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  1. I'm anxious for training camp to start and interested to see how Fountain performs. He is very easy to write off after last year but it was known that he was pretty raw when drafted. He mentioned on his Twitter account a couple months back something along the lines of learning the hard way that nothing is guaranteed you have to work every day. If I had to bet money on someone to surprise people with his performance this camp I think Fountain is as good of a candidate as anyone.
  2. I saw an article on Bleacher Report for post free agency trade ideas. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2843625-5-blockbuster-trade-ideas-early-in-nba-free-agency#slide4 One of the ideas involved the Pacers trading Domantas Sabonis to the Spurs for Derrick White and Chimezie Metu. I'm still in the doubting Sabonis/Turner playing together works camp. Adding another versatile guard is intriguing to me. I think Victor, Malcolm, and White could all play well together. Bring Lamb off the bench as a 6th man scorer. How good is Derrick White though?
  3. I feel pretty good with where the Pacers stand in the East. - Toronto - Just a guess but I'm thinking Kawhi goes to LA. They won't be a threat in the East if he leaves. - Brooklyn - They "won" free agency today but even if KD returns healthy I don't think they are unbeatable. Obviously you have to love the talent of Kyrie and KD but I'm not sure about the personalities and their leadership. I don't get the DeAndre Jordan signing when they already have Jarrett Allen not to mention the fact that Kyrie and KD gave up like $5 million each so the Nets could sign DeAndre. - Milwaukee - Giannis is an elite talent and can still get better but the rest of their team is nothing to get excited about and they are losing a key guard and forward. - Philadelphia - They still have great talent despite losing Jimmy Butler but I think Redick leaving hurts a lot and I'm not convinced their starters fit together that well. Maybe the Pacers can dump McDermott on them. - Boston - They need to replace Horford but might be the team to beat next year in the East. I think replacing Kyrie with Kemba is a win for them and Tatum/Brown should only get better. The Pacers have their own question marks. First up being how Victor plays when he returns. The next being how well this new group plays with each other. I still think Sabonis/Turner playing together is questionable and wonder if KP finds a deal for Sabonis in the weeks to come. If I were forced to guess how the first day of free agency would turn out for the Pacers I would have said re-sign Bojan and sign Rubio. I'm glad the Pacers went the direction they did. I think they hit the ceiling with the core group they had the last couple of years and it was time to switch gears. We'll see how well this new group does together.
  4. Draymond and D'Angelo will be interesting as teammates.
  5. GSW has to be going into the tax for this, right? Looks like they are trading Iguodala and a 1st to the Grizzles. Iguodala might be waived by the Grizzles. He can't return to GSW for a year though. On paper I don't think D'Angelo is the greatest fit with Curry and Thompson. At the same time I don't blame either side. Having to figure this out in a year when Klay returns isn't really a bad problem to have. If your GSW you needed to get another star to replace KD. It's better to get D'Angelo and see what happens vs doing nothing. For D'Angelo I don't blame him for choosing GSW over other options. Go to Minnesota if they were able to clear the cap space? Return to the Lakers or go to the Clippers? GSW is as good or better than any of those options, imo. In the back of my mind I thought maybe the surprise of free agency might be the Warriors ending up with another star forward, Kawhi or Jimmy Butler, to replace KD. Ending up with D'Angelo Russell isn't the worst outcome for them.
  6. The Pacers will need to sign a forward who can do some of the things that Thad did for them. Maybe Stanley Johnson? I'm not trying to imply Johnson is as good as Thad but someone like that is needed now at either forward spot. This team has plenty of guys to score now especially if the Warren trade still becomes official.
  7. I like adding Brogdon but I hate to see a 1st being traded. I understand it in certain situation like when the Pacers dealt Plumlee and a 1st to Phoenix for Luis Scola. Dealing one now when your star is injured and you are rebuilding the team? I don't like it. Hopefully it's heavily protected. I didn't think the Bucks had the cap space to match for Brogdon. I guess so? I think he's a pretty big loss for them.
  8. Best of luck to Bojan. Not worth it for the Pacers given where they are at right now, imo.
  9. I think Lamb would be a nice signing if the Pacers can get it done.
  10. Good luck Thad. It was time for the Pacers to move on given what it would have cost to keep him.
  11. I can't say I'm shocked at Durant going there based on the rumors but I really don't understand why he would want to leave Golden State. They were willing to pay him and him and Klay coming back in 2020-2021 makes them one of the favorites if not the favorite to win the championship again. Every place is going to have issues to work through. No situation is perfect. To choose playing with Kyrie and ? over Curry, Thompson, and Green though? I just don't understand.
  12. Yeah can't blame him if he ends up signing with the Jazz though. They will get overlooked but they can make a run even in the West. It sound like Rubio is a lock for the Pacer. I really don't understand that if Bojan is not brought back. Rubio isn't a very good shooter so you need to surround him with those. Victor is pretty ball dominate and right now it looks like Domas will be the 4? I still think Domas might get traded. I know KP has said him and Myles will play together but what else is he supposed to say?
  13. They have been the top half in salary. Maybe not in your imagination they haven’t but in reality they have. How many times has a team went over the cap to win a championship? How many times has a team gone over the cap and not or not even make the playoffs? (New York Knicks) How many times did the Warriors draft in the top 3 to put together their first championship team? My my point is there just seems to be a lot of what sounds like excuses the past week or two. Like we should only expect a second round exit at best for this team. I just don’t buy that.
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