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  1. Rackeen305

    A Trade I Wish Ballard Would Make.

    However, If you think AJ was expensive, Julio might be twice as expensive lol jmo
  2. I signed in just to like this post. Great analysis and punch line! TY could take his game to another level (greatness) if he works on not dropping balls. TY sometimes attempts to look for the big play before securing the ball when if he just secures the ball, The big play would have been the catch alone. Not dragging TY, but I want to see him blossom as that 1 on 1 type of smaller framed WR like Steve Smith that can go up and snag the catch every time!
  3. Rackeen305

    The new colts.com is SLICK!!!/Questions and problems (merge)

    Other folks can quote me but I can't quote them?
  4. Rackeen305

    Max and Stephen A on luck throwing the ball

    It's a blessing we got Chris Ballard I think. I don't feel bad about our picks or second guessing the direction +/- a draft pick. We ended up with more picks than we practically ever had and got the best olineman. All things considered, Adding we didnt over pay any FA, and with the return of Hooker, A.
  5. Rackeen305

    Oline lineup

    Is that a Luck MADDEN avatar? Might wanna take that down if you know what i mean lol. Or it might have the opposite affect? (Kanye Shrug)
  6. Rackeen305

    Oline lineup

    I remember last year when Haeg played RG, and La'raven Clark played RT, they played pretty well together, Even handling dline stunts/Twist from the Vikings (If i remember correctly).
  7. Rackeen305

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Its like, Why waste the time of inviting so many players and not sign them? At some point you have to sign somebody. We need bodies (Hopefully with experience to fill the roster, especially at DB. I mean we still have TJ Green on the roster at DB and that isnt much to be excited about. ijs...
  8. Rackeen305

    Colts sign 9 of 11 draft picks

    And some people said we reached for Q.Nelson. But in the same breath say we need to protect Luck...Wait a minute...So CB goes to the market, buys groceries and you complain that he took too long? Happy Mothers Day!
  9. Rackeen305

    Colts sign 9 of 11 draft picks

    I never understood, why rookies aren't signed right away. Did you not want to be drafted? Or are you negotiating on your first contract?
  10. Rackeen305

    Nyhiem Hines our Dion Lewis

    Or you could totally dislike the pick/player. Have you even watched the kid play? If I could recall correctly, He had less than 200 snaps in college (fresh legs) and when he did hit the whole it was with Chris Johnson like speed to the 2nd level. Is calling any player quick/fast as CJ2k impossible to you? Just say that and we all could move along.
  11. Rackeen305

    Nyhiem Hines our Dion Lewis

    He has Chris Johnson like speed. Hopefully, that translates to the NFL field.
  12. Too early smh, Has 2018 training camp started yet?
  13. Rackeen305

    Doesn't It Feel Wonderful?

    DT DT DT. I hope we could tread until DT help comes because more than DB weakness I truly believe DT is the biggest issue on this team right now. Stopping the run will be an issue against teams i.e. Pitts/Pats/Jags. And AV is like 140 y/o so Kicker will have to be addressed in the near future as well.
  14. Rackeen305

    Marlon Mack Underwent Shoulder Surgery on Torn Labrum

    Why wasn't this taken care of once the season ended or shortly thereafter? this is my only question or concern.