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  1. On 6/22/2020 at 1:56 PM, il vecchio said:


    The public pressure will not be to cancel the season, but to proceed with it.


    Sure, there will be some infections with all the grunting and close contact pushing, and those infected players will have to quarantine for a few weeks.  On the plus side of that, presumably they return with some increased immunity.  Let's note that even without a season, the players and their families could be infected.


    One thing I would hope and expect the league to do is daily testing of the players.  That's a good way to stay on top of any infected players. 


    These are all fit young men in the prime of health (except for some extra fat on the linemen).  Their chances of serious illness are very low.  Hopefully, in a another few months, there will be more additional therapies available, like injectable antibodies.


    I assume the Players' Association will vote on whether to play after the policies are set in place.  I can't imagine anything other than a near unanimous vote to play.  A daily Q-tip up the nose is not the most pleasant thing, but the alternative is missing a valuable season in the NotForLong.


    For the general public, it seems the best way to deal with the virus is massive testing and contact tracing, along with widespread mask use.  Pretty much the opposite of what the US is doing, but that's what countries which have had success have done.  Hiding at home is medically effective, but it's unsustainable and economically disastrous.

    It appears the first of the dominos have fallen. The HOF game is cancelled as well as the HOF induction. Sadly, I still see this as a pressure campaign to shut it all down. It may be on the wide open campaign or more lobbying behind the scenes but I feel like there is a push from many to just shut down the entire  country until we have a cure for this. We may never find one, who is to say. I can’t believe we are in this state of panic and fear. I still don’t buy the fact that the MLB will play either when it gets down to it. 

  2. 16 hours ago, il vecchio said:

    Easy.  They will go forward because the NFL is a business which makes a LOT of money. 


    Both the owners and the players have way too much to lose if they cancel the season.  So, they will not do that unless ordered to do so.


    The teams have had a lot of time to make preparations for cautionary procedures.  No doubt there will be locker room changes.

    It’s not easy. The NBA, MLB, tennis even, all these groups also have lots on the line and have been shuttered pretty much. Heck, couldn’t even run nascar, where a guy is in the car by himself for weeks. They may have procedures they’ve planned for but in a full contact sport like football, I’m concerned they will give into the public peer pressure of cancel culture even if the risk is minimal. Personally, I think we’ve gone super overboard on the entire quarantine part of this issue but we are where we are and of all the sports, these guys will be all over each other for at least 3 hours a day during the season. If there is a risk of the major sports, this would seemingly pose the highest risk contracting the virus from another. 

  3. 11 hours ago, CoachLite said:

    Now everyone can breathe easy ... or is there more suspense to follow?

    Just the cancellation of the season due to covid-19 concerns, but other than that, I’m sure we will stumble upon something to cause us grief. 

    glad everyone is signed, now, I just hope they get to play football and the season doesn’t become a season of protest and political statements. 

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  4. 30 minutes ago, Smonroe said:

    No.  Blackmon is still unsigned. Third rounder are the hardest to sign.  

    At least he wasn’t going to be able to play early on anyway so his signing isn’t such a big deal and I’m sure, like all the other 3rd rounders before him, they will get it done on time. 

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  5. If he balls out, he has a chance at being a Colt in 2021 


    if he fails, it’s time to see what Eason/Kelly have


    If he is just above avg and Eason develops quicker than thought and he wants bigger dollars, Eason (maybe Kelly) gets the nod 


    if the team gets a SB win, I’d agree with the above poster, he calls it a career and we see the next guy up regardless of fully ready or not. A SB buys a team a couple years of development of players. 

  6. On 6/4/2020 at 2:40 PM, Chloe6124 said:

    Ok I looked it up. That’s a pretty bad thing to say but I find it really ridiculous people are digging up old texts.

    It’s what some people enjoy, looking for anything to tear another down. If we all the capabilities or care to go searching for an ignorant comment we’ve made, most everyone has a skeleton to hide. Everyone has made a comment or statement they wouldn’t want out in public. This is a small droplet in the sea of water we live in. 

