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  1. Cut Brissett and free up more money!!!! Sign Perriman and Andersen!!! LETS GET CLOWNEY!!!!
  2. I’ve said all along give Kelly some playing time and see what you have!!!! Hoyer should have been cut already!!!!!!
  3. How many times do we get burned with the deep routes, before you start doubling receivers with our safeties?
  4. Put Chad Kelly our there, he’s not afraid to throw the ball down the field!!! He can move the chains running the ball too!!!! How many passes did we throw over 10yards?Our offense is too predictable, run run pass. Run run pass. If it’s third and seven, we throw a 4 yd pass.
  5. I have been saying for awhile to bring Johnson up to the active roster!!! I’ve also been saying to cut Hoyer and keep Kelly up to backup Jacoby!!!!
  6. We had all that cap money. They sign players like Hoyer and they don’t even look at Mincah Fitzpatrick?
  7. He should be on the street by now looking for work and Kelly should stay up to back up Brissett!!! Lost a lot of faith in Reich this game!!!!!
  8. I see why Ballard didn’t go after Fitzpatrick, because he’s a playmaker!!!
  9. Yeah that’s a great move. Let’s roll with Hoyer. Let’s leave Chad Kelly on the practice squad!!!! Hoyer really tore it up!!! Let’s stay right with him Reich!!!!!
  10. Bring up Kelly and cut Rogers. Rogers is a bum!!!! Cain will get on track!!!!
  11. I say bring Kelly up and cut Chester Rogers!!!!!
  12. Chester Rogers, he is a bum!!!!!!!
  13. With Ty out, do you think Marcus Johnson should be brought up from the practice squad?
  14. I think they should bring Marcus Johnson up to the active roster!!!!
  15. Really hated to see Turay break his ankle, he was playing great!!! I was just wondering if Phillips is available, to fill Turay spot?
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