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  1. Rackeen305

    Do you think this was a good year?

    To be brutally honest, I thought the Colts would go 8-8 (a solid year considering AL first year back in over 1 year). I probably wanted the Colts to go more like 4-12 more or less to take advantage of that additional second rounder from the Jets. I thought maybe we could get another Darius Leonard with the Jets 2nd rounder lol. That would be nice.
  2. Rackeen305

    Why Was Jim Caldwell Fired?

    But not Jim C.?
  3. Rackeen305

    Denico Autry

    What you say, Chris Ballard GM of the Year? Especially just with those two signings of Autry and Ebron? Not including not spending lots of $ during FA. And a pretty solid draft as well.
  4. I see where you went there lol. Yes Gerald Willis from the U. His game reminds me of a young Warren Sapp. He's tremendous on pass downs. I cant comment on the run as I haven't watched him closely enough against the run.
  5. We need Ed Oliver NT/DT Houston. This will also help the Oline improve (Q.Nelson) with competition in practice.
  6. Thank you. Although I believe in CB, having a top 15 pick is gold. Instead of bottom 15. Not to mention as it stands, 2 second round picks.
  7. Rackeen305

    T.Y. Hilton or Marvin Harrison...

    Before I even looked at the numbers, the comparison was heavily weighted for marty marv. Marvin has, I believe to be a record that will never get broken because of all that is involved. Marv has the record for the most catches in a season 143. Why is this record hard to break. It involves a minimum of 2 key components. 1 a good QB. 2 a good receiver. No, a great receiver.
  8. Rackeen305

    Colts Releasing Denzelle Good

    smh. I'd sign him. 3 months ago if he was available I bet you would've signed him.
  9. Rackeen305

    Here is why we lost...

    the same way we lost in OT against the Texans right? IMHO that = Colts -2 games. I'm not bashing the coach at all. But in those situations, we have to make proper decisions.
  10. Rackeen305

    Here is why we lost...

  11. Rackeen305

    Here is why we lost...

    We lost because of bad coaching decisions. Final score: 0 - 6. And twice within the 10 yard line we decided to go for it on 4th down instead of kicking the field goal. At least 2 kicks which we choose not to, would have at least tied the game.
  12. Rackeen305

    The test for Smith is over: I’m sold

    Great point about Campbell (6'8" 300+ LBS) and Ngouke. You know what you're talking about there.
  13. Rackeen305

    Is Castonzo now the weak link?

    Lol. Hahaha. Did I call this out long ago or what? AC weakest link? I would say yes. He would be great at RT I believe. I even believe RT Braden Smith might be a Lil stronger than AC. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Rackeen305

    Colts O-Line is now the Bully....

    Was that LB Myles Jack, getting Jacked by rookie OG Q Nelson? Ouch.
  15. Rackeen305

    Good Glowinski Breakdown

    Number 1, who’s a horse? Number 2, why must you insist that I think like you? Am I not allowed to form my own opion that does not have to be validated by someone?