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  1. Some interesting tidbits in this article. I don't like the way the roster is constructed but I think this organization is a complete mess. I didn't mind getting rid of McMillian, and still don't, but the problems with this team go well beyond Xs and Os. Simply firing Bjorkgren isn't going drastically change things either.
  2. I think there is a lot of blame to go around for how this season has want. While I think new Nate deserves some criticism I do agree that this year as a whole isn't fair to judge him on. Are the Pacers going to keep blaming the coaches or is Pritchard and the players ever going to be accountable for anything?
  3. It is true that other teams have young players who will improve. However, I would be surprised if the Colts don't have the most or close to it in terms of guys who have already played meaningful snaps and been productive. In your next post you mentioned several free agents these teams signed. However, I don't think any of these guys are making their team significantly better. Maybe Watt can but I don't think most of the other guys are keeping coordinators up at night to game plan around. They are good players but what matters the most is who your top 5-7 players are.
  4. Yeah none of the local media guys seem to recognize that the team can and likely will get better from the improvement in the young players...guys like Pittman, Taylor, Blackmon, Willis, and Okereke. The depth at LT is certainly better. While losing AC sucked we also don't need to have an All-Pro level guy at every spot on the OL. With the other guys on that line they need the 5th guy to not be a liability. That might be Tevi or Holden at LT or it could involve moving Nelson or Smith to LT. They can still sign a veteran and I think that is their plan but even if they don't I don't
  5. Kevin Rogers - Director Of Player Personnel I think the Colts held this interview with the Colts specific blog type of websites and not the traditional media. I like that they did that and gave these guys some access.
  6. Yeah, Paye and Dayo have the potential to elevate this defense to the next level and make everyone else on defense better. After seeing Antonie Bethea announce the pick yesterday I decided to watch some of his highlights. There were a couple of times that he made the play but the commentators were talking about Freeney or Mathis forcing the QB to get rid of it early. I'm hoping that Paye/Dayo can have that type of impact.
  7. I really like what the Jets did. Joe Douglas just might be the GM to turn things around there. I really like that he was able to get Alijah Vera-Tucker in round 1. Not to mention they also took Zach Wilson at number 2. He also added some skill position players in Elijah Moore and Michael Carter. They add these guys wit Mekhi Becton at LT who they drafted last year and I think they are laying a good foundation there and building things the right way. I also like what the Chargers did. They got one of the best offensive linemen in the draft in RaShawn Slater. I think Asante Samuel wi
  8. Yeah, I think it's also worth noting that Granson is a better athlete. Granson will need to be utilized properly but Indy is probably as good of a fit for him as any team. Hopefully he can come in this year and add a different element to this offense.
  9. I can see the Colts taking a LB but I don't think it's a major need. I think it will likely be Adams, Franklin, and Speed battling it out for that spot in training camp.
  10. I think you make good points and I don't disagree with what you said. I guess what I was trying to get at is the Colts have had some productive DE play and improving it has still been a need. If the Colts are going to take the next step (win the division, go further in the playoffs) they will need more than solid play.
  11. I don't hate the pick but there are two things that give me pause: Injury. Not everyone comes back from an achilles injury and gets back to where they were. Time will tell with Dayo but this alone makes it a risk. With say Julian Blackmon, last year, tore his ACL, there was some risk but plenty of guys return to form from ACL injuries. (though I certainly wasn't expecting Blackmon to return as quick as he did) Ceiling. Everyone has talked about the need for the Colts to improve their DE play/pass rush for years now...really going back to Robert Mathis. While I don't disagree with t
  12. I think Dayo seems like a fit for what the Colts like in their defensive linemen but taking him in the second seems risky. He tore his achilles and that's not the same as coming back form a torn ACL as I heard on the radio them comparing his injury to Julian Blackmon. Dayo felt like a good pick for day 3 to take a chance on and add depth for the future. I just hope he has the upside to make this worth it and to be more than just a rotational player.
  13. The Cardinals are a great fit for Rondale, imo. That will be fun to watch.
  14. Elijah Moore to the Jets. They are doing a nice job of putting Wilson in a good situation. I like what Joe Douglas is doing there.
  15. I am not always all about players demanding trades but in some situations I don't blame the player. This is one of them. I hope Rodgers gets his wish. It's crazy how the Packers haven't invested much in their offense. Going all the way back to 2012 all of their first round picks have been on defense except for Jordan Love! They haven't taken a receiver in the first three rounds for like 6 years. It's not like they put together some lights out defense either. Just seems like there are reasons for him to be frustrated and it's time to move on. If I was one of the best pla
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