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  1. Did we make a McStake by letting McLaughlin McWalk?
  2. I think we lose to the Dophins because Jacoby wrote the playbook down on his hand.
  3. Yeah I thought you were saying that DE had more athletic traits. Which is really subjective as each position requires a focus on one trait rather than another. The RAS clearly does favor the DE in terms of which athletic trait is being measured.
  4. Oh okay, I totally misunderstood you. Also, just because someone contests a point does not mean it is off topic. Forums thrive from appropriate contention. Please embrace it.
  5. I think you are making a mistake between the distinction. Edge have their particular "athletic traits" that they need to score well in. OL have their particular "athletic traits" that they need to score well in. What you are doing, is saying that the athletic traits of edge are more valuable. And that is bias. While it may be a generally accepted rule, that Edge is more important than OT, it is pure opinion. Take a look at the last super bowl. A great tackle generally cancels out a great Edge. (Or limits their production to somethi
  6. More athletic demands? Can you clarify this please.
  7. It would have been appropriate to remove the outlier. Which you did make mention of. Good post.
  8. I can't read the story for some reason. Can someone paste the highlights?
  9. People get so caught up on TE or WR. He's gonna catch passes. Is that alright with everyone?
  10. is Taylor Lewan going to be an option? Wasn't he at LT for the titans, didnt they just take an LT? I feel like they took that OT in spite of us tbh. Might be a little homerism but I feel like teams definitely do that kinda thing.
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