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  1. I don’t know what your talking about. Reich has never mentioned that about Jacoby except draft day and how he will be number two. I said when Reich said last week that Jacoby had improved I said who knows. I wasn’t saying Reich was lying. All I meant is Reich always says positive things. Reich never said anything comparing Jacoby and Eason.
  2. I never said he was lying. I said Reich is a optimist so don’t expect anything but positive stuff from him. The colts actions speak volumes of what they think of Jacobys upside.
  3. This is my point. There is no guarantee he would stay here. He may end up on the PS. I just think it’s a small chance. With covid we can afford to keep him on the 53 with the new PS rules. It really just depends how he looks in practice. If he looks average maybe they put him there. If he looks fantastic they probably keep him on the 53.
  4. Eason is not Kelly. Because PS are so big and players can be brought up and down Eason will probably stay on the 53.
  5. I don’t think Eason will be put on the PS. Remember that means cutting them and resigning. You still risk them not resigning with you.
  6. Parents of Ohio state players have sent a letter saying they want their kids to play. Players are all over twitter saying they want to play. Coaches are saying they want to play. Give them a option to opt out. The head of the big ten has a son playing in the SEC. Imagine his fun playing while he cancels the big ten. It’s all outrageous and no one is following the science.
  7. Looks like the big ten may be the only one to cancel. The NCAA nut grant them waivers to let them play immediately for another team. Spring football does not work. There are going to be so many guys that opt out for the draft. IF teams like the ACC and SEC still play that puts them at a advantage in the draft. Not to mention this is going to bankrupt programs and put them behind for years. I don’t care about how the colts handle it. I care about these players and the careers they are messing with. The nfl is going to have to change some things and add to the combine. Also some nfl games may be moved to Saturday.
  8. I see the players want to play and the coaches are now speaking out also. I feel bad for the kids. Like Trevor said in his tweets a lot of these kids football is their safe haven. The guys like Lawrence will be fine. But it still could cost a lot of them money if they can’t play and go right to the draft. Guys like Justin fields could lose a lot of draft position. This really is not fair to them. Looks like some governors are putting pressure on them to cancel while red state govs want them to play. This is going to affect hundreds of kids futures. Your going to ask them to play spring football then turn around and ask them to play fall football a few months later. For players that go right to the draft it could cost them draft position and money.
  9. He was asked about the rookies and said Eason looked good.
  10. Reich is a optimist. He always puts a good spin on things no matter what.
  11. Reich mentioned this week that Jacoby has got s better grasp of the offense and I think he said he is processing things quicker. Who knows if it’s true. Only way we will find out is if rivers gets hurt or ends up with Also looks like Jacoby has shed some pounds. He looks much slimmer.
  12. The 2021 draft is going to be such a mess with college conferences cancelling seasons. Some are moving seasons to spring then going to expect them to play again in the fall. How many will opt out of the spring session and only play fall. What about guys who red one more year removed from HS to be eligible fir the draft. Will it force guys like Trevor Lawrence to stay in school a extra year. I am not sure how a draft will even be able to ge done in 2021. A lot of players are going to be losing a lot of money if they opt out and enter the draft.
  13. Has Clayton Geathers signed with a team yet. Wonder if he could be a possibility to bring back with Milligan opting out.
  14. For the most part you are correct here. Tell would of made the team so kind of surprising. But we don’t know his circumstances.
  15. Good thing we signed Carrie. He can play both positions.
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