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  1. Yes sir. The Colts win. And its the way the team won. Key players return. Oline did their job, Coaching was as good as I've ever seen. JB was great, defense including Desir stood up. This was an amazing game to watch.
  2. Did you happen to see the Texans game? "Just like when Hooker was out. Many people was calling him out. Upon his return, made a timely INT" Can we talk about football or no? If not I wont post. Just here to discuss football.
  3. Target off you back? Im not sure what you mean as not one of my post stated your name. I guess you just remember what I stated prior on other post regarding Leonard and felt some kind of way. Never the less, I never said Leonard was the GOAT either. So you are intentionally creating false stories to play the victim. Got it. But you are very tight lipped about Leonard. Even though he pulled a Marlin Jackson type game winning INT. (remember that playoff INT against Brady?) But back to the game at hand. Leonard and team played lights out. Kudos to the coaching staff (especially D Coord, who many called to be fired after a lost). But hay what do I know (as the saying goes) lol
  4. And you are mad about something? lol wow
  5. what? Is anyone else watching this? I mean what does Leonard, Hopkins, Nelson, And even JJ WATT have in common? They are All-Pros. Want to know something else? All players I just mentioned (along with others) had a standout/impactful game. And you felt the Presence of JJ WATT, NELSON, Hopkins, and DARIUS LEONARD. I mean, gosh he lead the NFL in tackles as a rookie. First game back: cover the flats, create pressure, secure the game winning INT! How is he overrated? you guys sound like (ha*ers)...
  6. Com on now? We all know where such fans stood on this subject, Now you want to duck and step sideways as if its nothing. you guys say the "darnest things" lol REMEMBER?!? lol
  7. Im the say guy who advocated that there is no way that any rookie (Okareke, etc) could play at the level as ALL PRO Darius Leonard. I want them to develop as studs but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Where are the haters now? Some stated, Which Leonard are you watching? my reply.. The ALL Pro rookie who lead the league in tackles. Im the guy who called out his instincts as being Lawrence Taylor like. Im the guy who said Ive watched an ALL Pro. All Leonard did was seal the game with an INT.
  8. Well let's see. Who was Ballard's first pick as GM? Hooker. Once again, this selection was a bit of a surprise on many fronts. Never the less. Moving forward. I totally understand that injuries happen all the time. However, with both these things mentioned, I could clearly see that if friendly fire caused the injury of a KEY player on your team, in the back of your subconscious, you will remember all which was mentioned. This guy darn near caused my first pick in the draft (my first pick ever as GM) his playing career. Plus, if the same said guy isn't producing more than what he is (causing injury to your own team), I'm sure Chris Ballard knows and remember all of this. Now I'll play the flip side of the coin. Perhaps CB wanted to get younger at the position. Maybe a rookie earning $300k-$700k is worth more than paying Farley a few mill.? I'll say this, we are thin at the position (safety). We need someone who knows the defense. So why isn't Farley on the team? Maybe it was that friendly fire to your first pick, your Key player?
  9. You said a whole lot of nothing. Obviously I knew that Farley was brought in before being cut. So what was your point? You just disagreed with my opinion. Np but you haven't made any relavent contribution to the post. "Sweet baby jesus" why though?
  10. Yes, you may be on to something. However, SS Heather's is a nice player however, we have only seen him pick off 1 INT in his career, done this year. Heather's Isn't great in coverage at all compared to Willis. I personally would have resigned SS Farley before Geathers. I think Farley wasn't resigned do to assisting with the friendly fire injury to Hooker. Jmho.
  11. So which Leonard are you watching?. I've watched Leonard, as a rookie, play as an All Pro linebacker. Just like when Hooker was out. Many people was calling him out. Upon his return, made a timely INT in the endzone. So if Leonard is not as advertised, then what's your claim? That the rookies we have at LB are better? That's why I can't have an objective, non bias dialogue with many fans. They believe that every available player, or every new addition to the team (Colts) is the best thing ever.
  12. All-Pro. which he has already earned. And on the rise to top LB within 2-3 years. I see special traits ala Lawrence Taylor (instincts) and a playmaker. He just needs to stay healthy and he will be mentioned amongst defensive POY with Aaron Donald, and co every season. Didn't he lead the league in tackles as a rookie, even after missing games? The guy wreaks havoc and can cover with the best of them. The rooks you mentioned have played decent enough as fill in players.
  13. It doesnt matter who it comes from. The eye test doesn't lie. BTW Leonard rookie stat numbers would have looked even more impressive had not flags been thrown on the same plays. Never the less, Leonard is an All-Pro. And the likely hood of any rookie playing as good, or even close to Leonard is slim to none. Not that I would have a problem with 3 LBs who play at the level of Darius Leonards. Im a realest. And I understand that as fans, you want every player on your team to be All-Pros (ask Pat McAfee). But the rookie LBs you have mentioned only played 1 of 5 lights out game thus far. Lets not pre-maturely give credit where its not warranted. ("The Oline is fixed", said Jim Irsey roughly 2-3 years ago. It wasnt, and Luck missed the season).
