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  1. I dont want to pull receipts. ANd btw you are a new member. Have you seen the last play of the playoffs? RIvers couldnt throw 50 yards to save his life, nor the Colts life. The ball landed at roughly the 6 yard line when the line of scrimmage was approx 47 yard line (Colts side of feild). BTW The Colts paid Rivers $25 Million for that. Compared to JB's $16 Mill. Before the snap, Charles Davis (Commentator) says "What will the Colts do. Typically it has been Brissett to throw deep balls". Even the commentator knows this info, so you know opposing teams know this info. AN
  2. Huh? 2020: 3-8-1 record | 57% comp | 16 TD | 15 INT | 49.6 QBR (Wentz) I wouldn't expect the Superbowl Either. By the way, please dont get those numbers confused, as they were produced not by JB but Wentz. Do you get it now? The guy who you are jacked about... Those are this numbers. Dont put on the blinders now. Those numbers are worse than JB as a starting QB. Thats what the "Huh" is... Carson Wentz. Not Palmer
  3. Wait a min. You thought the Colts played well last year? And you dont have your expectation of Superbowl every year? You know what you are right. Because if the Colts only made it to 2 Superbowls with arguably the GOAT Peyton Manning, then I guess we shouldnt expect a superbowl anytime soon, if we go by your method/example... But hey, KC Chiefs, Buffalo, Ravens even the Browns will be looking toward the Superbowl every year. Enjoy your AFC South Divisional Banner "IF" you actually win that. with numbers like: 2020: 3-8-1 record | 57%
  4. Dont like it. This reminds me of when the Colts signed Philip Rivers. "Oh RIvers had worked with Coach Frank in the past". So is that a good thing? what was their results in the end, both at Chargers and Colts? Oh and the year Carson and the Eagles made it to the Superbowl, Carson was actually injured. Meaning he didnt even play in the Superbowl nor the playoffs. Just some facts. thats all. Furthermore, Carson has looked like trash including last season. 2020: 3-8-1 record | 57% comp | 16 TD | 15 INT | 49.6 QBR (Wentz) And this is the numbers for Caron
  5. Scramble = Buy time. Just because your can scramble (Brees, TB12, Rodgers) doesn't mean you are mobile (Josh Allan, Lamar, Jackson, Watson). Scramble is the key word. Better yet, because I know people like you love to fact check with lose arguments, here is the definition of scramble "make one's way quickly or awkwardly up a steep slope or over rough ground by using one's hands as well as one's feet." In other words, the opposite of RIvers. Try again.
  6. Or you can save your breathe and keep scrolling... I can post whatever I choose. If you cant explain your laziness...keep scrolling. No need to spam. Football Only. I wrote 2 paragraphs worth of football for you to complain about. lazy. "Dear God". I see. Oh where is your team again???
  7. I) You took the opportunity to state your qualifications as an FBI investigator. What else have you uncovered? I'm here for football, not conspiracies, or "let's pull up the history on xyz". "Oh you see here. He's xyz". Complete waste of time. 2) Mojority wanted Vinny gone? I dont think you know this forum. Because when I said Vinny was overdue, 99/100 came against that statement. 3) It sounds like you are making excuses for RIvers. The Colts put up 24 points against the Bills. DId you want the Colts defense to hold the Bills to under 24 pioints? Please answer... Josh A
  8. One thing I've noticed in my few years of reading Colts forums. Indiana fans always know or except losing a whole lot more over winning. (kanye shrug).. Like, I'd rather Adam Vinny stay with the Colts an extra year in hopes to break a record, than to have an adequate kicker. Or, "I'd rather have Carson Wentz" (Which will require draft picks) over Brissett, or Teddy Bridgewater (When he was a Free Agent. Decided to go with Rivers), or LAMAR JACKSON "He doesn't fit our system" lol. Well your system resulted in a quick playoff exit. This is the kinda stuff I read. And Yes, I'll say it
  9. I know CB is watching. And he's looking at the competition. Not interested in Divisional Banners, first round playoff exits, etc. He's looking at key players at key positions. And how the opposing team is made up. QB Play: You have to have a QB that can at a minimum scramble. Once Defenses blitz and create pressure, resulting in the QB having to step up or throw off schedule, you have to be able to buy time. If not, bad results. By the end of the 3rd Quarter, one thing I noticed that is strikingly different from the Colts team (Both KC and TB considered), there hasn't b
  10. I guess going with the coach's option of Philip Rivers has all of us watching Tom Brady in the Superbowl.
  11. Im glad to know that Irsay thought the Buckner trade was a W for the team.
  12. 2 things stud out to me, that I know "fans" would have called me outlandish things for. BUT, im happy it came from the "horses mouth". 1) TB12, Jim Irsay stated that the team "considered" TB12 BUT, Frank Riecht thought because of his prior relationship w/ Rivers (SMH) that Rivers was the best option. (SMH) 2) Areas of improvement: Jim stated on offense, a special/great TE and WR. He made reference of KC Kelce and WR Hill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will address th
  13. First off, TB12, Aaron Rodgers can scramble in the pocket (step up, shugg off a defender) aka keeping the play alive. something that Rivers cant do. Secondly, Have you watched the Jim Irsay presser? https://www.colts.com/video/jim-irsay-quarterback-situation-covid-19-offseason-outlook-2020-2021-season 2 things stud out to me, that I know "fans" would have called me outlandish things for. BUT, im happy it came from the "horses mouth". 1) TB12, Jim Irsay stated that the team "considered" TB12 BUT, Frank Riecht thought because of his prior relationship w/ River
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