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  1. Rackeen305

    Are we well positioned?

    Does the Colts have a backup C? Over the years Kelley gets banged up for a few weeks, and when he isn't in the lineup its night and day of a performance by the Oline. Do we have a dominant DT play (you need two), how about the CB position or solid #2 WR? There are plenty holes with this team. Once again, these areas of concern are emphasized and brought out once Colts play high seeded teams the likes of PITT, NE, SAINTS, RAMS, Philly, etc.
  2. Cut it out. It was between two individuals and one had to go. thats the bottom line. Nothing more, nothing less. I mean AB is like top 3 in the league and Ben is.. Mean while, How is this FA turning out for you? Is it what you expected? hearing crickets? Wait the Colts phone is ringing... Darnit, it was a prank call! How many visits have they setup? As quck as they come, they quicker they leave. Im not digging that. Same was true last year.
  3. Who is the reputation coming from? This is the question and why? All of his other teammates not named Ben seems to enjoy him.
  4. Rackeen305

    Culture over talent

    I dont trust your post. You dont know what you are talking about. Only CB does.
  5. Rackeen305

    Basically we could have had Tevin Coleman

    We could've had a beast RB in Mark Ingram 3yr/$15M. But we got Funchess 1yr/$10-13M. Even Michael Irving of NFL network laughed and said WRs can get $10-13M for catching less than 700 yrds and 4 TDs. Or Coleman for 2yr/$10M. If the Colts didnt have money then ok. But if you are justifying not spending for Landon Collins ($84M), then why sign Funchess for 1yr/$10M-13M? go ahead and sound ridiculous! "Oh I dont want to spend alot of money on a Ferrari ($200k) But ill buy a Nissan for ($150k)" But you know you could have gotten a BMW type of RB Ingram for ($120k) better yet the price you paid for that Nissan, you could have gotten two years worth for the same or less. Who's ridiculous now? Go ahead. You have the floor to insult because that's all you can do. But dont insult me. Oh and if we aren't talking about money, Desean Jackson was had for a 7th round pick. A Po Bowler for a 7th. ijs. No money involved so if we want to keep looking at zeros you could've still been able to do so.
  6. Rackeen305

    Basically we could have had Tevin Coleman

    We dont need anyone except Funchess. done.
  7. Color me not impressed. I wont say much on this note except, I don't understand how anyone can think that this is the best approach. Lets just stare at the $100 M in an account. I'm sure the $ will suite up for us come Sunday. "But you are looking at the glass half full Rackeen." The only thing full is Irsay's bank account, not this Colts roster devoid of new starters. My bad, we added WR Funchess.
  8. Raiders to sign Williams. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001022446/article/raiders-slated-to-sign-exchargers-wr-tyrell-williams this is going to be one interesting year for the Raiders.
  9. Ill be sure to ping you for a scouting gig should the opportunity arise!
  10. So you are saying sign a guy for the cheap who fits a need once we are 1-2 players away? Im not buying it. Because the money/age of the player isn't the problem. And by the time we sign "our own", we wont have the luxury of keeping all of them so then we are still forced to drink from the well called FA.
  11. Rackeen305

    What would you do if you were the Colts GM?

    No but honestly, I'm at work and cant crunch numbers right now, as I'm either on an iPhone or have limited opportunity to look over the market prices for players. However, based on what other players are getting and the teams that are receiving these players, I know that we should at least fill glaring holes we have especially at Mike and CB. This is prob step 1 and 2 that hasnt been addressed in years. My guy (Walker) is ok but if you want that Ravens, or Pats, or Bears defense, we need that Alpha dawg commanding the defense on the field. I wanted Ruben Foster (BTW) and we got Hooker. That was one pick that I would have gotten wrong but it depends on who you're asking. We will see in a year or so If I would have been right.
  12. Rackeen305

    What would you do if you were the Colts GM?

    That's a different price! But since you ask here it goes: 1) Do everything possible to protect the face of the franchise 2) Give the coaches the absolute best available talent to work with 3) Win the Superbowl I will stick to my guns and make Indy great again!
  13. Rackeen305

    What would you do if you were the Colts GM?

    Broski... Are you ok? Have you begun talking about Football or no? If not. Dont quote me, all of my quotes will be about football. not: *Talking about what you had for lunch yesterday *Commenting on spelling/punctuation of other posters *Suggesting that people nap *Talking about the sky is falling etc. etc. etc. Let me know when the game comes back on will yah!
  14. The only person who isn’t calm is you. You are the one suggesting naps. So go take one. Who made you king of the world to tell anyone to calm down? The self righteousness is absurd. You send personal shots instead of having a dialog about football. I’m not here for that or you.