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  1. 11 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    No thanks on either under the current circumstances. And never AJ. 

    I'd take an uninjured Ertz though. Eagles would be silly to trade him.

    Ertz is maybe one but for all the big ticket guys upcoming, is an aging TE really what we need to invest in? 8+ million at age 30 and it’s for 1 more year and FA in 2022. I don’t know about you but I’m kinda tired of working on the 1 year deal guys. I’d like to keep building up MAC and either Doyle or his clone Hentges maybe. Idk what the plan is for Burton but I’m not spending 3-4 mil on him either. Can’t stay on the field his whole career so far. 

    imho, until we can solidify the longer term QB spot, whether that’s Eason or a new draft pick, I really feel we need to focus on the defense and stay level on offense but not spend big $$ on guys that we don’t have a QB after next season probably, assuming we sign PR for 2021 and keep developing Eason. Keep building that strong defense to keep game scores down and beef up the oline to help protect whoever is back there and push the running game until a QB emerges and then you can start to add offensive pieces to start scoring because those new toys will come at the expense of guys on Def imho. 

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  2. On 10/21/2020 at 1:15 AM, EastStreet said:

    I wouldn't mind a WR pick up, but to say we're going to go 3-7 without a move is pretty silly. 


    Pittman is a rook, and has been injured. Incredibly silly to write him off so soon. Johnson, aside from the one drop, played very very well last game. We've had several guys look the part at times, but injuries have slowed/stunted development. Mo coming back, Pittman coming back, Burton finally did something, etc. to go along with Doyle, TY, and Pascal. I wish they'd move TY to slot and stop trying to make him the centerpiece of the O. Way too many 1st read forces to him. 


    Anyway, we have a lot of big contracts coming up, and a huge ? at QB still, so I don't see Ballard going big short or long term for a WR. If he were to do something, it would be someone looking to escape, a team wanting to deal, or simply a #2 or #3 type of guy. If anything, I'd think he'd wait for the draft and go 2nd or 3rd round. 2021 draft class is supposed to be high quality again for WRs.


    i can’t believe Pascal’s perceived contract value is being shown at 8.4 million avg and 4yrs. That is a lot of money for a guy who really hasn’t put together an entire season or even really half of a season with numbers that make you feel he has more to his ceiling. He at times has made some plays and looked like is he breaking out and then he levels back out. He is a usable 4/5th receiver imho but nowhere near 8 million $/yr. wow! 

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  3. On 10/14/2020 at 7:28 AM, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    We could hire a coach like Cowher who spits in every ones face when he yells. He won one SB in 15 years as a head coach and choked more than Dungy but don't let facts get in the way. Some love that approach I guess. haha . Reich is a good coach, let this play out. 

    I don’t doubt that Reich is a good coach but from what the OP has stated in his post, it has enough validity to ask and address here without being taken as a Reich “hater”. 

    The problem I see in the types of head coaches we’ve hired is the accountability aspect. We don’t get the feeling our HC is holding his coordinators as accountable for doing their jobs as they need to. We had the making of a nasty oline 2 years ago and then fired the line coach, for what? That’s just an example, nobody knows why he got the boot and his players were successful too so... Now we have a defense that comes out and plays like crud game one in the dreaded drop back and let a JAG QB pick us apart without adjusting and we lost. Changed things up next three games and then reverted back to game plan 1 in the first half without adjusting until halftime. We can’t seem to unlock potential in several of our players like Banagu or Lewis or or Banner, Q Wilson, Hooker, Basham, Hairston or evening Okereke to a degree. We kept Clark while another team is developing Banner and Basham. Who is being held accountable for not getting the talent pulled from these guys. Past years we’ve seen guy like Henry Anderson go to the jets and have a monster year and I believe Banner was developed into a starter or fringe starter for his new team. Just seems odd that we get a draft and then his guys don’t pan out like they were projected to and in some cases, not even close (Lewis/Hooker). I know you can’t hit on them all for sure but who is evaluating the 4,5,6,7 round guys because those picks have had more success than the higher picks. 

    on offense, what game plans and in game adjustments and creativity has made anyone excited that we can adapt and overcome? What exotic play designs have we been shown that says man, our OC has Uber talent in getting these young players open? Sirianni was supposed to have much better creativity than we are being shown during his career so far here and Reich is supposed to be a guru yet we don’t see play designs that make you go oh wow!! It would be nice to get some Andy Reid like play designs drawn up. I just feel like we are a plain vanilla group on both sides with enough talent to take advantage of other teams but we haven’t yet. Unless MAC was injured last Sunday and couldn’t play, it seems criminal that we didn’t get targeted game plays to get him active. 0-1 targets from a QB who absolutely loved his TE’s in SD. WTH is that about? The constant lack of flow with using his backs. 