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  7. 10 hours ago, coltsfeva said:

      My favorite line was Peyton saying; “That was a tough shot with all the crowd noise”. 
       I watched most of it. Good to see Brady flub a few!

    Yeah I watched the game mostly and heard that line. PM is pretty funny. Even TB was pretty humanized during the match. It just comes so much more natural to PM than it does for Brady. I’m not a big golf fan but that was worth the watch yesterday. Blew away watching nascar later on. The circle cars are just puke! 

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  8. On 5/15/2020 at 7:29 PM, Orioles22 said:

    It seems like quite a few Colts fans are satisfied with our defensive ends. It seemed a long, long way from "very good" though when I was watching our lack of a pass rush last season. I still think we need a difference maker there if we want to make a run at a championship.

    I think by adding Buckner to the Dline, you’ve upgraded each other mans talents as well along the line, he was that good. I think with Buckner and Stewart pushing them middle back, it’s going to create enough gaps for lb’ers to shoot and for the ends to reach the edges as the QB won’t be able to take 7 steps back and survey the field most every snap. Lewis May even show why he was drafted this year if he has increased his raw production and is healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been saying dump JB and his remaining cap hit and pick up Clowney for a year or even Griffin. That money would be better spent there as opposed to JB and clip holding. But adding Buckner alone has improved the ability of the Dline tremendously with just the guys we have imho. 

  9. 12 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Oh definitely. I was sort of being sarcastic with the JB reference = 200 a game. Rivers is a nice upgrade and does give me more hope if we do fall behind in a game to comeback.

    Yeah, I knew where you were coming from. There is going to be a group that says we won but 25 million for 175 is stupid to pay a guy for that production while not being able to see the whole concept and ability. Running it effectively is waaaay safer than throwing it 20 yards downfield plus it allows your defense to rest and stay off the field. I thought we were going to be getting that style game from JB last year in just managing the game to long, drives with clock controlling game plans but he couldn’t make the defense respect his passing abilities. At least Rivers has that game built in to his reputation already. I don’t need to see a 60 yard bomb pass but I’d love to see a quick hitting 5 yard pass become a 45 yard TD on occasion lol. 

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  10. On 5/22/2020 at 7:42 PM, EastStreet said:

    Simply my opinion, but we will throw more than run (% wise). Only 2 teams last year were truly run first (ran more than passed - Balt and SF)


    Pass %

    2018 - 61.6% (9th)

    2019 - 53.64% (28th)


    2020 prediction... 58.5% (16th ish) and great balance.

    I see us using the short passing game like the run but also being able to use the run off that as well. What will be critical is for Rivers to be able to hit those intermediate strikes and get those chunk plays to force DC’s to loosen up their defense and not play so tight near the Los as they were able to do with JB. I’m very curious to see if we have truly acquired a FB to incorporate big with the offense this year or if it’s going to be just a goal line/short yard offense package. 

    id love to see a package where we come out with TY, Paris/Pittman and Hines at the slot with both backs split in the backfield. Is it a run, a screen or a bomb to TY? 

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  11. On 5/22/2020 at 4:33 PM, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I actually do not see us struggling at all in the beginning with the way our schedule is laid out. Regarding your post I agree, we will be a run first offense but do not tell that to the people who think if a QB doesn't for 300 yards a game he isn't the reason why we are winning. Can't wait to see how critical people are of Rivers when he throws for like only 200 yards in a game but we win because we ran the ball effectively. 

    I’d tend to agree with your thinking here. We don’t need Rivers to throw for 300 a game but what we need to have, is a QB with the threat of doing so if needed and not just when we are 30 points behind in catch up mode with prevent defenses. 

