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  1. Mark,  first of all thanks for posting your blog. It is very well written, I can see why you posted what you felt but I  disagree on the thinking it is a kick in the face.That bar to me is an Icon. I am glad he helped to delay unfortunately, the inevitable.All good things come to an end and the bar is still on borrowed time even with Irsay's intervention. Also,  Mr Irsay, has done lots of good things for the community as well. Lastly, I do reside on the Northside but would hardly consider myself and some other frequenters of that bar as elitest. I  go to the Blue Crew to watch a game or two  when I am not attending Colts games.We also have welcomed wagon visitng Colts fans at that location and have had many Colts get togethers there. I think Jim Irsay reached out because he knows that bar may be just a bar to others but it is a lifeline for some. Again in my eyes and humble opinion, it is a sports historical icon, for all of the reasons I mentioned here. So it looks like we have to agree to disagree on this topic.


    Respectfully, Jag~  

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  2. Excellent topic and as always point on analysis, Nadine.:) I would like to add that my late grandfather doled out to me some similiar words or nuggets of wisdom. He told me, "treat everybody like they are somebody and if by chance they prove themselves to be nobody still treat them as if they were simply anybody else.":) In other words, kill them with kindness and bowl them over with humor and intelligently agree to disagree on particular matters especially in the case of subjective material. I have learned that if we look for common ground and remember it is the subject matter and not the subject we may take issue with there is less area to find reasons to read someone the riot act...lol. Also, reinforcing one's argument with statistical information is a lot more convincing than capitalized letters or sarcasm or even condescending attacks. In hypothetical cases it is merely conjecture or opinion which is being challenged so we need to remember to respect each other and to understand we are entitled to our opinion. I like to follow these types of rules when engaging in conversations with others and it seems to help me to deal with others on the same level and with minimum issues. Just my .02. :)


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  3. Lol @ Maureen: Me? Cause problems? (Insert Eddie Murphy laugh here) No way! I would have a real problem with that.:) @ColtsPRIDE11: Yep the Hybrid 3/4 4/3 will be exciting to watch especially with our Freeney/Mathis options. Luck should get lots of field time to score unlike our past football savior Manning had. Imagine Manning with an aggressive defense and additional possessions...I expect that to be Luck's situation. Luck will have more possessions than Linda Blair in the "Excorcist." @Colts8718: Hello Mike and yes I do remember you well. My job to keep everyone on their toes with wonder...( wonder as in I wonder what he will do next blog?:)

  4. Thanks for the correction, Coltman51, I do now recall the Redskins will have that pick due to their wheelin' & dealin' with the Rams. @Urusai: yeah a lottery system is great when it comes to winning money but may leave a little to be desired when it comes to draft pick order, eh? Glad we are in front this time. @shecolt: Thank you for the compliment, I am glad to be here and have a place to blog as well.:)

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