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  1. ar7

    Stephen Holder leaving the IndyStar

    I have enjoyed his coverage of the Colts over the years. I hope his new gig keeps him in the Indy market but i'm guessing he is moving on to other things. Will be interested to see where he lands.
  2. Breakout Guy: Tarell Basham Comeback Kid: Andrew Luck Rising Star: Malik Hooker Dont Forget About: Nate Hairston Needs to Rebound: Ryan Kelly Darkhorse: Christine Michael Under the Radar: Denico Autry - I think the new defensive scheme can benefit Basham as much as anyone. Almost went with Wilson here. - Luck is an easy choice for comeback kid. - Hooker showed promise last year. If he can stay on the field I have no doubt he is a rising star. - Hairston gets overlooked in the secondary. He had a solid rookie reason. One of the few bright spots last season. - Kelly just needs to stay healthy and he will rebound. - Given the running back situation Michael has a great opportunity to play his way into a role. - I think Autry will surprise some people this year. Not a Pro-Bowler or anything like that but he is going to play plenty of snaps and be productive
  3. ar7

    [Rapoport] Colts sign S Shamarko Thomas

    Not very big but a good athlete. Some compared his playing style to Bob Sanders when he was drafted. Lost both of his parents while he was in college. Has 5-6 siblings and became the head of the household. He certainly seems to fit the character and athletic traits that Ballard always talks about. I don’t think he has done a lot in the NFL but hopefully the Colts can get some decent production from him.
  4. Woj just reported that Evans is coming to Indy today. He said there is interest to get a deal done on both sides.
  5. Wow. Huge signing for Golden State. Certainly looks like a great move on paper but it still has to work on the court. You still have to have team chemistry even if you are as talented as the Warriors.
  6. I'm really not a fan of this signing. I hope McDermott surprises me. One plus is just over $7 million a season isn't much in the NBA today.
  7. Yeah I read that about McDermott. I think of him being similar to Bojan Bogdanovic except not as good but maybe i'm missing something? I read that they might have interest in Joe Harris too. I think i'd rather have Harris over McDermott.
  8. I don't think that Thad returning means the Pacers will not go after Aaron Gordon. Thad only has one year left and is 30. He isn't going to be here for the long-term. Gordon is only 22. If the Pacers make him an offer it will be to have him be on the 2-3 main players on the team for the next 4+ years.
  9. I'd like to see the Pacers trade up here early in the second round and get Gary Trent Jr or Keita Bates-Diop.
  10. I like getting Holiday at 23. He has good length and should help out on the defensive end. He can shoot it. Seems to have the intangibles you want too.
  11. He seems like he has the skills to be a good fit on this team. I think he can bring a lot of what Thad Young brings. Not sure if Bates-Diop can be a starter like Thad though.
  12. I'd be all for adding Marcus Smart but I have to admit that I was surprised to see the Pacers are rumored to have interest in Marcus Smart. He isn't the type of player I envision them going after.