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  1. Stafford is going to be the best option for the Colts this offseason but i'm not all about acquiring him at any cost. As talented as this team is they are not just a quarterback away. There are other holes on this team. As important as the QB situation is I don't think it would be a good move to give up a bunch of your assets for a QB that probably has another 5 good years left. Also, I think the 49ers and Broncos are the important ones in all of this given where they pick in the first round this year. They can easily beat out what the Colts or Washington can offer. If either of
  2. I don't want to see the Colts trade their first for another veteran unless it's for a QB. It might sound crazy given the Colts have cap space but some guys on rookie deals will be signing some big extensions soon. If the Colts are going to have Nelson, Kelly, and Smith on bigger contracts then it would sure be nice to have a LT on a rookie contract. Players on rookie contracts is going to soon become really important to balance out the salary. Given the need/importance of QB that's really the only position i'm in favor of trading a pick for a veteran or trading multipl
  3. John Middlekauf is a former NFL scout but in media. I think he gave a really good overview here and perspective on what gets lost by not having the combine. Well worth the watch.
  4. Great to see people promoted within. It's not always the best option but obviously Ballard/Reich don't do this if Brady wasn't doing a great job. It will be interesting to see who they hire as a QB coach and if the Colts find another up and coming coach for that spot.
  5. I think the part of the combine that will hurt teams is the information gathering. With the entire league in one place for a week that's where a lot of information shared. It can not only impact the draft but free agency and trades as well. The Colts have emphasized in-person interviews and that's what Brian Decker was brought in for. IMO, having virtual interviews is not nearly as desirable but the Colts will just have to work with what they can get.
  6. One key part to the various QB situation are ones potentially available via trade. I think it's unlikely Atlanta takes a QB in round 1 this year. Matt Ryan probably has another 3-4 good years left in him. I think it makes more sense to add someone at another position and try to win with Ryan now. Same thing with Stafford in Detroit. Carolina will certainly be looking at the QBs in this draft. Denver might stick with Drew Lock but they could decide to move on from him. There are a couple potential QB trades that could impact this. DeShaun Wa
  7. Greg Newsome II declared for the draft. He is a cornerback from Northwestern. This guy screams of being a Ballard type player from his size, skillset, personality. Right now seems like a Day 2 pick. I also agree on Dillion Radunz. I think he is one to watch. He is an OT from North Dakota State. He will participate in the Senior Bowl and the Colts place a huge emphasis on that. Given the level of competition North Dakota State plays, and only playing one game this year, the Senior Bowl will be huge for Radunz. In addition to Radunz, and other round 1-2 tackles, I think t
  8. No. The Cowboys hired him as their DC.
  9. Yeah I agree it seems Ballard likes what they have at WR and TE. They are probably ok at WR for another year if they bring back Hilton. I can't say I feel the same about tight end. This team would really benefit if they were more explosive there. I think the only way they don't bring back Rivers is if they trade for Stafford, Wentz, or Darnold. Of course, they would need to want one of them and they would need to be available. Otherwise why not bring back Rivers? Even if they draft someone they are not going to be better than Rivers in year 1. Hopefully things can get back to nor
  10. The biggest question with Urban (whether its an NFL job or another college job) is how long he stays? The endings to his time at Florida and Ohio State were...strange. Also, i'm even more interested to see who they hire as the GM. We know the GM-coach relationship is so important but bringing in Urban to coach with his resume means he will have a lot more influence on the organization compared to most coaches. This could work out really well but also has the potential to be disaster.
  11. Grady (covers the Nets) is on JMV right now discussing the deal. He is saying really good things about LeVert. Obviously there was some drama with Victor and it sounds like LeVert is different from that regard. And I don't think Grady is one to blow smoke so I believe what he says about LeVert.
  12. I lean towards drafting one early. I voted for round 2 because I think this tackle class is supposed to be pretty good with depth. If I had to pick someone I would say Dillon Radunz but I can't say i'm really sold on one particular tackle. I'd keep Nelson and Smith where they are. While maybe one of them can make the switch we know for sure they are great at their current positions. We saw too few snaps with Nelson at LT for me to vote for him in this poll.
  13. I just don't subscribe to considering Eason turning out to be a starter. Looking at history says it's extremely unlikely he does. Very few QBs drafted outside of round 1 turn out half as good as Kirk Cousins let alone the guys typically thrown out as reason to be optimistic about Eason. (Wilson, Brees, Brady) Is it impossible? No but neither is me winning the lottery. Having a shot at winning the lottery doesn't change my budget or savings plan. Good teams don't have QB competitions. If the Colts draft a QB in round 1 it will not be to have a
  14. If that were to happen then sure, start Eason. But if the Colts believe that there is a realistic chance that happens with Eason then they don't spend a first round pick on another QB. If you really believe Eason can be that guy then you use your first round pick on another position to help him and not use it on his backup.
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