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  1. Yes, he was taken earlier. Francis Bernard, Kamal Martin and Daniel Bituli are the LBs available in the list.
  2. I think last year injury to Thielen had much impact on passing game, but I have serious doubts on QB play execution more than the scheme. I think the plays were there a lot, but Cousins hesitates a lot and doesn't have the mental strength to maximize the play. He's happy checking down and having great passer rating and completion %, which are hailed as great QB traits. But, without the context of how the plays were designed and what reads, progressions and throws were made, completions alone don't help the team, but helps the passer rating. If we look at YAC numbers, C
  3. Thank you all for including me, hoping to participate next year. Great team effort, much appreciate this wonderful time and experience.
  4. That's fine, and will work if Cousins can play his worth the remaining 49% of the time but sadly we have come to realize how inconsistent he is and how consistently average he is against better teams every season. Sigh, OBJ wouldn't like his QB if Diggs didn't like. Better off without Beckham actually, could draft receivers and spend money elsewhere. If Cousins is good enough, he should elevate the talent around him.
  5. With the 254th overall draft pick in 2020 Gavin's Mock Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders select Kendall Coleman, EDGE, Syracuse. Last year, Raiders got a defensive rookie of the year out of nowhere, and they try to see if this player could have any little success from seventh round. Coleman has great processing skills and high Football IQ, but lacks ideal length, burst and play strength for an edge rusher. Raiders could improve his power and mass and see if that blends well with his football brain to provide valuable depth to their very good, young and developing force of th
  6. @NFLfan you're on the clock for last pick of Minnesota Vikings, should have traded back for Mr. Irrelevant
  7. With the 252nd overall draft pick of 2020 Gavin's Mock Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders select Essang Bassey, CB, Wake Forest He has very good anticipation, intuition, ball skills and production when he's not used in press coverage and I think he's overlooked for his size and length. But, Raiders seems to play man coverage less and a lot of zone coverage which would fit his strength. Smart DCs would avoid tough matchup for him and let him make plays with a Safety covering him behind, which the Raiders almost always do. Good fit, great value here though this draft has been C
  8. At this rate, we are going to target the same player.. Twice.. ha ha..
  9. To complete this successful draft, following are the picks, and GMs who need to select their choices today: 246. Miami f/KC @twfish \ auto-draft 247. NY Giants @runthepost 248. Houston @danlhart87 \ auto-draft 249. Minnesota @NFLfan 250. Houston @danlhart87 \ auto-draft 251. Miami @twfish 252. Raiders f/ Denver @VikingsFanInChennai 253. Minnesota @NFLfan 254. Raiders f/ Denver @VikingsFanInChennai 255. NY Giants @runthepost
  10. @csmopar going by BPA, the next highest rated player available in the list would be Scoota Harris, ILB, Arkansas Or @twfish can make a selection if he sees it earlier. Just a reminder, Miami has one more pick at #251 as well.
  11. With the 245th pick in 2020 Gavin's Mock Draft, Kansas City Chiefs select David Woodward, LB, Utah State. Chiefs' only weakness is their LB corp and the run defense, much more highlighted with Reggie Ragland leaving this off-season and Anthony Hitchens being bad and costly Free agent pick-up. They already drafted Akeem Davis-Gaither, but this player is very intriguing at this point in the draft. Woodward has excellent starting caliber abilities and high Football IQ needed for a linebacker, he does have some physical restrictions with length and tackle radiu
  12. Are we doing auto draft or wait for Dan? Dan has three picks in next 7 draft selections. This one, #240 for Houston and #242 for GB.
  13. 49ers and Kyle Shanahan are said to be high on him, so the Rams throw a wrench in their plans. With the 234th pick in Gavin's Mock Draft, Los Angeles Rams select Cardel Iwuagwu, OG, TCU. Good fit for the Shanahan scheme that McVay runs, Rams finish the draft by getting a development player for their offensive line, which has suddenly become a weak link in a tough division full of scary defensive lines and even more scared Jared Goff behind.
  14. With 233rd pick in Gavin's Mock Draft, Chicago Bears select BPA Evan Weaver, ILB, California.
  15. Yes, it was initially planned (mentioned) that way in Round 1 thread.
  16. If @CR91 isn't yet online, BPA is Darius Anderson, RB, TCU Chicago could use an RB#2.
  17. Hope Dan is feeling better now and you've got power back as normal. Have a good week, all.
  18. I actually had him in mind earlier, but forgot he was still available when Rams were on clock at #210 and got another LB. Then I had to double-dip on the position just to get him. Kinda feel like I had a Bill O'Brien moment. anyway, Rams needed more LBs,I think.
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