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Mr. Ersay helping a bar ?

Mark Tomlinson


I think at Mr, Erasy helping a bar on the north side of Indianapolis only helps the bar owner. NOT the people of Indianapolis. The bar was going under because of the hard times that are still upon most of us in the city. I can't go out and spend money at a bar let a lone one on the north side of the city. The north side 96 st. and up are all about the elitist 1% of the city. Most people do not have money to go to bar's, most people are barely getting by and paying their bill's. They don't have money to go to Colts home games I believe the money would better spent going to the community. We have elderly people and children going hungry all over the city.There are people like my self and my wife barely getting by. Helping a bar that was going under may seem like a good thing for him and the "ELITISTS" on the north side but seems like a kick in the face to all of us little people. SOMEONE THAT THINKS IT'S WRONG!!

Mr.Mark Tomlinson, A little man!


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Mark,  first of all thanks for posting your blog. It is very well written, I can see why you posted what you felt but I  disagree on the thinking it is a kick in the face.That bar to me is an Icon. I am glad he helped to delay unfortunately, the inevitable.All good things come to an end and the bar is still on borrowed time even with Irsay's intervention. Also,  Mr Irsay, has done lots of good things for the community as well. Lastly, I do reside on the Northside but would hardly consider myself and some other frequenters of that bar as elitest. I  go to the Blue Crew to watch a game or two  when I am not attending Colts games.We also have welcomed wagon visitng Colts fans at that location and have had many Colts get togethers there. I think Jim Irsay reached out because he knows that bar may be just a bar to others but it is a lifeline for some. Again in my eyes and humble opinion, it is a sports historical icon, for all of the reasons I mentioned here. So it looks like we have to agree to disagree on this topic.


Respectfully, Jag~  

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I understand your philosophy Mark, and I am lucky I live one block south of 96th St.   :)  I am about as non-elitist as you can get....as country as they come.  I wear my Army hat and Colts caps wherever I go.....


I do not go to bars either, but for those who gather with friends whether in Salem, IN or Carmel....more power to them.  Having fun with friends is priceless. :thmsup:


Hats off to Jim Irsay for ALL of his charity efforts.  Helping in this situation was simply a nice thing to do for a struggling business owner, and those who love the establishment.  I wish I had his coin....I would help everyone I could!!!  :blueshoe:  :blueshoe:  :blueshoe:

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It's a kick in the face that someone is giving their money to someone else instead of you?


That's a ridiculous position, but I guess entitlement runs deep these days.  Personally, I couldn't ever imagine having the audacity to tell someone what to do with their money, particularly when they are donating it to others.

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