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  1. From your fingertips to the football gods' ears! I could certainly see that happening. But I think realistically this will be more like the Texans game. Colts will be in control but the G-men will do just enough to stay in the game until late.
  2. That had me crying.... I was at a local watering hole with the missus to watch the game here in Pittsburgh and there were a few Dallas fans there that were basically doing the same thing... Had me cracking up.
  3. This has been a fun season to watch and not with all the different playoff scenarios I find myself watching more football than I normally would. The Colts just need to take care of their business and let the chips fall where they may. Just keep winning and good things are likely to happen.
  4. That O-line looked great yesterday. No issues with Haeg being in for Glowinski. Great to finally have some solid depth on the line. Another great running day and another day of keeping Luck clean in the pocket. This team is going to be dangerous if they make the playoffs!
  5. Luck and the Offense better get their crap together for this game so Sharpe can rub it in ol' Skippy's face next week. If Luck and the Offense struggle again to get going then Bayless will have more fuel to add to the fire.
  6. Hey I am not too far off from ya. I am a dislocated Colts fan in the heart of Steeler country... LOL
  7. If you look too long at the scenarios you will go cross-eyed.... Beware!
  8. Ok this thing is a lot of fun... LOL. I think it is safe to say, if the Colts win the remaining 3 games (all very winnable) then they will be in in some capacity. I can't see the Texans losing outright for the rest of the season but from the bit I played around with it, it looks possible (not plausible) that the Colts could very well make that #4 seed with some key losses.
  9. I'd like to see all blue uniforms... With blue shoes... and blue helmets... with blue horseshoes.... and blue letters/numbers... and Blue nike swooshes... on a blue playing field... also with blue numbers and stripes... and blue bal.... Ok I'm done.
  10. Hey welcome man!  Good to see a fellow MP on here!  You still in?

  11. Things would get done so much quicker if the issues were discussed over a glass of bourbon...

    1. The Fish

      The Fish

      Where I'm from nothing would get done, but you could pick a fight

    2. Coltsfanman1953


      I'll drink to that.

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