    I’d definitely understand why people are frustrated with lackluster games and Reich is the HC so he gets this blame. It’s the same symptoms that plagued Wood chopping Pagano, lots of speak with little real action behind it. PM had the ability to win a SB and go to another SB game with a dead arm and yes he is smart too but still, his arm was dead. Now we have Rivers here and a OL that’s supposed to be top 3-5 yet we see some meh games. Rivers arm is certainly better than what PM had in his last two seasons and Rivers is equally smart in football terms to succeed in this teams make up. There is just something that is not meshed well enough here and our coaches have been the constant. I think it’s fair to question what techniques they’ve applied to the level of success we’ve seen. Idk what the answer is but will this team remain the same in coaching if they miss the playoffs this year?

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  4. 10 hours ago, NannyMcafee said:

    I understand a raw player doesn't have "it" but even Ballard has said you don't know what you have in a player if they don't get out on the field. 


    With the injuries to WR youd think he might see just a wee bit of time. 


    Is that on Ballard or Reich? 


    Another thing is why is he on the active roster? He's clearly good enough to keep from other teams but he's not good enough to play? 


    And what about other WRs I wont name who got promoted from the practice squad and DID get playing time... whats that all about? 


    So he's too good for the practice squad but he's not good enough to play meanwhile we have another WRs who isnt good enough to stay off the practuce, getting playing time? 


    Whats going on here? 

    So to be fair here, who would you replace this young raw talent with on the roster? If you had to cut one WR to put him in the game, who would it be? 

    my opinion is this kid has excellent tools to work with. He hasn’t been able to do all those together yet and has a season to work on them on the side yet also feel game day and game planning preparations to grow him. The team, IMHO, has taken the approach of we have an excellent group of players but they need a bit of time to invest in more relaxed grooming without the stress of felling they have to be the type of expected leader they may have been in college. Eason for example, he needs to develop but he is worth the roster spot to develop even though his roster spot could definitely be used for a skill guy or another olineman. I feel like the team has put enough talent on the team and active roster to contend this season but also an eye towards next season with regards to the Eason’s or the Patmon’s. I feel it’s an acceptable way to manage risk and reward.


    In the end, we may see Patmon like we did  Dion Cain. We may have this high upside kid but is on the bottom of the roster. If we need a spot later in the season, he may be one of those first tier players who are on the we hate to do it but we need the open spot because of injury at another position. It’s just a nature of the limits of a 53 or 55 roster, good players who are being groomed, they get stuck down on the roster without playing to develop slowly while also looking to the future or in an emergency need if it happens. Time, that’s the game. 

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  5. On 9/11/2020 at 10:34 PM, EastStreet said:

    If he can improve on reading Ds, progressions, and quicken his release, he'll do well.

    Was his release considered slow and a flaw of his? I don’t recall. I recall progressions and reading D as well as pressure up the middle as an issue but I can’t recall all of the cons of his development needs. 

  6. I can see the team saying look, stay in shape and be ready in case our new kid gets hurt and we can bring you back for a game or two. Get that record as a Colt but realize it’s seen as a short term job. Now if the K sucks or gets injured and on IR, perhaps we look to see if last years kicker is still available on the PS up north.


    sucks for Vinny for sure. It’s like running a marathon at world record pace only to break an ankle with a 1/4 mile to reach the end and not being able to finish. 

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  7. Won’t matter if they are 5’6” or 6’6” if we don’t develop our QB. PR will have this season and we will see if he captures any youth in a bottle to capture his prior years success. Then, if he does an adequate job, meaning, he has to do 100% better than what JB gave this team last season, he could be an option for 1 more season but I can’t see that extending past 2 years at as high of a level as needed. I could see PR being that Hasselbeck role we seen with Luck early in his career as a mentor and sideline pair of eyes as they move ahead with his development. If Eason doesn’t develop, not only will any of these wr’s matter, it will have us looking for a whole new cast of players and the team in full rebuild mode over these next 2-5 years imho. 

    aside from tying in the success of having to develop the QB, I really like on paper, the new stable of young wr’s we have. I really hope we see a significant jump in play with Pascal. I really like his game and toughness he brings to the field. Same tenacity that Wayne brought to the field imho. Wayne was probably my top 3 colt of my fanship since 84. Edge, Wayne And Clark. I factored in Manning being just an obvious guy for the franchise and a top dog in most everyone’s eyes. 

