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  1. I think Aiyuk is one of the receivers who is getting overlooked but I like him as a potential pick for the Colts. Overall, I think my favorite non 1st round prospect for the Colts is Neville Gallimore. I think he is a great fit for the Colts defense and would bring a lot of what this team needs. (interior pass rush)
  2. ar7

    Jerry Hughes

    Are you sure it was Polian who wanted to convert him to LB? I thought that was Pagano when he was hired and switched defensive schemes. Either way Hughes played 3 years in Indy in two different defensive schemes and didn't play that well. Failure on the Colts (really with both staffs) to not get the production out of him which sucks because this team was lacking what he brought to Buffalo.
  3. Ballard specifically mentioned Woods and Mike Mitchell regarding the leadership and veteran presence they were in the locker room last year. He said that veterans, such as those two, bring a calming influence to a team.
  4. The draft will be very interesting this year. (or the offseason in general) It's a very important one for the Colts. I'm not convinced the Colts make a major move at QB this offseason. Mostly because 1) I have doubts about the options in the draft 2) This team can make the playoffs with Jacoby 3) With the Colts pick they can get great talent at another position. Don't get me wrong...I want and think the Colts should upgrade the QB position. However, that doesn't mean the options available this offseason are upgrades. I think making the wrong move at QB would be far more harmful to this team than not making one this offseason. Sometimes it's the things you decide NOT to do that end up being your best decisions. It makes far more sense to add talent in other areas IF you are not sold on these other QBs. Don't get me wrong though. Jacoby should not be looked at as the long-term answer at QB. They might say otherwise publicly but I don't think Ballard and Reich really believe so either. So if there is a QB, whether in this draft or next, that they have full confidence in they will take him.
  5. Wow. When they hired him I thought it was a great hire for them. He had a lot of resources and quickly put together a very talented roster. The Freddie Kitchens hire turned out to be a massive head scratcher though. I wonder what this means for Eliot Wolf. He interviewed for the GM job here in 2017 and has been a candidate elsewhere. I wonder if he is a candidate in Cleveland or if they look elsewhere and if he would then look to move on. It's bad for the Browns to hire a new head coach and GM yet AGAIN but one big difference this time is they have a roster with quality talent. That's an appealing job, imo.
  6. I wouldn't worry about Reich saying that at this point in time. Reich (and Ballard) are not going to saying anything over the next few months that indicates they are looking to upgrade from JB. They don't want teams to know what they want to do at 13. Whether that's trade up, pick a QB there, pick a WR, defensive player, etc. I don't think we will gain any meaningful insight out of anything the Colts say over the next few months. We just have to wait and see what they actually do.
  7. I don't disagree. While I think that it's clear JB is not the long-term answer at QB that doesn't mean that the Colts should draft whichever QB they feel is the best of the bunch. I want the Colts to draft a good player and not try to fill a need even if they don't really believe in the guy. BUT I also think these QBs could cement themselves into the first round where the Colts have to trade UP to draft the QB they want. It sort of reminds me of Josh Allen in 2018. He showed flashes of All-Pro but also flashes of an UDFA and I think the QBs in this draft (except Burrow) are similar in that regard. Allen still went within the top 10 that year. We'll see how things play out over the next few months. As uneasy as the QBs make me I'm not going to be shocked if a trade is made to move up to get one if the Colts are sold on him.
  8. I think the deadline is usually at the end of October since that's the halfway point of the season. I think that's typical. Most of the roster is young. I think TY is the only player that would be a candidate to trade. (in terms of being a veteran and having some trade value) I'd be shocked if the Colts did trade him though. He played hurt last year and again this year. He has came up big in so many moments. I think TY will be back in 2020.
  9. NFL trade deadline was October 29th this season. The Colts were 5-2 at that point. It would not have made sense to trade away good players away for picks at that point.
  10. Not dissing Walker. He has been good. I just think Simmons can be an elite player in the NFL. Plus, his versatility is so unique.
  11. I would love to see Isaiah Simmons drafted by the Colts. I don't think he will last to their pick and linebacker is probably the last position on defense the Colts have a need for. However I think a trio of him, Leonard, and Okereke would be outstanding. (assuming Okereke keeps getting better) That could be a special group.
  12. Xavier Howard? He will not be a free agent. He signed an extension earlier this year. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001030440/article/xavien-howard-to-sign-5year-765m-extension In addition to Byron Jones I'd consider James Bradberry of the Panthers another option.
  13. Not that surprising. I would think they would replace the GM too.
  14. As I've been reading up more on these three quarterbacks I think there are a few things worth adding. While I think the points raised in the video are legit, and I share some of those same ones, I think it's important to keep an open mind with Herbert and all of the prospects for that matter. Herbert had the same personality last year as he did this year and last year around this time he was looked at as the number one pick if he were to enter the draft. On the field he had a very similar year this year to last but he has lost momentum as a draft prospect. Some of the talk surrounding Herbert reminds me of what was said about Jim Caldwell. He was mocked for his demeanor but he has shown to be a good coach in the NFL. Not only in Indy but as OC for the Ravens (him becoming their OC was key to their Super Bowl win) and with the Lions. I don't think these concerns about Herbert should be dismissed but I wouldn't overlook him as a prospect solely because of them either. It's really hard to assess this stuff on the outside so we have to hope Ballard and Reich get their assessment on these QBs right. It's really interesting that the 3 likely QB prospects for the Colts in the 2020 draft (Herbert, Love, Eason) all provide the thing the Colts desperately need out of the QB position (big play ability) but all have varying question marks about their jump to the NFL.
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