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  1. Smith to RG and draft a tackle? or Draft a RG and leave Smith at RT.
  2. I'd like to see Frank Gore beat Tom Brady in the playoffs.
  3. yea he is. only qb's that come close to Luck's skill are Wilson and Mahomes. Go back and watch some tape.
  4. We need a defensive lineman with first pick. We need QB in 2nd rd to red shirt. We need another Corner. We need a WR. We need a power RB. We need another TE. We need a depth safety. Jacoby will be our QB next year too, so chill out.
  5. The reality is that this team is very young and inexperienced. A generation QB retired this season and our coaching staff has absolutely dominated the challenge. Reich's staff has repeatedly shown that it is able to coach players to their best ability. From Pascal to Moore II and the rookies on defense playing exceptionally well. Bobby Okereke looks like the Yin to Leonard's Yang. This does not go without the occasional mistake. However, this team has a rock solid foundation for the years to come. Our Colts more than likely do not make the playoffs this year. At the same time, I don't think ending with a positive record is out of the question for this year. Given all the obstacles that have been thrown at this team this year, I would say the Colts have done a great job. Without being a homer, the Colts have had A LOT of questionable calls this year in regards to officiating. I say without being a homer because most of the announcers blatantly agree; followed by a convoluted explanation from some "rules analyst". Anyhow, combine that with a plethora of injuries and Luck's retirement... This coaching staff has done it's job phenomenally. Especially Matt Eberflus. All in all, Colts fans... Do not be to down after this loss. The future for the Colts is bright. We probably still end up at least .500 this season. I would say if most were asked what our record would be at the beginning of the season; 8-8 would've been a respectable, reasonable response. Our team needs the enthusiasm of the fan base to remain intact. GO COLTS!!!
  6. Yeah pretty sure brown was raised by hiltons dad.
  7. Colts get Titans at home next week, Texans get the hoodie. I think there is a good chance we are tied for the division after next weekend. Offensive line is still the BEST in the NFL. Also the only glaring weakness on the roster right now is WR and perhaps a true shut down corner. We will get Funch back down the stretch. And T.Y will knock the rust off eventually. This season is far from over.
  8. Sad. Hilton and Brown would be a good combo.
  9. Lets sign Antonio Brown. Didn't he and T.Y grow up together?
  10. I do enjoy listening to him, I just think you're right and he is just another talking head. Almost everyone outside of Indy doubt the Colts.
  11. I always felt like Cowherd was more a fan of Luck than the Colts. Jacoby isn't as mobile as Luck, but the drop off isn't insane.
  12. No? This isnt just about the dolphins game buddy.
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