  8. 15 minutes ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    Why not just wait for his legal trouble blow over (which they won't) and sign him then?

    I’m sure 3/4 of the league teams will do their due diligence on understanding the issue. It’s the immoral 1/4 that’s left over who sees talent and production over anything else. Browns, pats, Raiders, Dallas, Baltimore and cincy to name a few. Coming from the league down, it provides clear direction to keep shady people out while allowing better humans to play the game and cast no shadow over the team/league. Just my opinion, matters very little. 

  9. 14 hours ago, HectorRoberts said:


    if it was up to me I’d sign

    hale hentges TE

    Josh Andrews OL



    ziere Franklin  LB

    Chaz green OL



    Chad Kelly QB

    Reese fountain WR

    Marcus Johnson WR

    Demicheal Harris WR

    Andrew Volert TE

    Javon Patterson OL

    Even Boheim OL

    jackson Barton OT

    Rob Windsor DT

    Gerri Green DE

    Lee autry DL

    Ziere Franklin Lb

    Travis Reed Cb

    Nate Hairston CB

    Rutledge S



    Solid looking list. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, richard pallo said:

    After these moves I think we are signing Hentges. 

    Did Hentges get cut? I was sad we had to let him go last year. I liked him. I’d be very happy to get him back. Wonder if they re-look at Hairston at cb as well. 

  11. 21 minutes ago, Shive said:

    With no preseason games, I don't see a team claiming a 6th rd DT based off of him "looking good" in camp by our beat writers' accounts. He'd have to go directly to a team's active roster and I don't see a team taking that kind of chance, unless their DL is just decimated by injuries or Covid.

    If he is cut and clears waivers, I’m pretty sure anyone could sign him to their PS. He gets to choose at that point whether Indy offered him a PS spot if he cleared, if he felt Indy was his best opportunity to succeed long term and money offered if it’s another teams PS offer vs ours. Indy has been very generous with the PS offers for guys they really want to remain ie:Kelly. 

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  12. 4 minutes ago, Hoose said:

    Well, in Manning and Luck’s case, they started from Day 1. Favre, Brady, Montana, Rogers....no. So it clearly depends upon the team’s situation. Some teams have nothing else; some already have an established starter (like the Colts today) and have picked the new QB with the goal of development and hopefully starting in the future. Every situation is different. 
    That said, Eason will unquestionably benefit from sitting and learning. He’s going to get his shot in 1-2 years. Until then, he’s The Apprentice. 

    Oh I get that they both started, I’m just stating that they both could have possibly benefited earlier by watching a pro vet perform the routine tasks that they likely didn’t get to see in college ranks, regardless of how great they were. Manning was pretty savvy coming in already, likely benefiting from have a dad who was a pro qb as well as a football family. While Luck had similar set up with his dad also being a QB in the pro’s, he didn’t play with the same outward drive that Manning did (good or bad idk).

    Luck played the game as we fans would like to see the game played, with fun and enjoyment his first few years until he took too many hits from guys who took it serious to hurt you. On the opposite spectrum was Manning, who took it so serious that at times, it didn’t look like any fun, it looked very much all business. To marry the two people would be great. Perfection and fun while playing a game. 


    a bit off track there but I truly feel, even the great Manning could have learned a few things that took him a few years to understand by watching a guy in front of him play, process, plan and make adjustments from watching, even if that meant just a 1/4 or 1/2 of the first year. That’s just how I see it. 

  13. 9 hours ago, Moosejawcolt said:

    Thats my point. He watches them take snaps.  I just beleive a lot of the mentoring is done by the qb coach.  I juat dont beleive Rivers has the time to put him undet his wings and guide him. So u r assuming that Brees mentored Rivers? 

    Some people learn well by watching and taking advice from others, some do better by playing, making errors and quickly learning from those things. Your OC and QB coaches should be able to mentor anyone for specific tasks but everyone learns skills differently. 

