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  1. What is so frustrating about Jacoby is you see that beautiful pass to pascal over two defenders in the corner of the end zone. If he could just be consistent and have more throws like that he would be the guy. He did great with the deep balls yesterday but was inaccurate on a lot of throws We see glimpses of touch and anticipation but it isn’t consistent. That is very frustrating.
  2. No. It’s just a piece of the puzzle and why Reich even said himself his coaching has to get better. He said he wanted a top run offense for situations where we are ahead in the 4th quarter. It’s just one piece of why we are failing in the 4th quarter.
  3. I don’t think there are enough QB that can be franchise guys to give all the teams the QB they are looking for. Maybe some teams make moves before the draft for a FA. Right now we are sitting at 14. I think we will probably stay right there because a lot of these teams are just bad. Some team might fill a void with a guy like Newton.
  4. Reich has refused to lean on the run game on the 4th quarter with leads. He has a top run game now and should be using it in the 4th more. That’s why you have a top running game.
  5. Something that is really confusing is Reich wanted a top 5 running offense. Now they have it and he refuses to use it in the 4th quarter with leads. That’s when you see if the oline can take over.
  6. You have to laugh the minute he gets put in he gives up the TD. Maybe that doesnt happen if rock was in there.
  7. No that isn’t what I am saying. Just saying this year there has been a lot of questionable coaching. It’s just part of the issue this year. Not a huge issue but it’s there.
  8. He also lost all his weapons. He is nothing like newton lol. With th the way this season is ending not only do we have that Washington pick but we also have our own pick just a few spots later most Likely.
  9. We aren’t that bad. Despite everything we have had leads in the fourth quarter. It’s not like we don’t have the talent to compete. If we didn’t have talent we would not be in every game. Just a lot of weird things this season. Everything went wrong. Get a few things cleaned up and draft the right way we will be fine. If this defense improved just a little a young QB should have success if we draft the right one. I was kind of down on Herbert but looking back at some other videos if he fell to us I think he is a QB that could come in and play very well right away. He is very mature with 4 years of college. We will have to high second round picks in the draft. We will be just fine. Our second round pick now will be not that farther down then the redskins pick in the second.
  10. It’s clear when Kenny Moore misses a game it changes everything this team does on offense. Him and Leonard are the back bone of the defense. We need a backup to Moore. We had it with Taylor and we let him go. Moore would of broke up some of those passes down the middle of the field.
  11. I never said that lol. I said that if we draft a WR within the first couple of rounds we really don’t need to go out and get a high priced FA. Pascal fits that 3 spot perfect. Johnson fits that also. I was talking about having a good group when everything comes together.
  12. This is what I was trying to say. I wasn’t talking about either one being the next TY. But pair them with TY,Campbell, and a draft pick that’s a dang good group. I think it’s safe to say Rogers will not be back after Hines has returned pretty well.
  13. Reich was great with Luck last year. I wonder how he would fair with a young QB. I hope he isn’t a coach that can only succeed with a veteran star QB. It kind of makes me nervous with him and a young QB.
  14. Why bring that up. I am talking about setting up a young QB. It’s clear at this point we will be drafting a QB if the right one comes are way. I want high draft picks no matter who is the QB. I want as many big weapons as we can get.
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