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  1. Just a couple tight window throws. Jacoby looked good too lol. Reece looks really good. Too bad he didn’t get more of a chance. The throws were all to fountain during drills.
  2. You guys should go watch Reece Fountains instagram stories. He has videos of some of the practices and the scrimmage they had LOS. Eason omg.
  3. I am surprised with her being a colts employee she actually said that.
  4. Wentz most likely stays if Nick gets the job. I bet he has had a lot of conversations with Reich about him.
  5. Hopefully we get more of a off season this year. EVen with Stafford it won’t be as easy of a transition that it was for Rivers.
  6. Stafford also gives them a couple of years to get Eason ready if they want him to be the future. His contact is less then rivers too. Stafford doesn’t have to move far either. Go get Stafford and sign Golladay and let TY go.
  7. Maybe but that would be dumb. They have no weapons. They are in rebuilding mode. Colts are the perfect situation for him. Ready to contend. Good thread on QB needy teams.
  8. Apparently Dan Ovalosky is best friends with Stafford. He has been saying that Stafford needs to get out. He has also been tweeting Stafford should be the colts QB. He won’t come out and say Stafford wants to be traded but you can kind of put two and two together since they are very close. The guy from locked on lions says we will probably not hear he wants to be traded and it will be kept quiet.
  9. The guy that does the locked on lions podcast thinks Stafford is going to ask for a trade. That is what he is hearing. But don’t rule out the saints for Stafford or Dallas.
  10. Isn’t trading players away before the draft kind of dangerous unless you already have another trade done with another team. I don’t know who I would trade? Probably. He was only drafted a little farther down then that.
  11. I saw this suggested on Twitter. Rodgers is not showing any sign of slowing down. Do they really want for Love to sit another 3 to 5 years. Where we pick at 21 would be a good spot to give up for him. I just don’t think they liked him.
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