    What will set Rivers apart from JB is hopefully his ability to read and process what defenses are setting up for against us. If we can successfully screen play, run and the occasional chunk play, I would welcome a 200 yard performance in the air with 150 on the ground and 24 points avg/game. Having a QB who can scan and process the field quickly and get it to the right guy is where having a smart QB will be worth his salt. 


    seeing what Rivers did with Eckler last year makes me very optimistic for Hines and the short pass and YAC game. JB couldn’t get that game going for Hines, coaching, game plan or inability to make the correct reads, I’m not sure why but knowing that Rivers has already done that with an unknown source last year, I feel like that will be the power to the engine of the beast for the year. If either of Mack or Taylor shows he can catch the ball out of the backfield this season, we should be able to put up 30 often with some big strike shots imho. I wonder what our redzone game will look like without a Ebron (2018) type guy. I know Pittman has the size but not the game experience yet. We will see. 

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  12. Glad you are well @Stephen!! 13 wins will be real tough, not impossible but dang tough. I’d be more realistic thinking a 11-5 record would be more like it. The team has enough question marks at the wr and the TE spots to warrant that I think. On paper, we look as good as the top 5-7 teams in the league but putting it on the field, nobody, including CB and FR have no idea because nobody has seen them work together yet. 

    i do like @csmopar and his enthusiastic prediction though lol. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Chloe6124 said:

    This is very true also. Kelly should of got a chance once we were eliminated from playoff contention.  So your right if they thought he could turn into something he should of been given a look. The fact they didn’t says a lot. If we have a playoff spot wrapped up this year  I would like to see Eason and Kelly get a chance in a regular game not Jacoby. We need to start seeing if these young guys can play. 

    I tend to think Kelly didn’t play as part of a test From CB and FR, of his will and his composure. He passed that as we haven’t heard a peep of how upset or how he deserved anything, I give him credit for that. Now saying that, it’s likely just as possible they see no shot as a future player for the team. The only part that keeps me confused on him is that the team paid good money for him to stay on the PS last season, brought him to the 53 and then when they could have cut him as just another guy, they kept him even though they needed other spots because of injuries. Now why did they hold onto him? It just makes zero sense imho. It felt like the team had a vision and a purpose I still say the team is in a unique position to have 2 young guns fight it out for a starter role over the next two years while Rivers plays and role models for them. Maybe even teach them a thing or two. 

    idk what the team will do but hopefully we get to see some great competition this year and we find a ten year starter between one of them. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, The Fish said:

    Rich's joke about when Frank was ordained (at half time against the Oilers)- solid stuff. 

    That was a lot of fluff for Chad. I'd be fine with him beating out JB for the two job as long as it's the legit correct move. I dunno as preseason is what we've seen of Chad and that's not enough. JB is a legit 2.

    I’d agree here with this. Nothing during camp should be given. If JB comes in and plays lights out and CK and JE play mediocre, JB should be retained, CK cut and try to PS him and develop Eason as best you can. If CK,JE and JB are all on par in preseason, you move on from JB and don’t look back. I still say JB and his salary is best placed in anyone else that is part of the teams future and JB isn’t in the future here. 

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  15. 4 minutes ago, Btown_Colt said:


    Let me see if I follow you here:


    A couple weeks ago you made a thread just to, and I’m paraphrasing, fire up the Kelly fan club. You posted several times before making fun of the Kelly fans.


    During the season JB was the best thing since sliced bread. Pre-draft you didn’t want any QB besides the top 2-3. It was a waste of a pick for any QB after round 1. After the draft Eason was the best thing since sliced bread and now, Eason may be cut for Kelly. 

    Am I missing anything else?

    I think that Kelly is such an unknown to most of the fan base that it’s hard to have a consistent view of him. For me, I’ve really liked what little we’ve seen of him, his accomplishments in his short college time is enough to keep you intrigued, him staying out of trouble all this time since signing is a very positive sign (btw, Ryan Leaf is back in the headlines again for domestic abuse) and I still just have a tough time believing that the colts are going to keep JB on the roster and keep a total cap for the QB spot at such a high number. I could absolutely see the team having some feeling that Kelly could develop as a starter and now have a better insurance option if he doesn’t, they now have a second young arm with talent who could also compete to develop as a starter. It is absolutely quite possible to see JB cut/traded after the final cutdown date, that Kelly is slotted in as #2 and Eason as #3 and it’s also very possible that Kelly is cut and JB somehow stays on. Everyone, including me is guessing right now. Until they show what they’ve learned in the offseason and how they produce once they can organize practice, everyone is a Colt. 

