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  1. I think Harris could be our Tyreek Hill!!!
  2. I was very impressed with Marcus Johnson and DeMichael Harris!!! Harris could be our Tyreek Hill!!!!
  3. The Colts should try to get Trace McSorely from the Ravens, for our future QB!! Good QB and the Ravens don’t need him, they have Jackson!!!!
  4. I agree completely!!! Guaranteed he would be better than Rivers or Brissett, and a whole lot cheaper!!! How is it our fo can evaluate other positions so well and completely whiff on our QBs?
  5. I still say Kelly would out play Rivers, and we would have saved 25 million!!!
  6. Why did Hines catch those punts inside the ten ? Possession before we constantly run the ball. Hines catches the punt inside the ten!! What do we do, first play, Rivers takes a deep drop and gives up a safety!!!! Brilliant!!! I wish Kelly was the Qb, at least he would throw the ball more than ten yards down the field and if necessary he would run!!!!
  7. Move over Titans, Colts just got there own Derrick Henry!!!!
  8. See my reply above!!!!
  9. Cut Brissett and free up more money!!!! Sign Perriman and Andersen!!! LETS GET CLOWNEY!!!!
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