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  1. 23 minutes ago, aaron11 said:

    hes was not the only steeler that wanted out there and he hasnt quit on the raiders either

    AB In fact did threaten to quit on the raiders. Why would you want this type of drama in an organization is beyond me. Will he or won’t he play if we don’t give into his next command? Nope, not for me. 

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  2. 55 minutes ago, aaron11 said:

    i would take zeke over mack.  AB has not done anything terrible though i can see why some people dont love every move hes made.  he really just wanted out of Pittsburgh


    i would pass on ramasy.  he also has done nothing really wrong, but his trash talk gets tiring  

    Of these three, AB is the worst on the list of Diva. He honestly believes he is bigger than the league. He was a big head case in Pitt and now he is acting a fool in raiderland. Talk of retirement if he doesn’t get this or that, just retire fool, quit issuing empty threats. I’d take Ramsey though over all 3. He certainly has the talent but he is a turnoff if he believes he is going to get paid like a QB. Maybe after the NFL strike happens after next year because of the ridiculously overinflated costs of the nfl and it’s payouts, maybe we can get back to guys playing football to enjoy the game, make a decent living and allow the true fans to return to the actual games and afford them. When attending 1 game for a family of 4 sitting in the 200 section costs are $700-800 for tickets and food/drink, that’s crazy. Now try buying ST and make that cost x8-10 games. Wow! 

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  3. 3 hours ago, Chloe6124 said:

    I think they just want to give Rock a good look. Rock doesn’t look quite ready to take that 3 spot yet.  Wilson is going to be used a lot against TE. Tell has struggled. 

    Wilson imo hasn’t looked like a 3rd year guy picked in the second round. 

    1 hour ago, stitches said:

    There are all those bold prediction threads for cuts on the forums and this is mine. I won't make a thread about it but IMO there is a very real chance Wilson gets cut. 

    I don’t think it’s beyond plausible. If they see Tell and Willis as someone they want to keep and groom because they have more time and show real upside than Wilson, it won’t shock me. I’ll be disappointed but not overly shocked. Wilson has been an enigma. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, ColtStrong2013 said:


    I'm not advocating it either, and I think that it is highly unlikely. But I would be more upset to find out that we turned down a hell of a pick (especially a 2nd that turns out to be top 40- and ESPECIALLY if washington's pick turns out to be top 40) than everyone here saying they would be upset if we traded him. We are still building a football team and building it through the draft, particularly with emphasis on 1st and 2nd round players... 

    If he commands a 3rd (he should)

    I’d take the deal if we could assure it’s a high top 5-10 pick in the third. I’d be able to deal with letting him go if we could get them to say 3rd rd pick with possible 2nd if the pick is outside the first 10 picks of the 3rd. And again, I wouldn’t trade to NE for 2 1st rounders just out of principle lol

  5. I’d love to see them play better and make all the plays we want but I also want them to be experimenting with stuff to fix what needs fixed from preseason film sessions. This is where you learn against other teams. They may not be doing exotic stuff either but we get to see our guys in patterns on film breakdown. I’m not worried what the record of preseason is or how they managed certain situations. I’m more concerned In how guys block, tackle and run routes. 

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  6. 48 minutes ago, jskinnz said:


    I think this noise about trading Brissett is just that - noise. He will be the backup qb this season unless Luck gets hurt. 


    I really don't know how much obvious that can be. 

    Well I’m certainly not advocating nor do I really think he will be traded. I’ve said, if someone blows up the phone with a second rounder, you do it. I’d try to squeeze them for a conditional second, making it a first if he hit parameters. 

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  7. 10 minutes ago, WarGhost21 said:

    If he does turn out being better than Doyle, we would arguably have 4 of the top 40 TEs in the league with him, Doyle, Ebron, and Mo Alie-Cox

    Travis is the receiving TE as is EE, Doyle, MAC and Hentges, by most accounts are your blockers with catching ability. I’m not sure the team keeps 3 blocking types and only 1 that’s considered the receiving type. I sure hope Luck allows us to just keep only 3 QB’s and not 4 (one being suspended 2 games to start). Allows us to keep 4 TE’s. Cuts are gonna be rough on fans this year. 

  8. 1 hour ago, krunk said:

    MAC is a really good blocking tight end first and foremost and his first year you have to kind of give a caveat because he was coming out of basketball.  He's got more NFL game experience than Hentges and I think he's got more power, height, and size. He's more developed as a receiver by all accounts. It's close but I think I'd still go with my boy MAC.  Everything Hentges has youve already got that with Jack Doyle. 

    My point was the plan of the Colts. You say he is Doyle, Doyle is gone after this season as a FA iirc. MAC was a BB project who came to football. Has t he battled through several injuries so far and what were his stats in 2018? I’m not complaining that MAC is bad or we should t keep him, I’m simply saying, in terms of team planning, you replace Hentges with Doyle in 2020 if you plan on keeping EE. If you aren’t planning on signing EE or even DF for that matter, it may make more sense to keep MAC and keep developing and resign Doyle and hope you can sneak Hentges to the PS for this year. We will be losing some talented guys this year at wr and TE, just depends on the future planning the team has in mind. Having layers of talent to lose is a good thing for the team, bad for the fans who hate to see them go elsewhere. 

