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    music, drag racing, baseball, target shooting, fishing

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    <img alt=":1colts:" data-emoticon="" src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/default_a1colts.jpg" title=":1colts:"> I have been a colts fan since my dad got me interested back in the 1958-1959 colts championships

    He was a big Johnnie U fan and I have been  a fan ever since of that horseshoe. something about it just

    is iconic to me, I hope they never change that horseshoe! There has been a lot of history about that helmet as I look back and I hope it will be more moving forward.

    I lived the past of the colts good times and bad, than most people in this forum and I find sometimes some post are too many people trying to impress other people with there own ego


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