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  1. I went undrafted because teams doubted my measurables. After my 12-year decorated career, I hold the most receptions by any undrafted player in NFL history. I played for 5 teams including being favorite target for two of the best HOF QBs. I celebrated my career by buying a racehorse which I named Undrafted. Who am I?
  2. i was trying to add image from URL, but failed miserably. I've added before, but forgot. I thought Roman Reigns also went undrafted and signed by Vikings. Probably more examples there.. Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Brock Lesnar...
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/vikings/status/582354098340511744
  4. Yes, Detmer was the backup. I have no idea who he is.
  5. Yes, Brett the Hit Man Favre. Here's the article from Gang Green Nation, very good read and wild stories of NFL. Stories from NFL Dan answered it earlier. I too read and forgot about it, that seems very surprising for a 12 year veteran QB. He's right he has not been given first round skill position player in his career. They couldn't have handled it worse. I think that's the worse part of getting Hof QBs in succession, front office takes it lightly and feel good enough if they win once with the said QB.
  6. Do you remember the Gang Green Nation article you shared at the start of 2019 season? You may recall the QB now.
  7. Weekend Double-Header: A real conversation in QB room during coach's presentation: HOF QB- "Hey I got to ask you a question.” Backup QB - “Yea what’s that?” HOF QB- “What is this nickel defense he keeps talking about?” Backup QB gave HOF QB a strange look. Backup QB - “Are you serious?” HOF QB - “Yeah I’m serious” Backup QB - “Well it’s when the defense takes out a linebacker and replaces him with an extra defensive back.” HOF QB - “Is that it?” Backup QB - “Yeah, that’s it.” HOF QB - “Really? who gives a s___t”
  8. Kim Kardashian? Oops.. it's not a question? Nevermind, let's stick to Football.
  9. I played for my franchise for 16 years, finished my career as franchise leader in receptions and receiving yards. Also, have the highest number of TD catches thrown by my QB, which is an all-time NFL record between a QB and my position. I could be considered as one of the greatest to play my skill position in NFL history. I DIDN'T play a single down of college football until NFL. I wanted to play for my college football coach so I chose the right college but I was also two-sport athlete. My football coach wanted me to fully commit to Football but I declined and transferred to play
  10. It's more fun if someone finds it out sooner rather than revealing it myself.
  11. Had to edit a little later that they both were not Heisman Trophy finalists at the same time.
  12. Correct, you're very strong in this timeline. Have to change up the story a bit
  13. They were QB-RB duo in highly successful high School team in California, went to different universities but had been the only high school teammates to share the honor of getting nominated for Heisman Trophy at that time (not at the same time) (not sure if it was repeated after them). One got drafted #1 overall draft pick, and the other got drafted #2 overall draft pick the next year by another team in 2000s. One was a Super Bowl champion. They are both highly regarded in their NFL career, and one of them has been an even more inspirational story as every day passes. Who are they?
  14. That includes every family who sat down to watch the NFL Draft that day.
  15. You're correct on both accounts. They shared Man of the Year award in '06.
  16. Both my friend, a Hall of Fame RB and I, a future Hall of Fame QB, are from Texas. We played together in a few Texas high school All-Star games. We were Heisman Trophy finalists together. We were then drafted by the same team in NFL Draft. We both shared NFL Man of the Year award one year. However, I'm much known for being the long time starter for another team than the one who drafted me.
  17. Jim Sorgi, Colts. Had to look up that one.
  18. Gas station is named after him., Well sort of.
  19. Sorry to hear that. I had been there 8 years ago, when I went to Puncxutawney to watch the ground hog day festive.. I visited Altoona as well and watched a movie and had dinner there. Even in night time, town was alright, very busy and looked like a city in the middle of forests. I accidentally let the driver window open all the while I was watching Cinema, but nothing happened to the car and its contents. I really liked the surroundings, generally that part of PA seemed still very remote. Can't imagine that place getting some businesses closed.
  20. Have read about him, been to his hometown in Pennsylvania (Altoona).
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