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  1. I stand corrected Balaga was with Packers. But I love when people voice their opinion without anything tangle to stand on as a point of reference. Just belly-aching.
  2. interesting to say the less. But what do I know.
  3. I'm lost. Why would you say you dont make things up when you make comments? I posted: Chargers 2019 Oline LT - Trent Scott LG - Dan Feeney C - Mike Pouncey RG - Trai Turner RT - Bryan Bulaga I cannot make up these players, or which team they started for, or which QB they protected. BTW, If you've ever read most of my post, it has numbers and or names or players that you can look up. Just like the names of players for the Chargers 2019 Oline that is sitting right above this paragraph that you quoted. Those kind of principles.
  4. I see that you are a "homer" or a fan that just supports a team if they do good things or bad things, never questioning decisions. Thats who I am. regarding my fan-dom. I've posted on his site almost 10x as you. I dont get how me questioning 1 off-season move have to do with my support for the team.
  5. oh. So Colts fans know Rivers is that good QB. ok. So blame the performance of the 7-9 Colts on JB and not blame the performance of the 5-11 Char on Rivers. I see what you look at. AV didn't cost the Colts at least 2 games? no? ok. Steelers game final score (same game that JB got hurt) Colts 24 - Steelers 26. AV 1 of 2. If AV makes his kicks Colts win. Colts would be 8-8 minimum. Colts needed AV to be a "team player" and do his job, while the starting QB is hurt.
  6. @Coffeedrinker before he got "hurt" as if you didnt see two of the largest men (Cam Hayward/Nelson) both 6'5" 300+ LBS and Nelson steps on JB's leg while being bull rushed from Cam Heyward. Dude, if a 6'5" football player roll up on your leg, you might retire from football. Oh, I was waiting for this lol Regarding Rivers "suspect" oline which made him play so poorly. Chargers 2019 Oline LT - Trent Scott LG - Dan Feeney C - Mike Pouncey RG - Trai Turner RT - Bryan Bulaga combined with WR/TE/RB weapons, and that was the result 5-11? BTW how many games did TY miss in 2019? If he repeats this, then what Colt receiver/TE will be better than 2019 Chargers? I'll wait...
  7. Back handed compliments like JB is a top 25 QB in this league, gets hurt then people forget that he was 5-2. Folks will give AV chance after chance, Rivers as well. Not to much for JB who's half the price as Rivers. And Younger. What's Rivers excuse? The oline? So why can't JB use the excuse of getting hurt, just like AV, and AL?
  8. How it works in 5he NFL is like this. Every year the cap goes up, and when a player is up for negotiation, many times their asking price isn't based on their performance (ask Rivers or Dak Prescott) but rather the market in respect to salary cap. That being said, whatever the market will be at that time, both players will asking for top dollar at their position, just as Laremy Tunsil is doing with the Houston Texans (will be highest paid at position). I believe the Colts will want to resign these two guys (I hate this phrase but, Hopefully a "team friendly deal").
  9. Ok. But don't expect much. When was the last time the Colts had this kind of talent? Then you want to let them walk not because of performance (All Pros as rookies), but because you want to out smart the system? Just focus on building this team the right way. We don't have the consistent talent generating organization to let the best two players just walk.
  10. Screw Rivers, JB, and Chad Kelley. Where's Curtis painter when you need em'. He'll stick it to Mahomes and Chiefs!
  11. Charisma is a gift. Just like leadership qualities. Thats it. Russel Wilson has both.
  12. Johnny "Football" Manziel was the definition of charismatic QB. Where's he now?
  13. So based on what you are saying, Philip Rivers met this criteria? And he's getting over $20 million that you mentioned ($25Ms). i would agree with you had we not signed Rivers, and utilize 25Ms on a player or number of players to splurge on. Even Clowney.
  14. So wishful thinking tells you that a rookie, or alternate player on the team will be: 1) As healthy as QN and DL 2) As good as Qn and DL 3) While at the same-time accepting that the alternate player wont play up to the levels as QN and DL? Bottom line is CB and Irsey have stated that they want to resign Nelson and Leonard and have been managing money with that in mind. The Colts have money so they will have to spend it. They've signed Rivers to a $25/1 year contract and has only truly invested long term on Bucker.
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