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  1. Really hated to see Turay break his ankle, he was playing great!!! I was just wondering if Phillips is available, to fill Turay spot?
  2. Wow you guys are rough. I said I didn’t get the game, I never said I didn’t see the stats. To answer your question I did say they should have kept Phillips, and I still feel that way!!! How many rushing yards were given up around our ends today!!!!
  3. Thank you all for your input. I couldn’t get the game!!!
  4. I couldn’t watch the game. Was Brissett effective? I know he gave up a pick six, and his completion numbers weren’t great.
  5. I can’t believe we cut Chad Kelly and hope he clears waivers. Wanted them to put him on active roster and cut Hoyer. Now we can sit back and watch him start for some other team and tear it up!!!! As long as I’m ranting, we should have kept Carroll Phillips too!!!!
  6. I still feel Chad Kelly could be our starter and do big things with this team!!!!
  7. I think Kelly should be our starter with Brissett as backup, trade Hoyer!!!!
  8. Kelly is our future at Qb. Go get Fitzpatrick!!!!!!!!
  9. I hope we’re not done. I want Melvin Gordon!!!!!
  10. Put him on the roster, and if Brissett stumbles, make Kelly our starter!!!!!!
  11. I think Kelly should be our starting Qb week 3!!!!!
  12. Has Hogan and Carroll Phillips signed anywhere? We should have kept Hogan and cut Rogers or Pascal. We should have kept Phillips and cut Muhammad!!!
  13. I think going after Gordon would give our offense a big boost, just think of the weapons we would have on offense. It would also take a lot of pressure off Brissett!!!! Get Gordon and cut Wilkins!!!
  14. Did anyone sign Carroll Phillips? Let’s go get Melvin Gordon and cut Wilkins
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