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  1. The more I think about this is they know how much practice Luck needs. They aren’t going to put him in a practice until the last minute.
  2. Can’t underestimate how important having mr dependable Jack Doyle back no matter who plays. The plays we have seen from DF our of the slot will allow for some rhythm plays also.
  3. Should be a interesting game one.
  4. LOL. Check this out. Bill O’Brien talking about a injured player. Imagine if Reich or Ballard handled it this bad with Luck.
  5. It still will look bad. When it was working even in the run game last year. Luck is 30. We can’t mess things up where it takes a year or two to fix it. When your as close as as the colts are messing things up for even a year is going to look very bad. Hopefully we will see all five play together SAT. Reich did mention also today they aren’t doing any scheming with the oline which does effect what we are seeing.
  6. No. Wilkins and Luck. Reich mentioned there is still a possibility Campbell returns to practice this week. He said he passed a test yesterday.
  7. Well if it costs us games where we don’t make the playoffs Reich will have some explaining to do. Fans won’t care if it is meant to be a long term solution. All they see is the best oline last year and a fired coach.
  8. Hopefully it won’t cost us any games if it takes awhile. Having luck with.a injured ankle won’t be pretty. I do think once Luck is back it will get better because Kelly and luck are so good at calling out protections. Hopefully all 5 guys play against the bears sat.
  9. Something else to think about. They want to be careful saying anything about luck being reading for week one only to have a set back and not being able to play. There is no doubt in my mind they know who will play.
  10. Depending on how this year goes we could be pretty set at WR. If Cain and Campbell have great seasons we have two guys who are going to lead us into the future. We can also resign DF for a few more years. Then you also have fountain if he makes a complete recovery.
  11. We need oline help. We need better backups. We need to take a couple on the 2nd or 3rd.
  12. It does look like there could be a possibility Sheard plays week one. We will see if he practices at all leading up to the chargers game. I would guess he might miss one or two games since he hasn’t practiced. At least it wasn’t a major injury.
  13. Here is the press conference from today.
  14. I think if he was testing it those drills would not of been in a public setting. He knew he would have no issues doing those or it would not of been done where everyone can see it. It does make you think what Reich and Ballard are actually thinking about this entire situation with Luck. Do they think he should be out there. I guess we will never know since we don’t even know what the diagnosis is.
  15. We just need to support the team and whatever happens opening day happens. Nothing we can do about it. It is actually getting kind of comical. The nice thing about JB is he can make all the throws. We don’t have to water down the offense with him in there. Having Doyle back will be huge for him or if Luck comes back a little rusty. Hopefully we can get the running game going and the defense will step up. It’s going to be a huge test for the oline no matter which QB starts.
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