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  1. I quickly go back to Jim Irsey telling AL, look your leaving $500 million on the table. That seemed like a pipe dream but then again Irsey has experience with top QBs and paying them top money.
  2. Long story short, the Colts aren't the kind of team to do trades like this based on history. Far stretch for sure. Especially knowing this org doesn't want to spend on anything (Draft picks, money) for trades. TRich was an exception. I would rather keep Hooker and pay him ($4-$8 Mill), than to give up two 1st round picks, and a 3rd rounder for Adams. He might set the market for Safeties once resigned.
  3. I feel DL. However, Julio Jones at 11 is the biggest knock.
  4. Bro, why is it against the law to speak about football players, teams and decisions made by teams? If I don't agree with said player, and I say you know what, instead of calling someone anything but their name, I'll just wait mid way through the season and see if said player works out. But not this forum, if you tell anyone to keep their pick, I'll revisit halfway through to see if you are right, why is that criminal? Lol I know why. Anyways I've given posters too much attention. Don't worry, I won't remind anyone about anything if that makes you feel better. I'll just wait until the end of year and see who makes what. I said Rivers at $25 Mill is over priced. I wanted to go a different direction but hay. We will see. (I hope this is politically correct now)
  5. You mean the 2nd fastest QB in the league? or.. lol
  6. I'd take Dak over every QB on the roster. Jmho
  7. So why on the heck has the Colts signed Rivers. According to all of you, the Colts believe Rivers "can" play at a level where he and coach Frank last left off. So that was how many years ago now? Stop it.
  8. So you said all that to say that luck's last past was not an INT. Bout was I wrong about everything else? Nope. AL last game was against Weeden's Oklahoma State Cowboys, where he played with WR Blackmon, and the outcome was exactly as I stated. So what was your point? You don't like what I said huh? Well change the outcome of the game so that you will be right.
  9. I'll make this one short. If you're saying Cam hasn't been dominant since 2015, news flash Rivers has never been dominant. And if you want to count the two years the chargers bounced the Colts out of the playoffs, were talking what 2005? When he had 2 hall of famers just on the offensive side of the ball (LT, Gates)? Hold the likes.
  10. You sir dealt with my statements hate it or love it, you have a point.
  11. What was my point again? If people want to use 2+ years ago as a measuring stick. What I stated isn't wrong. And if going by your measuring stick, outside of last year when Can was hurt, he's had more success while playing in the NFL the same time as Rivers I also mentioned Cams winning pedigree since college days. Another thing (National Champion) that Rivers or AL hasn't done. Why don't you deal with the facts that I mentioned. (Can winning in all levels of football) Moreover, How many National Champ QBs end up in the Superbowl? Since we want to mention anyone who watches football. Let's see how well you know about your own former QB AL. WHAT WAS HIS LAST GAME IN COLLEGE, WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? Ill tell you. He played Oklahoma State cowboys against that old QB (I believe Weeden 24-27 yr old) with WR Justin Blackmon. Outcome Standford lost. The last past that AL threw in college was a pick INT. sir, I watch alot of ball and don't rely on "experts" to tell me who is who, and how well they played, or how much they stink. I follow more than Colts in house players and will call out any one, team, or organization. You do want win more than a divisional title for the 40th time don't you? Can is a winner. Made Kelvin Benjamin into a Pro Bowler, the funny part is the Colts went ahead a grabbed cams WR Funchess for a drive. The way you see Cam "play the position" looks more like Mahomes, Jackson than Rivers. But go ahead.
  12. My point is this. Many people think or hope that Rivers performs as he was 2 years+ ago. If judging players from 2 years+ ago is the measuring stick, Cam was a better player as he took a lesser team (talent wise compared to the Chargers) to the Superbowl. Same year becoming league MVP. Another thing. Since we know who AL is, who were many people comparing AL to body wise (Speed, strength,etc) upon entering the NFL? Cam Newton. They were comparing frames, even 40 times. Cam is a National Championship winner, 1st overall pick, goes to the Superbowl, League MVP. These are all things that Rivers never lived up to subsequently. Once again, Once you go 1st overall 9/10 times your team is the worst in the league. Cam took his team to the Superbowl, Something not even AL did. No chaser.
  13. Pats know (make) the rules better than any team lol. They find the fine line and milk it. With that being said, Newton signed for less than $4M if the reports are accurate, and Rivers signed for $25M. Let that sink in. I just hope that Rivers have a solid season since some folks complained about signing JB on a 2yr/$30M contract when the Colts had no other option. But signing Rivers for $25Ms and not a whole lot of complaining. Skill wise, I hope Rivers have a better season than JB (last year) and he absolutely needs to have a better season than Cam.
  14. I just appreciate folks who speak their mind freely. Not following the crowd or popular opinion. Great call here @dw49. You called it.
  15. I think it's pretty selfish that some people appreciate DL for 2 hours a day. The other 22 hours, they wish not to hear about. Very telling. If that's the attitude, although I'm a Colts fan since Edge arrived, there are way more important things than a shiny new Ferrari. And if using his platform to speak on these issues, than more power to him. Walk in the shoes of police? How about walking in the shoes of DL. At least the Police gets welcomed in a Chipotle. I guess Colts fans want to hear/walk in the shoes of a Police's "positive" dining experience instead. How dare anyone slander or slights someone's negative mistreatment due to their appearance. And the ones who don't want to hear about it, are typically Not the ones who are being judged. Instead of going against the mistreatment, they hide, tune out, don't want to hear about it. You are pretty messed up. This is what the attention should be on. The dismissal of humanity.
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