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  1. Colts did mention the Anvil Black color, but I think they didn't display any official Jersey yet in that color, hence probably the confusion.
  2. It's special whenever Colts play NFC North? I remember Colts beating Vikings to the tune of 34-6 or so in 2016. If this season happens, we have the matchup this season as well.
  3. Just an angry Mahomes. To be fair, it's kind of difficult to do with the tail and all that.
  4. He didn't win the MVP of the big game being on the losing side though. But I'd have thought it to be an RB as well. This happened early in the Super Bowl history, but probably they thought it'd fit to award a player from winning team afterwards
  5. That's correct. Chuck Howley, Cowboys Linebacker.
  6. I am the only NFL player to win Super Bowl MVP award while being in the losing team. I'm also the first non-QB to win that prize. But I was never inducted into the Hall of Fame. Who am I?
  7. That's great. It takes everybody else 33 years to turn 33.
  8. They should build a cat statue sitting on top of the Roomba stadium.
  9. Correct . The number that was retired not specifically for a player was no. 12 for Seahawks. They've retired the number because that's supposed to be meant for 12th Man, the Seahawks fans Actually NFL website is said to be selling 12th man jerseys for every NFL team, which is meant for fans.
  10. You got the most difficult one. The other player must be the easier one for you.
  11. I think Virginia is sustaining any of the ticket sales for DC team already.
  12. Alternate NFL player question: We both, the only NFL players of the past, have our jersey numbers retired by two different teams. Who are we?
  13. The fact that the league considers Indianapolis as ideal spot for NFL Combine every year, it wouldn't be surprising if NFL wants the ownership to keep the franchise there, at least for foreseeable future than many other teams.
  14. It's not technically a good question, but one stupid team wanted to retire a number to please the fans. Who am I there doesn't necessarily refer to single person or player.
  15. Logo could look something like this. And this is their official Mascot for Sea Lions! Andy Reid becomes the first ever head coach for San Antonio Sea Lions. Matthew Stafford changes his name officially to Matthew Stallion, and plays until either he breaks down on the field or Reid finds his next Mahomes.
  16. Finally, the Ford family has had enough and decide to sell Detroit Lions. The Franchise is bought by Sea World in San Antonio for cheap and the Franchise is renamed as San Antonio Sea Lions
  17. I never played a single down in the NFL. But, my team has retired my jersey in my honor and is the only team to do so. Who am I?
  18. Could be Steve Smith if not for the SB win. Could be Darren Sproles if not for winning playoff game in OT. Did eagles win that way in last 15 years? If the playoff game hurts, it could be that Colts lost to his team? And an AFC player?
  19. So what was the reference here?
  20. not the answer but a chance to post...
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