  14. Sir, "some" national people (Colin Cowherd) even stated that Darius Leonard might be the best LB in the league. I get that the rooks played lights out against KC and perhaps other prior games. But Leonard is an ALL PRO. APs dont grow on trees. Humbly speaking. I don't even think Andrew Luck made the ALL PRO team last year.
  15. The last contract year AC was in, he performed steller as well. AC has been good, but never dominant. Actually, if I remember correctly, he had a pretty solid rookie year coming out of BC. I thought Colts would get Solder, but Solder was drafted be Pats right before Colts pick.
  16. I thought the same thing. reminded me when Dolphins played the Colts in Miami. The Phins controlled the time of possession 2/3 of the game. However, Colts had Peyton and Co who managed to win. Its a daunting way to play the game because if the opponent has an Ace up their sleeves, The tables could be turned with the fuse still burning in your hand.
  17. So I started a great thread during the KC game and I appreciate the posts that were left. I don't know what happened to the original thread? However, For those who would like to share their thoughts. Please do so. Here is what was covered. 1) JB and Draft 2) Free Agency 3) Overal team outlook Let's start with 1) JB. I mentioned that if JB continues to develop, then the team would be in great position draft time as they wouldn't need to fall in line as other teams would be vetting for a QB selected high in the draft. Thus we would better utilize the first round and second round picks for efficient and affectively. Targeting a young pass rusher, Dline, Oline, WR, or even a TE... 2) Free agency. From the onset, the Colts remain as the top team with the most salary cap space. With JB signing a 2 year 30 mill contract, this is heavily team friendly and signing a QB (Newton, Dak Prescott, etc) in free agency would command $25-$30 mill/year. Savings on not over spending could go towards a premiere pass rusher, DB, or WR. 3) Another point was the money commanded by an Andrew Luck versus JB. AL being a 1st round (1 overall) pick would command at a minimum twice as much as JB (Third rounder) salary cap wise. IF JB continues to perform at a starting QB level, the team would greatly benefit and be in better salary cap space than with AL. All of this is contingent on the growth and development of JB. But my emphasis is that would seemed to be an incredible storm at the onset of the season, maybe beneficial long term.
  18. I want to talk about Jacoby Brissett for a sec. He has shown some qualities that are different from Luck but the eye test tells me that, When things break down Jacoby doesn't have the tendencies as Luck to throw many INTs. Yes he has thrown 1 this half, and has 3 thus far in the season. But if you were to say before the season AL vs JB, who would've had more INTs thus far (all things considered) you might have said JB with more INTs. Lastly, JB hasn't been in as many tough situations game wise than AL. This is obvious due to NFL experience. If JB just improves week after week and remain at the starting QB level, this team would actually be better off long term than with AL. Why? 1) Salary. AL would command at least twice the pay rate than JB. (AL 1st overal pick, JB third round pick) 2) Draft capital. IF JB continues to perform at the starting QB rate, this team could utilize the draft picks on key areas of improvement (DB, Dline, WRs, QB, etc) rather than reaching for players, especially the QB position as QBs will be the hot commodity in the draft. 3) Free Agency. Once again, IF JB continues to improve, this team wouldn't have to utilize their available cash to either over pay for a QB and instead if anything, pay for a "premium" young pass rusher, or resign AC (i'm if'y), or pay for a premiere safety or CB. 4) Age. Yes JB is younger than AL so just by the numbers, the team "should" have a longer run with JB than AL.
  19. The outcome will be the same as last year's playoff game.
  20. Im not sure about that. From what I've heard, If Fromm is the same QB from GA, He has a cannon of an arm. I cant comment on the other areas of the QB position.
  21. trade the 1st 2nd round pick? interesting
  22. come on man.lol its in good faith. No disrespect here. Yes we need an OT though.
  23. We need a premiere pass rusher on this team. We haven't had one since Mathis. Houston was brought in to feel a void but we need a young guy. Should we get a pass rush, it will help out the DBs who play zone. lol
  24. unless a WR like Hollywood fell to you.
  25. Dev players in 2nd round? I highly doubt that. Was the pick of Rock Ya-Sin a dev pick/player? nope. That means subsequently that the players there after are developmental players. Of course you want to develop players to reach their ceilings, but you cant wait to build a team with high picks. With 1-2 round picks you need starters. BTW, teams who choose to draft like this (Depth) instead of starters with high picks are teams such as the Miami Dolphins.
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