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  1. I am still alive and kicking!

    1. southwest1


      We all need a break every now & then, welcome back JDGE. 

  2. Hello Colts fans!

    1. Nadine


      Hey stranger! Good to see you :highfive2:

    2. southwest1


      Nice to hear from you again Jaggedege. Welcome back! 

    3. jaggededge
  3. Hello Colts Faithful! I just wanted to send out a quick poem to thank Reggie for his years of faithful service to the Blue Horseshoe: Here is a shout to RW87, When you played the game as a Colt your fans were in pure heaven. From the time you were a rookie you learned the game and studied under Marvin, who was the best After 14 seasons as a veteran Colt, you gradually became the ultimate barometer for the receiver test. You showed up at training camp with smiles, waves, in race cars and sometimes wearing even camouflage But when it was time to play you would play through pain
  4. Excellent blog, Ken! Right on point! Glad to see I left this place for a brief spell in great hands!
  5. A Horseshoe & Luck, how can we lose?

  6. jaggededge


    Peyton is a bust!
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