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  1. After Sundays results, was I right? Lamar won over Bills and Mahomes beat the Pats, the same team who I mentioned will have to sooner or later replace TB. Was I right or you just like to be disagreeable? Was I right yes or no? I should make a post called Monday morning results and everyone who disagrees with me should show up. Lol they probably won't be in attendance from being dead wrong though but hey. Such is life.
  2. Speaking in general. If you are the one percent, then just say hey guy you were right. Most didn't approve of selecting said player. Done.
  3. @BSteph1 After yesterday's wins by Lamar Miller beating the Bills and Mahomes beating the Pats was I wrong? No likes required. Continue amongst yourselves. I know this poster who seems crazy at first, but after the games are played, had you wagered on what he says you would win. But hey, I guess you don't wager because if you did, YOU would be the one needing a Drug test. Or just need to see a doctor for how sick you would be feeling. That's all folks. But let me just use your jargens "eat crow" ?
  4. If it wasn't you, then what do you have to worry/say about? "If the shoe fits, wear it" if it don't then don't. But "they" know who was against picking up Simmons. But hey, what do I know? You will see that I say alot of cold hard truth which never seems popular. So much so that once it reveil itself as truth (come to light), I get banned for not being "politically correct". Btw, here is another truth which wasn't popular, that kid Lamar Jackson... He will be problems for years to come. Oh and that same kind of dual threat QB which wasn't so popular with kids such as Bridgewater, now we see Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, those will be the $150 million dollar QBs that every team will want. Don't hate the messenger/player...hate the game.
  5. Bitty everybody ON THIS FORUM brought up Simmons off the field crap remember? ESPN unprofessionally dropped a video when the young Simmons was drafted. Airing out Simmons dirty laundry on national TV. Remember? Everyone said oh no, we don't want any part of XYZ on my team. Lol
  6. Force Fumbles. that's something that we haven't had much of since the days of Bob the builder and LB Clint Sessions.
  7. GOAT stats? Lawrence Taylor? Ray Sugar Lewis? Maybe you've never heard of them. My bad, those 6 ff are impressive though.
  8. Honestly the Colts has improved improved but we are definitely not there yet on either side of the ball. If you ever watch defenses like Seahawks, Pittsburgh, NE, Baltimore, etc. They can either cause T.O. or have difference makers who make the play. The Colts are coming along. Let's see what CB does during FA and the draft.
  9. Mannnn oh man. I know that we are fans but.. Bobby Okereke hasn't played at a HOF level. I mean if he does make it to the HOF, let's just add Chris Ballard there as well. That means no more post of Fire CB, because that would mean that CB found All Pro's (Darius Leonard, Bobby) in 2 consecutive drafts. You can't have it both ways, meaning CB sucks but Leonard and Okereke were HOFs due to CB drafting them.
  10. We'd be 10-2 if Adam V makes FGs. Ijs.
  11. Absolutely not. With coach Reicht, I never feel out coached as we had been with Coach Pagano (see 2019 game against KC / Andy Reid). The coach hasn't dropped balls, missed kicks, get penalties called against him for unsportsmanlike conduct. He has only beat the odds that were stacked against him (Franchise QB retire 1 week before the season, we have a kicker that's 170 years old, untimely injuries to key players TY, CAMPBELL, Funchess, even the rush OLB who got hurt during the KC game.)
  12. Frank Reicht cannot catch footballs in the endzone, The head coach cannot make FGs that are within range, The head coach cannot not throw pick 6s to the opposing team. Frank Reicht can manage the clock better, but if your team has failed in more ways than 1, you are only allowed 3 timeouts per half, and if the Defense cannot stop the opponent from reaching the 1st down, then having 3 timeouts are useless just like this thread.
  13. I follow that you want to improve the team, however mid way through the season, you would be giving up those extra picks that CB worked out, and this team isnt a player away from reaching the Superbowl as were when we aquired DT Simon and Booger.
  14. Headed into the Pittsburgh game, the Colts were (5-2). All things considered, that game gave me even more optimism about the current team. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong during the game (Untimed down going into half time, resulting in PITTS 3 pt FG, Brisette getting injured, No TY HILTON, Missed FGs by Vinny) and we still lost by 2 at PITTSBURGH. All things considered (Franchise QB retiring before the season starts, Your key off-season WR hasn't played 1 down) How would you grade CB at the mid season point? I would give him a big fat B+ and that's being super critical in that I believe we were extremely modest during Free Agency. Thoughts?
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