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  1. I hope he never quotes a Kylie Minogue song......place would go berserk......
  2. All these tears over a game of football. A bit silly really...
  3. Do some research please on how these London games are benefiting the Jags and their town. Have your opinion for sure, but do not stumble around in the dark regarding the overall impact this London connection is having on Jacksonville.
  4. Jags playing back to back home games in London. 3 teams already ruled out, and unlikely Houston will be back again so soon. So really a 50% chance. Queue moaning from the other side of the Atlantic........
  5. .............or he aches from head to toe, has millions in the bank, and wants to spend his days play golf with Andrew and designing cathedrals.
  6. QBs do not grow in trees you know. Well apart from Ryan Leaf......
  7. I have been to Foxboro a few times, I can give you directions. You do know that you sound like a spoiled little child, don't you. Every time things are not going our way.......
  8. Have you seen Smith play RG in the NFL? If not, are you basing this on his collage career? Just curious. Would you risk moving him an unsettling his current status. Being fine might be the best we can hope from him. Surely easier to replace one moving part than shoogle around with two?
  9. You clearly do not watch much football. Odds are stacked against us but........oh, hold on, I see what you are doing. Trying to steal Chloe's mantle as chief pessimist. Nicely played sir. Fooled me for a second.....
  10. If we had a good QB, we are likely in the playoffs already. It is not the lnjuries that have derailed us.
  11. Old Tom looks like he's heading to join Peyton. Has his fire gone? Looks like it to me.
  12. Tis thread is not simply rating the QB's in our division. The subtext is obvious. Like kind of a polite whinge, unfurled to gather fellow posters support. Well, that's how it reads to me. perhaps your initial intentions have been hijacked by the boo boys.
  13. So, our QB is middle of the pack (league wide) at best. Is anyone surprised at this? Why the need to drag the guy through the dirt. And don't blame the management. They didn't have many creditable options. The Luck thing was a punch in the gut, and we will recover from it eventually.....it's just how it is. Do we always need a scapegoat?
  14. Dear Mr Excuse, welcome to Excuse Land. I make no excuses for this post.
  15. I was not complaining. Just offering my opinion. This is a message board after all. Deuce.
  16. A dodgy calf does not affect his hand to eye coordination. Stop with the excuses please. We were not good enough to beat a very average team when the chips were down....
  17. If there was a World Championship for petty excuses, a lot of our posters would be standing atop the podium singing their hearts out as the flag zips up the flagpole faster than Jacoby Brissett leads his team downfield. if we did get that fumble, we would probably have given up a safety. I would prefer a thread on TY's crucial drops than this feeble moan fest. The refs were probably just being kind.
  18. Was there a clear recovery by a Colt?
  19. No they do not. It is very similar actually. By all mean be vexed by last nights debacle, but don't make stuff up to fuel your disappointment.
  20. How can this be the same 'must win' game as the playoffs? Are we automatically eliminated from playoff contention if we lose tonight? Madness.
  21. Our secondary is on the up, although had you read some posts earlier in the season, it was more like The Legion of Doom and Gloom. Rock will improve, KW will improve. Hooker will improve. Desir will stay steady and I like Kenny. Tell is also shaping up well. We are looking good for the next few years I hope..... Wilson........on the way out I fear, perhaps with Geathers.
  22. A lot, and I mean a lot of players would disagree with you about playing in London. Now, who to believe.........
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