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  1. He just took questions from the press. Should be up on YouTube later. This kid is working his butt off. Really impressed with the quotes I saw from reporters.
  2. I like Bremer too. He is really good with fans on Twitter and will always have conversations with you if you ask a question.
  3. I think we are fine. With Johnson bring a deep threat and getting Pittman back wecshould be just fine. Johnson should help TY. Plus we are getting Mo back. Pascal is pretty damn good. He won’t get you the 50 yard bombs but can get you the 20 yard catches.
  4. Hands down Kevin Bowen. Heccomes from a fan perspective and is so good at his job.
  5. If you can keep Baker in the pocket he is a horrible QB.
  6. Just because he wants to be a starter doesn’t mean a team will want him as a starter. If rivers doesn’t come back I imagine there is a good chance he comes back.
  7. I think they would do that only to make Eason fight for it and not be handed the job? They would say it’s a competition but it really isn’t.
  8. Hopefully we haven’t seen the peak of this team yet. There was a lot of changes and with the short off season it didn’t help.
  9. There is one scenario where he will be elsewhere. That is if rivers finished strong and comes back next year. Then Eason is his backup. Then Jacoby is gone. If rivers doesn’t come back there could be a pretty good chance he comes back and him and Eason fight for the starting job. Everything goes out the window though if the colts draft another QB. If they draft one high and rivers comes back then all bets are off. Next year really hinges on if rivers has a great season and comes back. Jacoby would be a good backup for Eason. Winston couldn’t even get a job.
  10. That defiantly could be a possibility. Maybe they actually let them battle for the starting job. He isn’t getting a starting job anywhere. They could bring him back and say ok Eason and Brissett fo fight it out to be the starter.
  11. He is being set up to succeed and he is working hard. Hopefully it pays off and he gets his shot here to start within the next year or two. It sure would be nice to have found the guy without giving up draft picks.
  12. This is some great stuff. He is working hard and rivers is really helping him in the film room.
  13. Hopefully Reich learned a lot this last game on what kind of offensive plays work ect. Taylor is getting better every game. I hope with such a weird off season it’s just taken awhile to get going. I kind of wish we didn’t have the bye week so we could carry over that offensive performance and it’s momentum.
  14. Steelers travel to the titans this week. Let’s hope the Steelers can win that gams. It helps us no matter what but we would be better off if the titans lose.
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