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  1. Why is there a need for everyone to always be so serious and try to make themselves look smarter than someone else? Read the thread. It’s a joke. For Christ sake.... SMH ”create a narrative that is false” .....::. Take a chill pill.
  2. You know what? I think you’re right....disregard my ramblings..... Close the thread. Hahahaha!
  3. Very true. I’m just grasping at straws to try and understand this....lol
  4. If you really think about it the game could have been tied with four plays. 1) The missed FG = 3 points 2) The missed XP = 1 point 3) The dropped TD pass at the end = 7 points 4) Giving up on the last play = (Possibly) 7 points. That’s 31 points and potentially overtime on the last play. Just food for thought.
  5. Thanks for summarizing my entire post while at the same time calling it nonsense. Sarcastic slow clap. Did you even read the part about it being opinion with no factual basis? I never claimed the Colts anything more than what they truly are. The entire point was that they lost what they are. Miraculously super-talented or not, they could have won this game if they stuck to what they know.
  6. I definitely agree with you. The thing is it should t have been that way. I friend summed it up for me. It’s not that they lost. It’s that they were pathetic. Exactly my point.
  7. Wow....that very last play just proves my point.
  8. I will start by saying this is all opinion and I have no evidence to prove my claims. With that being said, I personally feel like our mindset, players and coaches, cost us. After the Texans game it bothered me the way the Colts celebrated, but I figured they deserved it so have fun. Then there is is the fact that a lot of talking heads felt like this would be the divisional round upset if ever there was one. I think it started with Coach though. He started the game and was not very aggressive. On top of that, he stuck to the run despite it clearly not working. I believe (again....no evidence) he thought we were going to come in and run all over the terrible Chiefs defense. Now the defense. They were viewed as a unit that should not be as good as they are. I think this was good for the regular season because it put a chip on their shoulders. Well, the chip fell off and they became arrogant (again no evidence). The offense. The most upsetting of all. This line is, no question, the best. They know it too. Someone forgot to inform them what they have done the last 11 games and they just stunk it up today. The evidence is there on this one for once. Best on sacks and third downs all season. Today they barely convert and Andrew was in the dirt so much he could taste it. Not to mention the deflected passes. T.Y...... I know he is playing injured.....but come on man! You’re the ghost! It is usually because he ghosts defenders. Today it’s because he just didn’t show up. He dropped balls he should be catching, gave up on plays like he always does, and just played scared today. He did have the late TD so I will give him that. Andrew; the leader of the team. We have seen some heroics from him in the past. Not today. He played very bland in my opinion today. It was almost as if he wasn’t really trying. I can’t explain it, but it was obvious to me. We were down by 17 with eight minutes and they had no pep in their step. They just took their time. This makes me think they had given up. Don’t even get get me started on Vinny. This was the most uncharacteristic performance by a player I think I have ever seen. He missed the extra point and a 23 yard FG. The shortest ever for him. Had he made both, we would have been down by 7 with five minutes to go. I think the weather lulled the team into thinking they were going to come into this game, score with the running game, and coast the rest of the way (again....you guessed it....no evidence). The penalties cost us a lot! Several drives should have ended and didn’t because the defense couldn’t get their mind right and stop jumping offsides. In turn, this destroyed them mentally and they continued to do it. I assume... In conclusion, the Colts forgot who they are. They forgot how they got here and they beat themselves by trying to be something they are not. Just my two cents based on no actual evidence. Feel free to disagree with me. Oh yea.... The Chiefs played well and the refs were terrible.
  9. Download the Yahoo Sports app. It will play on there for free.
  10. I’ve always respected Drew. Apparently he discusses Andrew and his return from injuries. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001007621/article/brees-admires-qb-lucks-return-from-shoulder-injury
  11. Or start allowing teams to franchise tag a coach. Lol
  12. That dude’s life is a roller coaster ride.
  13. Even TY was a let down. I understand not getting hurt, but the last couple of years he just seems like he don’t care to fight for it anymore.
  14. *Aggression (typo in in title) we also could have have won it in the end with a field goal.
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