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  1. I want Eason to reach his potential as much as anyone but I think many have unrealistic expectations for him. If Eason turns out as good as guys like Flacco and Cutler he will have outplayed his draft position at a historic level. QBs are rarely underdrafted. From a historical perspective QBs not picked in the first round who are successful starters have a reason for being overlooked. For example: - Tom Brady (Michigan had a strange QB situation IIRC) - Kurt Warner, Tony Romo, Jimmy G (overlooked played at smaller schools) - Drew Brees and Russel Wilson (under
  2. 1) The first round is not the only place to draft # 1 receivers or left tackles. It is the place you most likely get a QB though. You can believe that it takes a first round pick to address #1 receiver and left tackle. That's fine. 2) I didn't say the Buckner deal wasn't understandable. 3) I thought they might have a shot to address left tackle as one might slip to 34. They went in round 1 though. 4) Yes, Pittman might turn out to be a number one receiver. We will have to wait and see. I think he projects more as a good number 2. Obviously the Colts staff
  3. Going into the draft the Colts had three long-term needs. I was hoping they would be able to fill one of them. (unrealistic to expect them to fill more than one) The long-term needs are: 1. Franchise QB 2. Left Tackle 3. Number 1 receiver Once they traded the 13th pick for Buckner that told me they did not view the QBs in this draft as being franchise QBs. (at least the QBs they could realistically draft or trade up for) And no I don't expect Eason to become a franchise QB. Those types of QBs get drafted in the first round. Over the last 20 years the only exce
  4. I really like Reagor. He is faster than his 40 time indicates. He has big play ability. He doesn't have a great size though and the Colts are lacking that in the offense now. (with the loss of both Funchess and Ebron at TE) If he reaches his potential though it will not matter.
  5. Here is a little more of what he said. Doesn't seem like this lasted long or they asked him about many different positions on the roster.
  6. Chris Ballard is having a press conference with the local media today. It started at 2pm. Here is some of what he has said so far.
  7. I totally agree that DE is a position that the Colts might draft for as early as 34. I think you are spot on that the Colts might address that position much earlier in this draft than most think. Like others I don't think Marlon Davidson will be that player if they are seeking a DE.
  8. Stampede Blue has a nice spreadsheet of players the Colts have meant with over the last few months. A link is below. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vsoa-4H8Pgm9YJ8k__5D9qmfoqRgfSGvijZxV1dY4U8/edit#gid=0 Next to the prospect is who reported the Colts interest. Most of these are hyperlinks to the Twitter post. I don't know if the Colts have ever drafted a player they didn't meet with since Chris Ballard has arrived. There are no guarantees but we probably hear at least one of these names selected by the Colts next week. A couple things to
  9. I voted OT. I'll predict Austin Jackson. Here is why I think they will go with an OT. - Ballard and his staff place a significant emphasis on the o/d lines. - AC has already considered retirement and at 31 you can't project him playing 4-5 more years. - It seems likely there will be some pretty good OT prospects to choose from early in round 2. - The Colts lack depth on the offensive line. What Ballard has said and what him and staff have done have been pretty consistent. See some of his quotes from this article by Mike Chappell in February.
  10. I'd like to see the Colts take a couple wide receivers early. Personally, I'd love to see another receiver with blazing speed. Whether it's Ruggs (probably not available at 34), Reagor (plays faster than his 40), or Hamler. The prospect of one of those 3 (or someone like them) on the field with Hilton and Campbell is intriguing. However, the Colts need a bigger receiver. I'm not sold on Claypool like some. I do like Mims, Pittman, and Tyler Johnson. Tee Higgins would be great but like Ruggs I don't expect him to be available at 34. I'd also add that if you look at how B
  11. I'm very interested to see how the defense improves. I expect them to take a big step. There are a lot of young players on defense who will be entering year 2 or 3. These are the years where guys typically show the greatest improvement. Plus, the additions of Deforest Buckner and Xavier Rhodes will help. I'm interested to see how Kekomo Turay, Bobby Okereke, Rock Ya-Sin, and Khari Willis improve. They all showed some flashes last year. Hopefully Ben Banogu can carve out a role in this defense. There is still potential for Tyquan Lewis and Quincy
  12. Not for certain if this story is about Blyth but it's possible and potentially played a role in him getting cut.
  13. I figured this was coming. I read somewhere that part of his salary is guaranteed soon. (today or tomorrow) I figure the team goes into the season with JB or a draft pick as the backup to Rivers.
  14. Pierre was such an easy guy to root for. I wish him the very best. I'm not shocked he was released but I expect the Colts to sign another corner (not sure who is available) or draft one within the first four rounds. I think they need to add to the talent/depth there.
  15. If a player's work ethic/character prevents the Colts from wanting to draft them in the first round then it's unlikely they draft them later on. Ballard has said something along these lines in the past. Guys with maturity/character concerns still go in the first round. Yet, Davis isn't projected as a first round pick despite his background (playing in the SEC, at Alabama) and measurable.
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