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  1. The player has to prove their worth, even if that means leading the NFL 2 of 3 years in something... wait a minute.. I support Zeke. Its like Ike at your job, if they know you have a certain position life, is it right for the company to pay you for what you have done, or just replace you when that time comes.? Some folks act so surprised by players wanting their $. I’m sure they would want their $ as well.lol
  2. Not sure your point. But It's ok for TB12 to get other players fired up, why not be consistent and allow players to use their own techniques to get the same results, then when they do, they get criticized for doing it. Thats all.
  3. Question, what’s the difference between EAGLES, Pats, and Colts? i see that some folks are already upset! but this is exactly my point. I’m not saying to bring on Aaron Hernandez, but if you have players that are outspoken or Alpha males on your team, just because they play with a chip on their shoulders doesn’t make them a distraction. Heck T. Brady plays this way and does he get called out? No. They just say that T. Brady is “fired up” or it’s just his “competitive juices flowing” A double standard by who the players are that are outspoken? Maybe... lastly, has Ramsey gotten into any off the field trouble? How about AB? So why are they bad sports when Brady is celebrated and not called out like the others..
  4. Whats the name of our current ILB..Walker, send em' to seattle.
  5. I thought the same thing. And didn't want to get stoned to death by this forum for saying it. Remember that Peyton Manning injury? "Its just a routine doctors appointment" then we never saw him again lol
  6. Maybe just jitters but personally, I thought Walker played better last year compared to the first preseason game against Bills.
  7. Leonard is as advertised. But Nelson not making top 100 is sickening. I mean he did make All Pro as a rookie. But who's counting?
  8. Says the states prosecutor. I'm sure you do. Stay the heck out of people's home. It's not like you would want anything else for Mr. Hill and BTW, the league has come out to say you won't lose any games. Bummer for you huh? Smh
  9. Off the top of my head, I could name 1 or 2 guys who fit the criteria of trash before Hill. No need for that, especially after the NFL has stated he won’t be suspended. everything that you are saying is not based on any merit/facts.
  10. I think you need to come out and say you were wrong and apologize for attempting to get ahead of the story for views/ratings/clout. Either that or you were trolling for attention. NFL’s investigation didn’t find evidence against Tyreek Hill – Adam Schefter | SportsCenter Just like with the slighting Bobby Okereke thread, some people just love to bury some people.
  11. That part. Or when Mack gave Clowney the stiff arm from hell. Not an Undertaker choke slam, but in Football terms of effectiveness, the equivalent. To me, that put Mack on the map as a strong runner, not just with speed but power as well.
  12. Let me start by saying this is MY top 5. Whoever you have as your top 5 is your opinion. I chose Hooker because if we have that ballhawk which he has proven to be especially prior to his injury, will make this team that much better because now AL and Co will be on the field more (via turnover). If Q.Nelson can remain solid/consistent at what he does, then the oline will give AL that clean pocket to push the ball downfield to a Parris Campbell/Funchess/Cain/TY. Kemoko Turay is probably the most fun to anticipate as he showed flashes when healthy. And if he reaches his full potential this year, he may sneakily have double digit sacks because he has all the abilities to do so as a rusher. Parris is a very nice guy to have, especially on punt return if given the chance and as a YAC receiver. Marlon Mack is swinging the ax, very close to reaching 1000 yards and more. He has all the abilities of being a standout back. Should he stay healthy, the sky's the limit, especially with this oline. The main reason why I left Leonard off my Top 5 is because at this point, he has nothing to prove. Same with Q.Nelson but, I believe Q.Nelson's role is a little different than Leonard in that Nelson has to provide protection for the franchise and we need his consistency in a different way than Leonard. Luck needs protection against KC/PITT/NE/JAGS. So this is why Big Q is on my list and not Leonard. See the playoffs and you will see that KC killed our oline and there was nothing INDY could do about it. NOw you see my Leonard wasnt on my list? BTW during that KC playoff game, Hooker didnt play either.
  13. Who are your top 5 Chris Ballard draft picks that you are most excited about heading into 2019 regardless of draft year. My Top 5 (no particular order): * Malik Hooker * Q.Nelson * Marlon Mack * Kemoko Turay * Parris Campbell
  14. Exactly. This won't be the popular one.
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