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  1. Players do not stop progressing after four years. Most of the league sees player at least reach average or slightly above average play. There's a lot of average players in the NFL, but they individually get better at certain things over time. To say that players just have some magical cutoff at year 4 for progression is laughable.
  2. Thank you for coming and playing for us in Indy. What a great career, HOF player imo. Hopefully the last few years does not make it too easy for everyone to forget how you could beat anyone. Including Manning at the top of his game. Thanks 17.
  3. I know Flus doesn't personally care, but I'd be pretty disappointed if he went to HOU.
  4. I really hope we don't trade a 1st and pay him that much. I just don't see ballard doing that. 99 is top 3 at his position, what is Wentz? I don't see it either.
  5. https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/stats/deshaun-watson-patrick-mahomes.php
  6. I think Mahomes is in the far better situation. And if the teams were swapped this statement would apply to Watson. Look at their numbers..
  7. Oh okay that is what I did not understand. I thought it meant strictly no trades allowed at all. What it really means is the player has final say. Gotcha
  8. Why would a player allow this to be put into their contract? Is it something that happens often? The reason I'm asking is because Watson has a no trade clause.
  9. What are you on about? A shut down corner is a shut down corner. Goodnight!
  10. Because rivers has a noodle arm so I don't think it's fair to judge him based off this year.
  11. What? He's a shutdown corner. Period. He does not exclusively play in the slot and often travels with their number one depending on matchups. Do you watch the Packers? He's an outside corner. Check the articles. He plays slot out of necessity not because they think it's optimal. Top corner.
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