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  16. 11 hours ago, BornHoosier said:

    HAHA, my number one flaw is no patience CR91!  I love the kid's potential but 3 different injuries in one yr doesn't help with the confidence level and let alone the patience level.  He's def not a bust yet, but the label is being printed.

    A bust no, a rash of freak injuries, for sure. If he had a hammy injury 2-3 times already, I would be concerned. A hernia, and 2 different fractures in different spots don't concern me. Wr's who have lower body muscle injuries or joint issues would worry me a lot more. These injuries were out of his history character so I think we can wipe last year clean and move forward to see what receiver skills he has improved upon with study and lots of time.

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  17. 33 minutes ago, crazycolt1 said:

    Sorry, if Rivers does miss time due to injury I want to see Brissett over Eason or Kelly on the field. 

    At this point that is what Ballard thinks too. 

    Some keep bringing up the money like it's coming out of your pocket. At  this point we are not in bad cap space so what difference does it make? None. Next season we will be in great shape cap wise. Quit whining about money, Ballard has control of the situation. 



    More drivel from you. You are consistent if nothing else

  18. 8 hours ago, jlid said:

    I'm not going to bet against Rivers playing every game, but having a solid backup for a 38 year old statue isn't the worst idea


    The big one to me is thinking that releasing him means no cap hit whatsoever and everything he costs us currently goes straight to our cap room

    If we cut JB tomorrow, who signs him and how much would you expect his contract becomes? If we do cut him, he saves us 8.8 million, correct? That’s a lot for a guy we don’t expect, nor want to see, get into the field.

    If JB is on the field, we are either up by 30 with minutes to play or our season is screwed because JB has had to replace an injured Rivers. 

  19. 3 minutes ago, w87r said:

    Tbh, I'm not really a big JB guy.


    I wouldn't mind if we decided to move on.


    I won't be upset if he stays either though.


    I agree that money could be used in other areas, but if Rivers did get hurt it would be nice to have JB to fall back on.


    If we could clear the whole $21m then that's easy. Again at $8.8m, you have Mariota making $7.5m, Dalton $7m. I know there is more but those two stick out as comps. Its just not as bad. Actually its right where you expect one of the top backups to be paid.


    Appreciate your opinion on the matter.



    Yeah we are pretty close on this post as well. I am not going be complaining that we kept him during the season. If we decide to keep him, we do, it’s not the worse decision a team could make. 

    thanks for the respectful debate. Rarely happens here anymore. Take it easy. 

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  20. 2 hours ago, Four2itus said:

    Honestly, please share how prepared for QB injury the Colts have been over the last 10 years. Manning through Luck. 

    I just am one who has very little faith in JB as our back up QB to win us any games and for an additional 8.8 million to boot, I’d rather just acknowledge that the new era of either Kelly or Eason is upon us. Outside of JB being able to take a hit and harder to bring down from the pocket, everything else with JB is poor to barely avg imho. 

    2 hours ago, w87r said:

    That's the part I can agree with.


    If we we're to/want to sign Clowney and need some funds, then it might make a little sense.


    It is just nice to have a backup capable of winning if called upon.


    The $8.8m could be carried over to next year as well.


    At this point though, I think Brissett is worth the $8.8m to have his knowledge of system and being able to step in. Is he worth the $21m total cap hit? No, but that number is irrelevant. Only number that matters is that $8.8m.