  9. 6 minutes ago, krunk said:

    I don't see what Ross Travis has done besides that one TD yesterday to be getting much consideration. Plus he's not even an in line blocker.  I think Mo Cox spot on the team is secure especially now since he's improved as a pass catcher. Hentges may make the team possibly in the Ryan Hewitt role. Problem is the Ryan Hewitt role was only available last year because Jack Doyle went down.  Now that Doyle is available I think your top 3 are Doyle, Ebron, and Mo Cox. The rest of the pile is likely to be on the PS or gone entirely. 

    What has MAC actually done vs what his perceived potential? Idk, we just have two guys with speed and height so does he provide more blocking abilities than Hentges? Also, he would be the replacement to EE, so the future planning would be, sign MAC instead of EE and also signing JD not keeping Hentges. Depends on how the team plans on spending money for this position. 

  10. 10 minutes ago, krunk said:

    He looks like he has talents, but he's playing against 3rd stringers.

    I feel safe in my understanding of Ballard to know he's not sold this

    early on in the process enough to get rid of Brissett in a trade and go with Kelly as the backup for the rest of the year.  Kelly hasn't even totally sat down Phillip Walker for that matter. I do think Kelly is the better player though.

    I have to wonder if CB is checking on Kelly’s maturation to be able to handle the stress of being sat behind a guy who most feel shouldn’t even be on an nfl roster. Is it truly an evaluation of the team that PW is better than Kelly or is it the team testing his mental ability to just keep clean, patient and calm in the process? We don’t know why Kelly isn’t above PW at this point. What the fans know is PW isn’t making a roster over the potential that a Kelly has provided here and what he showed in Denver as the back up. My belief is that CB is testing his mental side to this adversity to assure he can trust him fully that he has matured. Would give him confidence that if the right trade offer came for JB, Kelly could step into the stress role of being available for a starting role should Luck be injured enough to be forced to sit. 


    Who knows 

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  11. 9 hours ago, Smoke317 said:

    What I want to know is what’s up with MAC?  I couldn’t watch today (was out of town) but from what I heard & saw week 1 Mo hasn’t been blocking well at all.  Sounds like he’s still got a lot of improving to do.

    MAC in my opinion is in trouble in making this team given we have EE and DF as big, fast receiving guys. If it’s a speedy TE you desire, I’d look at Travis then. I’d be just fine going with EE, JD and Hentges and Travis if we kept 4. MAC has done nothing spectacular since being in the league, another promising talent not yet realized. 

    8 hours ago, Irish YJ said:

    40 time was 5.04. that's pretty slow in terms of 40.

    doesn't mean he can't run a crisp route and use his body to get open.

    "fast" is not a word to describe hale though. he catches and blocks well.


    besides his vert 33.5, the rest of his measurables at the pro day were pretty bad.


    Was he injured or some reason he was running what a 320 pound lineman runs? That’s a slow slow time but tbh, he was hired to be a blocker not a speed demon. If he shows he has catchability talents, he is a weapon we could use. We don’t need 5 guys on the offense at one time with 4.30 speed, we need 5 guys who have a mix of 4.3 and 5.0 who can catch the ball cleanly. Remember, Klecko was a DL guy but caught a TD pass when his chance came. 

  12. 4 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    Brissett will stay here if he is going to be a backup. Why would he leave for another backup job.  Him and Luck have become really close. 

    Because we are structured to pay him 10+ million as a back up QB with Luck here imho.  He will go where he can make money and have a chance of competing as a starter on a team that has a question mark with an aging QB or a young QB who the team thought was the future but struggled. 

  13. 5 minutes ago, ColtStrong2013 said:


    What does his feelings toward Indianapolis have to do with him getting signed off the practice squad to an active roster?...

    Chad Kelly was a backup quarterback on an active roster until he got into trouble... After his performance in this preseason, I'd say his desire throughout the league is a lot higher than you are giving credit for. This league has some really really poor qb's throughout. Kelly is an upgrade for many rosters as a backup. And JB is an upgrade for some starting qb's. It's THAT bad throughout the league. 

    Which QB’s would JB legitimately beat out if traded tomorrow? So many teams have young’s, developing QB’s right now that it’s nearly impossible to take a starting job from anyone. In fact, even those with a couple of question marks as a starter, they have a draftee that’s in place to step into the spot so even the shaky teams aren’t really looking. Teams like NY giants or Cincy. It’s not a QB starved league at this very moment as all teams at least have a solid starter or they are in early development. JB only has value to a team who loses a starter to injury and has a legit shot at playoffs. That’s my opinion of it anyhow. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, krunk said:

    I still say no. You don't totally know what you've got in Kelly. Brissett been here 3 years now. There's no rush. Kelly isn't ready to lead this team if Luck goes down. He looks good but it's mostly against back ups. I think you look at moving JB next year.

