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  1. You definitely would've read in the Daily Norseman That's really surprising because the bar is very low for Drew Lock, just win one playoff game. Win two, and you're on your own.
  2. I was a Kicker drafted by both NFL and AFL, played before and after merger. I played for one team for 15 seasons and that team's all time leading scorer. When a businessman approached me for an idea for kids' football game, my friend, him and I invented Nerf Football. @NFLfan you probably know this, if so not allowed to answer
  3. Tim Tebow and Denver Broncos.. I wanted to check if it was true, I think I read it somewhere recently like this week.
  4. I think I just read about this yesterday
  5. I guess not every GM has the knack of moving around in the draft, trading back and forth and picking the guys where they could still have them. I imagine some would be totally averse to such antics, unless it is very clear and necessary that pushes them to trade up or down - like in Jordan Love selection. Trading down or looking to trade up also don't always work out when you need, just like how Rick missed out on Gallimore or Elliott in third round. When that doesn't happen, some GMs get the mentality that it's better to pick early than never. I'm just not sure if AJ
  6. Here's how they're confident: they have seen Cousins trembling in front of their new pass rush, they know Bears with Trubisky isn't a threat and Lions have Patricia to keep them the same. Packers see themselves as repeat champions until Rodgers is playing or until Cousins is in the biggest threat within the division. They feel they're fine, meanwhile they pride themselves in having repeat HOF QBs and they saw a chance in doing so. From second round onwards, they did panic and got some players at least one round early. From what head coach Matt LaFluer say
  7. True, I read few comments about the past drafts and the worst picks in history thread here. I agree fans here respect Chris Ballard and have faith in the process due to how well the players who get drafted fare and how the well-found HC and his staff groom the players and do more with less generally. That definitely helps in taking the picks in positive attitude. I think Vikings fans are generally spoiled now by GM Rick Speilman for getting 10+ draft selections every season (even though many don't like trading down), that if a new GM is selected and he picks only 6-8
  8. I don't remember when Vikings fans were happy. Even during Keenum's miraculous season, they were complaining it was all going to end in heartbreak rather than enjoying the season while it lasts, and they were "right". 60 years of Zero super bowl trophy has created that mentality, I guess. I read the draft feedback in this Colts forum, and they are all hundred times, if not thousands, more optimistic than Vikings fans ever have been. Give this Colts rookie class to Vikings or similar tailored to Vikings needs, you'd hear so much complaints about the positio
  9. I think the way Rick collected fourth round and fifth round picks in next draft, it looks like he firmly believes in managing next draft and beyond. I'm pretty sure Zim and Rick will get multi year extensions soon. If Kirk has got that, it only makes sense they both get too.
  10. Saints traded all of their draft picks from day 3 to move up to #105. Now they might need to trade a player or future year draft pick to get someone this draft, other than UDFAs.
  11. He's a small school TE, and some top graded TEs are still not taken yet. Belichick took two TEs, none of them are graded in top 5 by experts like Daniel Jeremiah but both have some potential. This draft has so much talent that each team has completely different set of boards and they pick the best player they like for their fit and upside. I think it's not on the players if they're not taken earlier.
  12. Recovery from ACL takes a year. A lot of athletes around the league like Dalvin Cook, Jake Ryan have had their next season also impacted with hamstring injuries followed by ACL recovery. If he injured in last December, it's best to red-shirt him and get healthy rather than pushing him to early play in this season. I think only a freak like Adrian Peterson beat ACL recovery timeline and played well next season, but he also went through impact from injury for a while after that.
  13. Pittman Jonathan Blackmon I see a pattern here. Do Y'all?
  14. I don't go by experts boards. I liked both Terrell and Arnette picks earlier. They both were first round grade based on film to me, after Combine they dropped on expert boards. So was Diggs.. Rapoport or someone mentioned today that Diggs is expected to go higher than what everyone thinks.. I like the teams that give precedence to film and college career more than measurements. That said, just wouldn't be surprised if Vikings take Diggs.. but, with Fulton and Gladney on the board, I doubt they will draft Diggs.. I think the reason they didn't
  15. Very much, I was hoping that the Eagles take someone else... Sometimes, wishes come true. But, I don't like "You like that?" Or that guy
  16. Zimmer loves CBs more than Safeties. Unless they have a deal with someone for Harris for day 2 pick. I like Jefferson here too, he seems to have the route tree that's most compatible match for what Vikings love to execute. Could be Gladney or Fulton. Wouldn't be surprised if they like Diggs or Mims or McKinney.. They may strictly go BPA on their board too, which is their usual strategy.
  17. No on stage receptions and green room walk-ins. Picks are being taken without talking full time on clock.. Maybe it will show down when the trades happen
  18. Did these professionals pick Andrew Thomas ahead of Wirfs, Wills and Becton Everytime?
  19. They didn't get premium subscription to do the trades.
  20. Yeah, early second round is still a good place to get a solid tackle but probably not that good of an all round player for that pathetic defense.
  21. That's ok too. But we already have drama in Cousins, except that it doesn't happen on the screen (except when Cousins was arguing with Thielen in sidelines on the route ran) but it happens a lot behind the scenes that other players are happy to go, seeing that they didn't get the franchise QB they thought Vikings were getting. OBJ does make some drama, and can't control his emotions, but I'm thinking at least that would make Cousins being more responsible. Last year, Diggs made him play better after the "drama". Cousins needs fire lit up from time to time to play well.
  22. None of the reports on this trade has come from Vikings organization or even Vikings reporters and has been refuted fully. It just seems to be someone putting some ideas and it caught on fire because it's OBJ and it's believable to some extent that Vikings would like to get some receivers after trading Diggs. In reality, Vikings are trying to reach a long term extension with Anthony Harris which seems to get delayed due to the asking price or using him as an option for draft day trade. Accordingly, they'd like to free up more cap space and get Everson Griffen back to
  23. Sadly, Kamal Martin won't have Mr. Irrelevant beach party in Florida this year.
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