    In Eason’s case, he needs reps for one since he didn’t get to start his college years all the way through. I’d almost say that everyone, including Manning, Luck, Farve, Montana, Brady etc... would do better long term by sitting and watching how games are managed and circumstances evolve during games. The elites may all get to where they are in the end for sure but the speed with how they get there may be accelerated imho by being able to watch how the other guy either makes mistakes or makes plays out of things that were scripted to do so. He builds his confidence up from the bench in the form of perfecting his classroom time, his one to one coaching lesson time and his on the field practice time. He then can apply that into real on the field game time situations to confirm he has what it takes.

    How many QB’s did we see get thrown right in, get beat up and/or make bad plays trying to be the hero guy? those guys flamed out far more than succeeded. Could some of those can’t miss types have had more success had they not been thrown to the wolves? We won’t ever know but my gut says they would have. Except Jamarcus Russell, that guy was horrible lol. 

  14. 12 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    I like how they use X and Y to show injury total and wins, and use circle size to show AV lost. 


    I posted this last season when folks were whining because of injury. Yes, we did get hit, but SFO, KC, HOU, and NE all had more injury, same or more AV, but still more wins (and obviously playoff attainment/success). 

    Well, those other teams listed didn’t have JB chucking the ball 3 yards downfield either. I think many can agree, a slightly better output from our QB spot last season would have netted this team 3-5 more wins. JB was just that bad for this team and having TY hobbled didn’t help anything from a team that was devoid of talent. Assuming Rivers can play anywhere near his capabilities of his past, he would have secured Indy a playoff team last season under the same circumstances I believe. 

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  15. On 8/22/2020 at 3:25 AM, WoolMagnet said:

    Wouldn't THAT be something!?

    Fast forward to 2022 ... Eason with “seasoned” players Pittman , Campbell, and Taylor.  Add in what should be a very solid “in their prime” OL , and what should be a seasoned solid. , opportunistic defense.

    If, somehow, Eason can be developed into utilizing his strengths, and improves in a few areas and “gets it” , we could be VERY solid across  the entire team ... like super bowl solid. And built to last.

    Very exciting.  I really like the way this team is being built.  Now we gotta hope for some things to fall in place.

    While some of these pieces will no doubt be in their prime, we will have to hit on a new left tackle soon to replace AC. He isn’t getting younger and his prime is ending but his end of prime seems good enough. No guarantees you transition into a new guy that does just as well or better. JE will hopefully maximize his time behind PR this season and a hopeful regular season progression Next year as well. 

  16. I have to wonder what this team will see from Dullin. He is also an intriguing guy with speed and enough size. All of the guys we have really have that intriguing factor, someone just has to show the end result and it becomes spectacular. 

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  17. 17 hours ago, Coltsman1788 said:

    Some QBs rack up passing yards when constantly playing from behind.  Rivers did a lot of that last season. Also explains the high interception total.  He doesn’t have to try to do it all in Indy.  We have horses. Better line and backs.

    A legit question to ask is how did this team always fall behind? They did have a fantastic defense I believe. Also, that team had a superior established backfield compared to our “on paper” backfield potential. Our line was superior though and wr’s Meh, I’m not sure if the actual isn’t a washout or not. Time is going to tell though what Rivers has left if they let football get played. I still can’t see FB getting really started at the season opener. 

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  18. 35 minutes ago, Introspect said:

    Reverse racism is no racism....Just saying

    And when you get that solved on all sides, well, it’s just not realistic to think you can fix that across the board. Bad people are just bad people. Much like the gun debate, guns kill not people or vise versa, people are racist because they are simply terrible people inside, you can’t fix bad people imho. 

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  19. 4 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    We will always have the glory years from 2003-2009, that 7 season stretch was priceless. We probably should've won more than 1 SB but oh well we got the 1 win in 2006 and 2 appearances + was 89-23 during the Regular Season. Back in those days players stayed out of politics for the most part, sports was a way to get your mind off of politics and other stuff going on in the world. I never heard guys like Peyton, Marvin, Reggie, Dwight, Bob, Edge ever talk about politics.

    I miss the days where sports were just about playing a game, watching an actor was about movies and where news reported the news not tried to simply steer the narrative. None of this is present today. It’s maddening!! 

    2 hours ago, Chloe6124 said:

    The entire Colin K thing was supposed to not be about the flag but yesterday called the Fourth of July a white supremisist holiday. Yes it was about the flag. The nfl really doesn’t know yet how much they just killed themselves. Revenue with few of no fans now they are killing the tv ratings.  

