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  1. Ah Patrick. You have changed your user name, haven't you? You cheeky devil.
  2. In before Chloe. We lose 97-0...
  3. I think we will win. This is not a bold prediction, nor am I 'on something'. Big Q is going to wreak havoc and Houston will play like a demon and smack Mahomes around all night.
  4. For balance, playoffs 3 years on the trot. I will leave it at that.
  5. We probably should have won the SB with Jim Caldwell, and should have went 16-0 with him at the helm. This tells me that if you have an elite QB and an elite D, that should do it. But can you have an elite D without elite defensive coaching? Give me an elite mascot any day!
  6. Go easy on the OP. He is a rookie himself don't ya know....
  7. You really do post a lot of over dramatic tripe at times. What he is actually saying is TY is still hurt.
  8. Do we really need to harp on about Luck? Focus on the new rather than pine for the old.
  9. Until our world is submerged by the oceans we will be 'nitpicking' QB play. We did it with Manning, we did it with Luck, so we are definitely going to do it with Brissett. The only time we never 'nitpicked' our QB was Painter. Not sure why people get so hostile about it all.
  10. "Chicken Licken". Oops. Dreadful post anyway. Ok, we all have bad days. As we saw yesterday.... Forgive me.
  11. Thanks for all your interest. In these days of intense social media driven consumerism, it really is a great benefit to have your support. Best, as always. Chicken Little. NB - 'Ballard's fault' was the last straw.
  12. That Enron fella you mention. He is a high energy kind of guy who eventually runs out of gas. He is a fraud. What is the collective name for fans that are not by homers by the way? I'm intrigued.
  13. Looks like the Raiders are the new Patriots / Chiefs......
  14. The tripe about Vanderjagt is pathetic. His record was awesome. People here seem to be frightened to lay the blame for THAT defeat on Manning. Just like he blamed the oline. The 'Scapegoat' kicker it seems..... Peyton was dire in that game. There, I said it. Now hunt me down and torch me....
  15. Hold on! A raven has just landed on my window ledge. It has a message from King's Landing! (clip, rustle, unscroll) Ah, it's OK, it says injuries happen in the NFL, and the Raiders are banged up too. Phew.
  16. Not even a contest. Only one man has made me contemplate turning my back on this team. Polian. Giving up on the chance of history was a shameful moment in sport. Arrogant and deluded. And those quoting Vandetjagt are missing the point(s). The whole team 'choked' that day, including Manning. "Protection issues' indeed.....always easy to blame the kicker.
  17. These rankings include performances prior to 2019. As this season progresses, they will be focused on this season...
  18. Best part of the interview was when he changed 'offense' to 'team'. Classy and right out of the Ballard/Reich locker room trademark. I don't care if he is arrogant or demeaning to reporters who ask stupid questions. They deserve all they get. Nicely played young man.
  19. Because it is only wk 3, they are combining their rankings with 2018 data. I believe after this week the rankings will be judged solely on this seasons petformance......that may explain why those with way poorer numbers than JB are ranked higher (eg Mayfield).
  20. It was the manner in which it was removed. Every week injured players take off their helmets when lying/sitting on the turf. And see the comment re Rivers. Anyway, not sure why I care...
  21. You had a smarty pants arrogant response to IndySouthsider who correctly pointed out for the first time in this WHOLE thread that it was not for taking off his helmet, it was for tossing it away. And as others have added, players take off their helmets on the field of play all the time with no flag. Tick.
  22. What are you on about? You never mentioned anything about him tossing his helmet....
  23. All this repetitive shivering snivelling fear of losing to KC is tiresome. Good teams lose games all the time. We are clearly not favourites to win it but rattling on about it in just about every thread is unnecessary.
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