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    I think it’s more about fresh legs and wearing down defenses. Plus could help Mack’s durability.
  2. I think this will probably be the case. He may not get the opportunity to be a number one anymore. I mean I think I read he has had three surgeries in his knees. I don’t think the one year deal will be a problem. I don’t think any team will give him more.
  3. Yeah. Maybe tomorrow. I still think he will get paid well for the one year. Give him more money for this one year that he might get on multiple years. I think that rewards that respects the player but if injuries crop up again there are no long term ramifications.
  4. He doesn’t let every player test FA though. But I think in certain situations like Geathers it was smart so the player understands his worth and doesn’t feel cheated. Next year and maybe this off season we are going to see a lot of players signed to extensions that he is not going to let get to FA.
  5. No it doesn’t always mean that. Rumor has it Desir had more money from another team. As long as the money difference isn’t life changing what’s so hard to understand the culture here is so good players want to come back. By letting Geathers test the market it puts trust in Ballard that he wasn’t trying to low ball him. Dont be shocked since Geathers is a one year deal he get the amount of money he might get for two years. But with the one year deal there is no ramifications for the future. This could be similar to the funchess signing where it looks like we overpaid on a one year deal.
  6. I would guess he won’t be ready before the season starts. Maybe longer. It says he hurt his knee in week 5 so that would be October.
  7. Probably the same thing with Aaron Lynch. He has had several team visits.
  8. That doesn’t surprise me because he has already visited other teams or has a plan to visit.
  9. I love that video of Turay. He is really working hard in the off season. I love how Mathis is really helping these guys.
  10. It might sound cringe coming from football players but this culture is going to win us more games then any overly high priced FA. Everytime a player gets signed the other players are tweeting congrats. Even funchess says how blessed he is to be here and he hasn’t played a game yet. They are creating something special.
  11. I won’t be shocked with it being a one year deal if the money is going to be pretty high. Or might look like we overpaid but on a one year deal there is no long term ramifications. That’s a good way to get a guy back on a one year deal who might have a longer deal somewhere else.
  12. Don’t be shocked with this being a one year deal the money he gets could be what he migh get on a two year deal.
  13. I think we need to go safety with one of our second round picks.