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  1. Yeah this was reported a few weeks ago. He doesn’t fit what Reich has said is important. He is very inaccurate.
  2. Chloe6124

    2020 season?

    We have a lot of great scientists and doctors in this country. I would hope and think in the coming weeks and months treatments and such will become available where it this won’t be a huge issue. if players can get back with their teams by June or July I think it will start on time with fans.
  3. I don’t think we have much to fix on the defense if guys develop. Will Tell develop into that number two corner. We are ok right now but Rhodes being on A one year deal we need to find out if we need another corner beside rock or if Tell can step up. I think Banogu might just be able to step into Sheard role. I am worried about Turay because there won’t be much conditioning time most likely before they hit training camp. Hopefully he is out there working on that once he can.
  4. Yes that’s correct. Just saw that the Titans team doctor is the one that did the recheck. That seems like it should provide a fair recheck with no bias.
  5. I would say no. BB thinks he can be cheap and still win. For the most part he has no loyalty to players and thinks he can win big with average talent.
  6. More info. They just need to let them into their facilities and use multiple rooms. Saints can’t get into their facility but they are set up in a warehouse with TVs. That makes no sense.
  7. So. Usually we have a thread about top 30 visits. Now because of the virus we have it reported this way.
  8. I was thinking about this. Jacoby was very good on QB sneaks and 4th and 1. Stuff like that I could see.
  9. Wouldn’t have to be both seconds. You could add a future pick in 2021.
  10. See I don’t think just because we traded and got Buckner Love is off the radar. Ballard thought the Buckner deal was too good to pass up and probably figured we could still get Love with a trade up. We can have both with the ammo we have.
  11. We don’t know who is really going to be a stud until they play. Like someone mentioned above the opinion on Mahomes in 2017 was very similar to Love. I don’t want to be caught with our pants down if Rivers doesn’t work. We are right back in this same situation next year. If their is a guy they think can be the franchise they need to try and go get him. Even if Rivers does well no guarantee he will play another year. I don’t want to have to play a rookie. I want a guy ready to step in and win from day one if Rivers retires after a year or doesn’t play well.
  12. Why can’t we build around rivers and trade up for the future. We can do both. We already got Buckner. Get a WR in the draft and trade up for a Qb we have filled all our holes. Then we still have picks to add depth. Plus don’t you want a QB ready for if and when rivers is done. Why would we wait until that happens and not be prepared.
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