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  1. I think at Mr, Erasy helping a bar on the north side of Indianapolis only helps the bar owner. NOT the people of Indianapolis. The bar was going under because of the hard times that are still upon most of us in the city. I can't go out and spend money at a bar let a lone one on the north side of the city. The north side 96 st. and up are all about the elitist 1% of the city. Most people do not have money to go to bar's, most people are barely getting by and paying their bill's. They don't have money to go to Colts home games I believe the money would better spent going to the community. We have elderly people and children going hungry all over the city.There are people like my self and my wife barely getting by. Helping a bar that was going under may seem like a good thing for him and the "ELITISTS" on the north side but seems like a kick in the face to all of us little people. SOMEONE THAT THINKS IT'S WRONG!! Mr.Mark Tomlinson, A little man!
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