    We may not totally know what we have in Kelly but rest assured, I can say that the team does. If Kelly can hold up to the adversity of the mental aspect to his game, he has the talents to be every bit as good as JB has been thought to be. 

    1 hour ago, AwesomeAustin said:

    They should hold onto JB and collect the comp pick when he signs elsewhere.  Good insurance and allows Kelly to be in our system for a year.  We already have an extra second for next years draft, JBs comp pick would be for 2021 making it 4yrs in a row with an extra pick. That’s how you build a deep roster. 

    This comp pick isn’t going to be what we hoped for. I don’t see a team coming in and offering him a 5 yr deal worth 120 million and the keys to the team. He hasn’t shown that elite skill set altogether yet. I think he is just going to be someone’s decent back up for their team, wherever that ends up being. 


    I once thought we were going to be in line for a max 3rd round comp by holding him, now if we got a 4, I’d be surprised really. If someone gets absolutely desperate and offers a 2, I’m jumping all over it. 

    57 minutes ago, jskinnz said:


    This is the series of events required  but I see one hole. 


    I don’t believe the want to trade Brissett because of the value he presents Indy should Luck get hurt again which seems at least possible. 


    The plan seems clear to me.  Brissett is here this year. Kelly is the practice squad QB and then gets a real chance to be the back up next year. And they collect a comp pick for Brissett. 


    Kelly has shown he has stayed out of trouble so far, has shown he can still play QB and he has tape from Denver days that provides proof he has talent, his issues were maturation. I’d be fine with Kelly as our back up at this stage given we are offered a 2nd round pick for JB unless it was from the Pats, that would require their 1st rd pick and to be able to kick BB in the jewels lol. 

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  15. 13 minutes ago, CamMo said:

    Kelly did play. It looked like the entire starting line minus Nelson. But even the broadcasters couldn’t get it right.


    I’m not worried. Wait until week 1.

    I thought I seen Kelly in there. At one point in the early few series, they did have Andrews at center I believe. 

  16. 2 hours ago, GoColts8818 said:


    I’d agree with that.  Like I said who you play with in the pre-season matters and Pascal is still playing with the ones while the other guys he’s competing with, except for Cain (who I think is well ahead of him right now), aren’t.  So right now I think he has the edge if the Colts keep six.  


    Something else to remember is Campbell’s injuries might force them to keep another WR as well.

    Has Pascal done anything so far to warrant that last wr spot? I was a big fan of what Johnson could bring but can’t bring bricks for hands to any game when competition is so tight. Hogan had his A game today in catching. 


    I want to find any way possible to keep #86 though. If that means sacrificing Travis, so be it. That dude has massive potential. Great blocker and it appears, he can catch. Doyle’s replacement after next season? 

    9 minutes ago, coltsva said:

    After today's game, the guy who catches balls for the QB in warmups may have jumped Johnson.

    Agreed. Johnson loses out on his spot today. Has two games to redeem self. 

  17. 1 minute ago, Chloe6124 said:

    Just a question. I dont no the answer. Is the mudd technique out dated with the speedier defensive lines in the league today?

    Have we even seen our entire first team line together yet? 

  18. 2 hours ago, MikeCurtis said:

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed........  



    It’s quite possible that he gets surgery, successfully has time to rehab and is pulled off the IR after game 8. There is always going to be more injuries or lack of production from any one of the other WR’s so after 8 games, he may be one of those potential to return candidates. It’s also conceivable that he isn’t ready at that time and he gets new life in 2020 instead. 

  19. 8 hours ago, Irish YJ said:

    With the event of today, I think it's 


    X (traditional) - Cain

    X (possession) and big/bully slot hybid - Funch

    Slot - Rogers

    Slot/Z hybrid - Campbell

    Z - Hilton


    That's a pretty lethal 5 if Campbell can get healthy.


    Wildcards are Pascal/Johnson/Hogan for a possible 6th spot.

    We really haven’t heard much from the Johnson camp this year since a lot of it has seemed to revolve around Fountain/Cain progress. I absolutely loved the potential we seen last season in a very limited view of Johnson though and would love to see him rise from this loss. He had size and speed so I hope he steps up and fights for that 5th or maybe 6th spot. 


    Sucks horribly for Fountain, man was he showing skills! Hope he can get back strong for next season or possibly late quarter of the year. 

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  20. Just now, Fisticuffs111 said:

    I didn't mean that as he's for sure making the team "pretty good." I just thought he did better than I would've expected against the opposing teams 1's. 

    I'm honestly kind of low on Hairston and still don't think he's a sure bet to make the roster.

    That’s pretty fair. I’d have to say he is down on the fringe of cut line. 

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