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  1. Unless Glowinski is exceptionally demanding in his price, I think we will keep him. Just armchair guesswork.
  2. If being a 'bandwagon' fan means having the choice to say and to support what sporting culture and performance and management you prefer or appreciate for your team, then it is hardly a crime. I've never liked the phrase / concept, so no big deal here. But I understand the reverse opinion on this. So I give this the 'who cares'.
  3. Excellent stuff. Need to work on the on field discipline though. 3rd most penalised team on D. The rest? A handfull of big ticks. Well done Frank, fantastic rookie year all round.
  4. I remember them well. They were, in no particular order: Josh is a fart Josh is a fart and Josh is a fart. Thank you.
  5. Well, the weather outside is frightening.......
  6. No big deal really. I too have a weekly routine, culminating on a Sunday lunchtime. I live in a small medieval market town in South France, and every Sunday at 12.05 the church bells toll. That is my 10 minute warning to get ready to go the local bar/cafe for the traditional Sunday liquid lunch. Like clockwork. It's what professionals do......
  7. Now, do we wear all white in the snow, like we do in Buffalo? Decisions, decisions...?
  8. Maybe. But 'form' tells me we had to do something different, something drastic, as previous efforts did not deliver. There is no correct viewpoint.
  9. In theory. We have watched the Colts oline whiff for years. This is a circular argument. I don't really care about the relative merits of pick value, what I see is working irrespective of the actual personel. Nelson is just one part of the equation, albeit a significant one. Tally-ho chaps, off to Kansas we go........
  10. Nelson's pretty good. Right now, I scoff at positional value, and applaude what he brings to the team. After a raft of blown first rounders, I'll stick with Kelly and Nelson. And positional value is bunkum if you pick a dud. Werner anyone?
  11. Well, we have a remedy over here that cures all known ailments. From my homeland actually. Whisky. Please, do try.........
  12. Orlovsky for Painter. Brissett for Tolzien. Is that not 'anti-tanking'?
  13. No disrespect, but your 'philosophy' would be better served with you supporting the Patriots. Win at all costs.
  14. How do you actually 'tank'? Do you tell players to miss tackles or drop easy catches? Tell the kicker to miss his FG's? Ask the coaches to pull the starters or game plan badly? Do you ask your franchise QB to have a stinker? What's the strategy behind a good 'tank'?
  15. Most teams have a better home record than on the road. What is the actual point?
  16. You do know that saying 'run the ball and control the clock' is not a given. Like, KC can actually stop us doing that. Balance wins games in the Play-offs, and we have that now. Good game planning and execution will give us a good chance to win on the road against the #1 seed. I am hopeful, not confident. Mahomes in his first Play-off game could rattle him if we unsettle him early. But clearly if we win the toss and defer, the game is ours.......
  17. Not sure how any of you lovely forum fans can say he won't be going anywhere. You have zero knowledge of the situation, yet it appears some have some exceptional inside information on the deal.........
  18. Yes, I saw that. Good to see support getting recognised.....I watch some of it every day, and fast fwd for all the Colts segments. Even Kay is on the bandwagon now....
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