    It was always about white America. Period! Once backlash hit early, they wrapped it into a “its not disrespecting the flag and vets, it’s about evil police. nonsense! As for the revenue, I hope these bad evil white Americans stop attending, watching or buying the merchandise. We shall see if the little misbehaved children are stepping in and replacing these nfl pocketbooks with their government payments. 

    1 hour ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    There is racism and inequality going on in this world towards minorities. White people know this. Having said that it seems like the media is painting a picture that most white cops are racist and a lot of white people are too in general. That is far from the truth and as a white male that is growing very tiring reading that stuff everyday. I have no idea what the %'s are of white's as a whole being racist are in the US but I would say out of million's of white's, I would be surprised if the number was above 10%. Yeah 10% is still too many but not everyone is a good person, the good people can't control that. We have rotten eggs in this world. I personally do not know anyone that is racist and wouldn't be around anyone that was.

    I’m not naive enough to believe that racism doesn’t exist in the world and certainly in our country but what angers me is not once, not one time since any of this mess, has any media or talking head ever brought up the question of is their any reverse racism occurring. Maybe I’m wrong and every black man or Asian or Indian or (insert race) only has love for white Americans. 

    i have and will always place my opinion of people based on how they act and treat me and those around me rather than choose based on their color. Many of the issues that is being railed against White Americans currently is being reverse engineered. Insane! 

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  20. On 6/22/2020 at 1:56 PM, il vecchio said:


    The public pressure will not be to cancel the season, but to proceed with it.


    Sure, there will be some infections with all the grunting and close contact pushing, and those infected players will have to quarantine for a few weeks.  On the plus side of that, presumably they return with some increased immunity.  Let's note that even without a season, the players and their families could be infected.


    One thing I would hope and expect the league to do is daily testing of the players.  That's a good way to stay on top of any infected players. 


    These are all fit young men in the prime of health (except for some extra fat on the linemen).  Their chances of serious illness are very low.  Hopefully, in a another few months, there will be more additional therapies available, like injectable antibodies.


    I assume the Players' Association will vote on whether to play after the policies are set in place.  I can't imagine anything other than a near unanimous vote to play.  A daily Q-tip up the nose is not the most pleasant thing, but the alternative is missing a valuable season in the NotForLong.


    For the general public, it seems the best way to deal with the virus is massive testing and contact tracing, along with widespread mask use.  Pretty much the opposite of what the US is doing, but that's what countries which have had success have done.  Hiding at home is medically effective, but it's unsustainable and economically disastrous.

    It appears the first of the dominos have fallen. The HOF game is cancelled as well as the HOF induction. Sadly, I still see this as a pressure campaign to shut it all down. It may be on the wide open campaign or more lobbying behind the scenes but I feel like there is a push from many to just shut down the entire  country until we have a cure for this. We may never find one, who is to say. I can’t believe we are in this state of panic and fear. I still don’t buy the fact that the MLB will play either when it gets down to it. 

  21. 16 hours ago, il vecchio said:

    Easy.  They will go forward because the NFL is a business which makes a LOT of money. 


    Both the owners and the players have way too much to lose if they cancel the season.  So, they will not do that unless ordered to do so.


    The teams have had a lot of time to make preparations for cautionary procedures.  No doubt there will be locker room changes.

    It’s not easy. The NBA, MLB, tennis even, all these groups also have lots on the line and have been shuttered pretty much. Heck, couldn’t even run nascar, where a guy is in the car by himself for weeks. They may have procedures they’ve planned for but in a full contact sport like football, I’m concerned they will give into the public peer pressure of cancel culture even if the risk is minimal. Personally, I think we’ve gone super overboard on the entire quarantine part of this issue but we are where we are and of all the sports, these guys will be all over each other for at least 3 hours a day during the season. If there is a risk of the major sports, this would seemingly pose the highest risk contracting the virus from another. 

  22. 11 hours ago, CoachLite said:

    Now everyone can breathe easy ... or is there more suspense to follow?

    Just the cancellation of the season due to covid-19 concerns, but other than that, I’m sure we will stumble upon something to cause us grief. 

    glad everyone is signed, now, I just hope they get to play football and the season doesn’t become a season of protest and political statements. 

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  23. 30 minutes ago, Smonroe said:

    No.  Blackmon is still unsigned. Third rounder are the hardest to sign.  

    At least he wasn’t going to be able to play early on anyway so his signing isn’t such a big deal and I’m sure, like all the other 3rd rounders before him, they will get it done on time. 

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