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  1. Oh I'm here. The Colts beat a 1-3-1 team with a rookie QB. Are we really that good/excited or are we surprised we won? Let's act like it. BTW we won by 4 points. (Didn't beat the spread) To a team with a rookie QB. That part!
  2. I mean, but I was right. What else can I say. You were right to frown on my post because you either didn't like my opinion, or dont question any moves the Colts do, or just dont like the fact that I called it? But it doesn't change the fact that I called this in March. River to Colts all but done March 17 RIVERS HAD 2 GREAT RBS, WRs weapons and a solid D last year. All hes ever done his entire career is throw INTs in the 4th Quarter. Its a complete waste of money. just sign Winston, Bridgewater,
  3. Ok so I just got back from an account suspension. So everyone please tell me what have I missed, and was I right about Rivers (Overpaid $25 Mill QB) and was my suspension warranted for speaking FACTS, proven true 1 week later? Was I right or wrong? thats all. No name calling, no frowning emojis. Just was I right about Rivers (2 INTs, Safety), had way more talent in Chargers and Never did anything with it. -------------------------------------------------------- Posted March 25 ALL IM SAYING IS, meet me here 1 year from now (baring everything works out with CoronaViru
  4. The Colts Defense Will Be Worse In 2020 Rackeen305 replied to AZColt11's topic in Colts Football This fan base doesn't want talented players. It was a stretch and an act of God that Colts landed Rhodes. And I dont know what I be talking about. (But let me stay with the popular narrative so I don't ruffle any feathers) cough cough. Yep LOL. Colts sign CB X. Rhodes Rackeen305 replied to MPStack's topic in Colts Football Hi there, I have a question for you as obviously an unbiased Colts fan. What are your opinions on Rhodes joining the Colts. A
  5. Np. If OBJ, AB, Josh Gordon were to film around the team and was not productive. Tell me you wouldn't have a problem with that, especially if the player hasn't produced as a rookie... You stop it because the min cam wears a hat, or does anything close to Pittman, people like you always seem to attack his character and say things like "HE DOESN'T FIT OUR CULTURE". Let Cam put out a video or Dak Prescott put out a video and are not productive. So you stop it. The hypocrisy is real around here.
  6. No I made a comparison of AB on field performance to Pittman on field performance. Which hasn't been much, although the rookie finds time to vlog. If any other WR did this (Vlog) and didn't perform, everyone including you would call him out. So stop it.
  7. All I'm saying is, many people didn't want players named AB, or Newton (base salary approx $1 million) because of "character concerns" yes or no? All I'm saying is, it's not "Colt like" for this vlogging going on. Especially if the player hasn't shown anything on the field. Excuses starting in 5-4-3-2-1.
  8. Great show. Mentioned are Brandon Marshall and Ocho-Cinco's top WRs of all time. My top 5 (Based on my TV viewership): 1) Marvin Harrison 2) Randy Moss 3) T.O 4) Julio Jones /Antonio Brown 5) Andre Johnson/ Chad Ocho Cinco (A Miami thing. Both are great route runners)
  9. Defo can just throw him on his shoulders like their at Disney or something.
  10. I hope you are meaning that Defo is bringing physicality to the Colts.
  11. I think Nelson missed a block. Might have been a TD run had he picked up the LB. But overall, consistent play. No grumbles.
  12. I have problems with 80% of what you said. 1) have you seen JT get tackled? 9/10 he is moving forward after the tackle, and there were times in Vikings game where he carried a pile of Vikings. 2) On dump/screen plays, he has shown to get angles on the on suing tackler. 3) He has shown on multiple occasions to a) not just hit the Homerun run (Over 20+yards) but b) Can put his foot in the dirt and make the defender miss with one cut. Im confused as to what you aren't impressed with because you start off with 3 great complements to have in a back. And running laterally (I guess refere
  13. I wouldn't be so quick to throw JT in the recycling bin. #1 he's a rookie and as already ran for over 100 yards within 2 games. You are comparing him to jags UDFA RB who yes, is having a fantastic year thus far. But JAGs RB performance has nothing to do with JT's performance, which is pretty darn good to say the least.
  14. Looking at the numbers. If you are going to use this as your benchmark, Could you please tell me where Rivers rank by the numbers and if Rivers is playing as well or better than the numbers? Because this team will only go as far as the QB takes them.
  15. Nick all of your points are super subjective. Once Campbell got hurt, to spark the team and to move forward, it was the play of JT that gave coach Frank confidence that his play calling could still work, and not be a repeat of Jacksonville. After the Campbell injury the Colts ran the ball like 3-4 straight plays, resulting in a TD if im not mistaken. As I mentioned earlier: Or are you saying the way/style in which he has done it, isnt't your favorite way of doing things (which makes no since to me. Barkley is different from Alvin Kamara, from Sony Michel, from Mark Ingram, etc
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