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  1. There is a lot of hubbub out there right now about Brady wearing the horseshoe next year. Therefore, I have created the above "yes/no" poll to gauge fan interest. It actually makes a lot of sense. Belichick is "not prepared" to discuss Brady's future and there are reports saying Tom would not give them a home team discount again. He is an established veteran even if he is on the down slide. We have a strong offensive line to keep him on his feet and a string running game. It would also be likely to keep AC from retiring. The Colts are expected to have the most cap space next year as well. It would only be a stop-gap measure for a year or two, but Jacoby could continue to learn from someone he has worked with and learned from in the past. This would allow us to focus on wide receiver and pass rush in the draft. Even with it making sense I still want to throw up in my mouth a little when I think about it.
  2. I meant this mostly going forward. I also never said anything about him bashing Jacoby to the media. The point I was trying to make was not only about Brissett and it is backed up by his denial with Vinny. With that being said, it would have hurt nothing to see how Kelly performed in the last game or two in order to know if he (Kelly) was even worth keeping next year.
  3. I went into this game thinking my 9 hole, PAR 3 round of golf was the worst sports performance I would see today....and then Hoyer and Vinny asked me to hold their beers....
  4. Not to mention the mindset the other players can get. I would not blame them if they started playing it safe and not risking injury if they have the mindset that it won't matter anyway if the kicker can't do his job. It has to be sickening (for the players) to know that every game this season has been decided by a touchdown or less and three games have been lost (or made harder) by missed FG and XP kicks.
  5. Get your shocked face ready. Reich already said he is behind Adam.
  6. You’ve got to be kidding me right? I’m glad it’s the last thing you’re going to say because it’s a weak stance and you know it. Good grief...... smh
  7. I just meant his talent sucks so he coached at the level of their play.
  8. Still waiting for his advocates to come to his defense...... Pretty sure I hear crickets.
  9. Ebron asked for more involvement and couldn’t back it up today. Pretty disappointed in him. Good point.
  10. I really feel like Reich coached down to his talent today.
  11. He could probably shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not get cut at this point. hahaha (Couldn’t resist)
  12. I’m waiting ..... let the excuses begin. Field goal range and down by four because Adam couldn’t do this most basic part of his job. Please tell me all about how it isn’t Adams fault.
  13. I won’t disagree about Hoyer, but that missed kick forces him to get a touchdown. Not something that is likely with his play today.
  14. Can’t wait for all of the Vinny sympathizers to justify how that XP miss didn’t cost us. You can only keep your head in the sand for so long.
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