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  1. ar7

    Los Angeles (+3) at New Orleans (1-20-19)

    As bad of a missed call as that was the Saints had chances throughout the game. Refs are going to screw up at matter how good they are, how simple the rules are or what the sport is. Can't say that was good clock management by Sean Payton at the end of the game. You can argue that was more costly to the Saints than the no call. It sucks. Of the 4 remaining teams I wanted to see the Saints win the Super Bowl.
  2. Right now (still early) there are 3 players I really like. - Christian Wilkins - Montez Sweat - Charles Omenihu All would add to the defensive line and have good potential.
  3. Stampede Blue has an article listing 10 players to keep an eye on for the Colts.
  4. ar7

    Inman on the herd

    I'm certainly hoping the Colts bring Inman back. I like what he brings and would love to see him in the mix at WR again next season.
  5. Not totally shocked by this move. DG has his own way and is not changing. Colts Wire listed 4 guys who might be targets. Basically 4 guys who have coached with Reich before.
  6. ar7

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    I don't know why some have such a difficult time understanding Ballard's stance on this. If you listen to what he says it's been clear, consistent, and backed up by his actions. After the draft last year Ballard specifically said that he was strict with the scouts with the type of people they drafted specifically the first 5 rounds. This doesn't mean the cutoff is always the 5th round it's just what he referenced last spring. Tyreek Hill was a 5th round draft pick. Even if that decision was all up to Ballard, which is highly unlikely and we will never know, it falls in line with his general approach which is being more willing to take chances on guys with question marks in later rounds. While you didn't mention free agency i'll add what Ballard said today about high priced free agency because it goes along with it...if they were to sign an expensive free agent the player will have to earn terms of talent, production, character, etc. So players who sign cheaper deals (Jalen Collins) are not held to as high of a standard as they would be if they were given more money. I think most teams try to walk the fine line between getting the most talented players you can and getting ones that are coachable, you can depend on, etc. It's not that Ballard is unwilling to take risks on guys but he isn't going to use a lot of resources (high draft picks, huge free agent contracts) when he does take those risks. Just because he has/does take some risks doesn't mean he is "full of crap" when he talks about character. He has a certain way he is going to do it. If people bothered to listen when he speaks they would understand it and not turn a paper cut into open heart surgery. It's really not difficult to understand his approach.
  7. Wilkins is a great prospect and seems to fit the profile of what the Colts want. It's hard to say where a lot of these guys will go including Wilkins but that should become a little more clear as time goes on. Another guy to keep your eye on, who is rarely mention, is Charles Omenihu. I think we will hear his name more and more once the draft process gets going.
  8. The Colts did practice outdoors.
  9. Before the season I thought there was a good chance the Colts trade Brissett this offseason. Now i'm not so sure. The Eagles are likely to move on from Wentz or Foles this offseason. The Ravens are likely to move Flacco. Plus, there will likely be a couple QBs draft in round 1. I think the availability of other QBs and additional QBs draft will drive down the return you can get for Brissett. It might be at the point where you keep him and if he signs elsewhere in 2020 so be it.
  10. ar7

    WR day 2 or even day 1

    It’s likely that all parties are part of the problem. As fans we certainly don’t have all of the facts. While teams in the league will have far more information on this situation there will still be a risk that comes with trading for AB. Is that a risk Ballard is willing to take? I will be surprised if the Colts end up trading for Brown I think it goes against how Ballard said he wants to build the team.
  11. He seems like a great prospect but how likely do you think it is that the Colts draft a running back at all this year? They've drafted 3 in the past 2 years and seem to like all 3 of them. I'd be surprised if they draft one with a high draft pick.
  12. ar7

    WR day 2 or even day 1

    I'm sure i'll be in the minority on this but... It goes completely against how Chris Ballard said he wants to build the team. - Culture Ballard has talked over and over again about the importance of building a strong culture. He has spoke about wanting to bring in guys of high character which he has done. Trading for Antonio Brown, no matter how talent, would go against this. It's one thing to take a risk on a guy in the late round of the draft or a cheap free agent signing but a totally different thing to do it on a star player. We all know how great AB is and yet the Stealers are willing to let him go. It makes you wonder what all he has done/how he has acted and be all the more hesitant to give up high draft picks for him. - Build the Offensive/Defensive Lines The other thing Ballard has talked about is building really good (and deep) offensive and defensive lines. That job isn't finished. You will not build good/deep lines by trading a high draft pick for a wide receiver. I totally get the argument for trading for Antonio Brown. I would be puzzled if the Colts did it because it goes against the very two things I listed above. These are the things that Ballard said are important to him and how the team will be built.
  13. ar7

    Looking Ahead

    I'm hoping/expecting the Colts sign a free agent WR. I don't think it's so much that they need to get someone who is a Pro-Bowl WR but they need someone who is reliable. Add another reliable option with Hilton and Inman (hopefully he is re-signed) and that position should be much better. Plus, draft one (though I don't think it needs to be in an early round) and have Cain come back. Doyle will be back too. He is another reliable receiving option. That will help too. On defense they need to find another great player - regardless of position. They have one in Leonard but need another. Hopefully we see a lot of improvement from Turay next season. Lewis staying healthy/improving will be big too. I could be wrong but I think those expecting Ballard to bring in a lockdown corner will be disappointed. That really isn't what this defense calls for. That isn't to say they can't find better cornerbacks but the biggest improvement from that group will come from more pass rush.
  14. Adam Humphries is another free agent WR to keep your eye on. I'm not sure how well he fits with what Bruce Arians wants to run in Tampa. Plus Bruce wants DeSean Jackson back and they have Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Humphries will likely want to sign with a team where he can have a bigger role in the offense.
  15. Tyrell Williams would certainly be a great addition to this offense. I like John Brown as an option. He doesn't have great size but does bring dynamic speed. He has had some injury problems which I think is why he signed a one year deal with the Ravens. He has showed some promise and I think he would be a good addition to the wide receiver group.