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  1. That's great! That must have been a great experience. My parents would have never allowed me to go so far from home but I would have never been accepted. Lol. I believe I would have loved it.
  2. He is a freshman at a school I never heard of before he chose it. It is called Claremont McKenna. Many of his classmates went to Stanford. He attended a school called Phillips Exeter Academy.
  3. Are you a Stanford alum? I begged my nephew to go there. I believe that once he heard I wanted him to go there, he decided to go elsewhere. Lol. He is a very bright kid. (I need to do a better job proofreading before pressing submit.)
  4. It costs too much. I think that is why ratings for most sports are down. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/56-6-million-u-consumers-152539060.html
  5. Who did they lose to? @PrincetonTiger Did you watch that game?
  6. This thread is like the baseball thread. Some of the forum's most civil members post here. It's great.
  7. They won't lose. I don't have that channel either. The UCLA game next week should be on national TV. Don't forget to join us.
  8. Clemson TD wiped out by offsetting penalties. Still 16-7 Clemson
  9. Absolutely! Jay does not know this: I started following baseball hating the Cards. I had a friend who was a big Cardinals fan. He was always telling me how great a team the Cards were. At the time, the Cards were the biggest rivals of the Mets. As I got to appreciate baseball and it's history, it was hard not to appreciate the Cards. In the late 80s and early 90s, I followed baseball much more than I do now. I knew all the players in the NL and most of the players in the AL.
  10. The Cardinals are the second most successful baseball organization after the Yankees. He can hold his head up high.
  11. Still no score in the Texas-USC game. USC is punting out of their own endzone. Texas should get good field position.
  12. @snkdy Will you watch Stanford and San Diego St tonight? It is not showing where I am. If you watch it, please share your thoughts. Thank you. Enjoy.
  13. Charlie Strong was a discplinarian. He got a lot of Louisville players to the NFL.
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