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  1. BlackPanther

    Colts single game tickets

    Can you just go to a game or do you need to book in advance?
  2. BlackPanther

    Assuming Luck is ready to go week one...

    41. He's going to come out fired up, I reckon.
  3. BlackPanther

    Andrew Luck missing 2017 could be a blessing in disguise

    It was a bad enough season to get Pargano out the door. It netted us pick #3 and in turn, landed us 3 extra second round picks and a guy who will be on our offensive line for years and years, hopefully. It got a good amount of time into Jacoby, despite it not being the most ideal playing environment (coach, offensive line) If #12 comes back and doesn't miss a beat then it probably was a "blessing"
  4. BlackPanther

    Take The Colts Out Of The Picture For This

    We have the best quarterback in the division, it's not even close. That means we can win the division.
  5. BlackPanther

    Nate Burelson has Colts at 10-6

    I have 7-9 with a slow start. Wish we played the Bengals mid season, have that as a loss because I think Luck will take a few games to adjust... Redskins too. 7-9 could easily be 10-6 though.
  6. BlackPanther

    Fantasy Football 2017

    Anybody up for giving some advice to a first time? I'm gathering that receivers and running backs are the best guys to go with early?
  7. BlackPanther

    Defensive Backs

    I'd still look to sign Breeland if he can get over this foot infection/injury.
  8. BlackPanther

    Sometimes We Forget

    Love #12. This guy wants to win, for the team and for himself. He'll come out with a chip on his shoulder and alot of people will be proven wrong about this guy. I have faith in him.
  9. BlackPanther

    Best Remaining Free Agents

    I'd give Bowman a look. We're so thin at LB.
  10. We could finish last in this division with a good record - it's going to be very close. I do say we take 4 of our division games and have a really solid home record (say 6-2 or even 7-1) and be right in the mix for a wildcard spot.
  11. BlackPanther

    Top 10 Current Colts

    1. Luck 2. TY 3. Doyle 4. Vinny 5. Hooker 6. Nelson 7. Kelly 8. Sheard 9. Castanzo 10. Wilson Quite a few could fit into those 8-10 slots though.
  12. BlackPanther

    Rodney Harrison on nbc sports radio

    Can't trust Andrew's healthy but let's talking glowingly of a team that will rely on getting Watt on the field consistently to be any good. Not to mention Watson. The Texans have more questionable players in regards to fitness than we do.
  13. BlackPanther

    Which "Under the Radar" Player Makes an Impact in 2018?

    Another guy I want to throw in here is John Simon. Big fan of his, have heard alot of people saying he might not have a place on the roster with the scheme change. I'm backing this guy to prove alot of people wrong and for him to find his place. For the record, haven't heard anybody he's a bad player, just questioning his place on the team due to fit.
  14. BlackPanther

    Grigson Lands a Job in Seattle

    Sounds a bit tough for him.
  15. Just sign Breeland