was ours you were keeping but good luck to you.
  10. Let me know what weekends look to be good for you in August and September. Dang man, that's a bummer, but good luck to you in everything else you're doing.
  11. It's getting near that time to start analyzing, scrutinizing, and planning your drafts. Draft Order: 1. Lucky Colts fan 2. Bluefire4 3. Warghost21 4. Narcosys' wife 5. Narcosys 6. BPIndy 7. Btown_Colt 8. Matthew Gilbert 9. Onebad150 10. Team Hulce Tentative draft date Aug 26th
  12. I was just about to say that. Go back to the calibri font. This one makes me feel like I need to squint like my eyes aren't focusing.
  13. And that is why I said we reached.
  14. Jeez, traded up for someone they could have got by staying put.
  15. I'm not saying he cant play the position, just that he'd probably fit SS more.
  16. I dont have a problem with the positions, rather the people selected. For each position there were way better options.
  17. We don't have a true FS. They can be.
  18. Round 2: C- That last pick was ridiculous.
  19. Safety or WR for me. I like chark.
  20. Harrison and Reid still available
  21. WOW are we competing with the browns for the worst second round? Both absolute reaches. Williams and brown are both better guards. Tons of better options at D.
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