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  1. Linebackers are difficult to assess in the draft class. I thought this guy would make an immediate impact, at least in rotation. Rams have ZERO starting linebacker in their team. Should have re-signed Cory Littleton! Might not get lucky in actual draft, but then Bill O'Brien could gift a second round pick to them in real life.. With 217th overall draft pick in 2020 Gavin's Mock Draft, Los Angeles Rams select Justin Strnad, LB, Wake Forest. NY Giants and @runthepost are on clock until 12:07 PM EST.
  2. I think it was not meant to be a comparison of GMs, but just the evaluation of their picks (best, value, popular vote) and their tendencies. They even listed in alphabetical order. Pro Bowl being popular vote contest, you can't expect to have many players for a GM who hasn't even outlived a rookie contract yet. Give another few years, and pro bowl count for first three years may increase, or future years may compensate over the long term as the team gets better, if the results are consistent.
  3. Jabrill Peppers has got overall PFF grade of 66.6 He got 60 solo tackles + 1 INT + 1 TD + 3 FF + 1 Sack = 66 There's something wrong with that guy.
  4. @crazycolt1 and the Cincinnati Bengals are on the clock, to start round 7 until 10 PM EST pause.
  5. I now think that was from different draft in another forum I was looking at, sorry.. I think no other issues.
  6. I had a thought that ILB Kamal Martin was already selected, but it was misspelled as Kalam earlier.. But couldn't find it in the list either way, maybe a different spelling in there? Maybe, I'm imagining? If someone had selected him already, please let us all know.
  7. @crazycolt1 and the Cincinnati Bengals are on the clock (moving over to round 7)
  8. I think it was just the amount of good development-worthy Safety prospects in this class. Better prospects (IMO) like Tanner Muse, Myles Dorn and few others are still available or just taken. Around pick #190, I counted around 10 Safeties available to pick in last 60! Also, Antoine Brooks Jr is said to be total liability in coverage, although he's a stalwart in run defense (a bit traditional, but not good enough in 21st century?). Team drafting him will have to play him close to LOS, and he can't be trusted in passing downs at this point though he could get better with time and coa
  9. @John HammondsHammonds and the New York Jets are on the clock until 9:45 PM EST.
  10. With the Michael Brockers deal falling through and back with his original team, Rams interior defensive line got stronger with Jordan Elliott drafted to help rotate with Aaron Donald. While they lost, Dante Fowler and Clay Mathews on the outside, they also got Leonard Floyd from the Bears and A'Shawn Robinson from the Lions. They add a versatile Linebacker here to learn from these guys, who is a hybrid defender capable of playing both ILB and OLB positions. With the 210th overall draft pick in 2020 Gavin's Mock Draft, the Los Angeles Rams select Mykal Walker, LB, Fresn
  11. @chad72's latest version from round 6 should be good for #136 but pick #62 still needs to be updated.
  12. #62 is also not updated in the list, as per the message from Round 2, it was Nick Coe, DT, Auburn. For Green Bay Packers at #62, round 2.
  13. Khalake Hudson, OLB, Michigan is the BPA at this point. @danlhart87 take care, hope it's all right.
  14. @csmopar pick #136 needs to be updated with the latest correction made today.
  15. @chad72 @csmopar looks good. @danlhart87 is probably unavailable as he said yesterday about doctor visit today. He asked to pick BPA going forward.
  16. @csmopar @chad72 @NFLfan do you suggest we wait for @CR91 to change the pick or go forward and let him pick one of the available later?
  17. @stitches no, draft is paused for nightly pause and due to a duplicate pick. @CR91 needs to remake his selection for Arizona Cardinals pick #202, and draft will be back on with your pick.
  18. Thanks for pointing it out, I was pulling my hair because I thought he was selected long back but didn't come up in search in recent list of 1-200 picks. I thought a spelling mistake was not coming up in search, Problem is the drafted players list is not updated with Antonio Gibson for #136 pick.
  19. Chiefs get a replica of Honey Badger, who seems to be a polarising prospect in this draft. Maybe, learning from Tyrann Mathieu himself could make him a stable player at the pro level. With the 205th overall draft pick, Kansas City Chiefs select Myles Dorn, S, UNC Draft goes to nightly pause, Jacksonville Jaguars and @stitches will be on the clock from 8 AM EST. Great day everyone, 20 picks on a single day!
  20. Chiefs and Andy Reid have the knack for doing more with less in the Offensive line, having a bunch of late round starters which is perfectly fine with an elite QB taking snaps at the Center. They find a small school gem here, who has all the fundamental tools in place and has excellent mobility for Zone Blocking they run a lot. Also can play inside and outside of the line. His inconsistencies with hand placement and technique are coachable, and can really be one of the late round bloomers of this draft. With the legendary 199th overall draft pick of 2020 Gavin's Mock Draft, the new
  21. Pittsburgh Steelers and @Zoltan are on the clock until 9:35 PM EST.
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