    I understand the number is all relative at this point and that he has knowledge of the system. Still makes me no difference as we also have knowledge of JB not being very good with having knowledge of the system. I would definitely rather put that 8.8 million into any player that has an immediate impact on the team this season or into future years in a contract of one of the current players we want to extend. 

    but trust me, I get your point and I see your side. Your argument, and the others who like JB, are certainly understood. I just find such a small value in JB that I have no excitement for him whatsoever. 

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  21. 6 minutes ago, w87r said:

    You cant take his whole cap number into consideration in regards to keep him at this point.


    $13m is guaranteed and gone whethet he is hete or not.


    Only number that matters is $8.8m. That is the amount we could save by releasing him.


    There are plenty of backups that are close to that number.


    So unless we need the cap space,(we don't) there is no reason at this point to not keep him.


    If we we're to telease him, I imagine they would bring in another vet backup also, so that takes away from the potential $8.8m savings.



    Regardless what anyone thinks. He is 1 of the best backups in the league and in a year of uncertainty of offseason programs/season, it makes sense to keep a great teammate that knows the system around. Especially when you factor in it only being $8.8m in relative cap space. The cost of a good backup.

    Idk, If we are gambling by taking a 38 year old QB, one that has no injury history or missing games, I say we continue the gamble. We use Kelly and Eason as back ups and let the chips fall where they may. I’d rather use that 8 million and add a little to acquire Clowney or something like that. Maybe even use that space to renew our Center. Better uses than having it in a back up QB that has no future here imho. 

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  22. I was bored and watched the AFC colts/pats game on YouTube. Some things I took from that game


    1. Reche Caldwell, thank god for that pair of hands. His 2 wide open easy drops cost the pats that game. 

    2. we won with Aaron Moorehead playing wide receiver. I forgot he played in that game. 

    3. Harrison wasn’t very solid in that game


    4. Our oline was breaking our holes for the run game but man did they allow a lot of pressure and hits on Manning. 

    5. I’m astonished at how that team beat the Pats with that defense. It looked pretty ugly at times. A lot of the time. Made enough plays though, especially in the 2nd half. 

    6. pats were getting the calls and the spots on the field. 

    7. forgot Jason David was on that team. 

    8. miss Dallas Clark


    9. Manning was so accurate on those deep passes. NE defenders were very good at defending them. That was quality on both sides. 


    10. Marlin Jackson for the win INT was satisfying


    11. 3 tackles scored TD’s that day lol. Luckily, we had 2 of those scores. 

  23. 4 hours ago, TonyBungee said:

    In a way, I feel like it could be Brissett.  I know, he didn't play really well down the stretch last year, but he was hurt (and so were 1/2 of his WRs).  He didn't ask for Luck to retire, or to be thrust into the spotlight, but he was managing things pretty well before he got hurt.  And then Hoyer was horrible.  And now they've signed the guy to start in front of him for the short term, and drafted the guy to start in front of him for the long term.  Don't get me wrong, I like both of those moves, and he probably won't be on the roster at season's end. But I think it's a bit underappreciated how classy & professional he's been through it all.

    Unappreciated? I’d say over valued. He is being paid like a starter and when 31 of the 32 teams would have already cut him by now, for some reason, CB refuses to let him leave. He is being paid about 3-4 times what the next back up is making and 10X what most back ups are making. That’s not unappreciated to me. I call it cap/cash madness. 

    we tried him, we paid him well for that attempt. He failed bad enough that the team went out and paid a 38 y/o 25 million and drafted a potential replacement QB this year. It’s time to let his arm go somewhere else. 

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  24. 2 hours ago, CR91 said:

    Walker and Mack come to mind right away, but imo it's Braden Smith. Anytime the colts line gets mentioned, it's always Nelson, AC, then Kelly and rightfully so, but Smith is just as valuable imo. He has been an absolute stalwart on the right side and I'm completely confidence he'll be our LT once AC decides to retire.

    I’d be willing to take that bet. I don’t think there is any way he is suited for the left side. I may end up being wrong but if I’m wagering a beverage on it, I’d feel good about getting a free drink :yahoo:

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