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  1. I have a right to my own opinion. No? You decided to “correct” someone online. (Round of applause) Now the world is a better place.
  2. Farley is such an underrated safety. When it comes to timely INTs, he always seems to come through in the clutch.
  3. Didn't he just purchase a piano for like half a million?? Nice gesture though.
  4. "What do I think about that player Bobby Booshay at the tail end of the 6th round you say? Look, he has HOF long snapper written all over him" - Indianapolis Colts General Manager Chris Ballard
  5. With quicker/shifty WRs it helps the oline as well not having to block for a longer amount of time. See NE and the routes the likes of Edellman ran. (All things considered)
  6. I sure would hope that Dwight Freeney and Rob Mathis could mold this clay of talent. Believe in Blue!
  7. Furthermore, there is no way on God's green earth that TY is 5'10". No way lol
  8. I gotcha but remember, Redskins were out of the 1st round totally. They did not have a 1st for Colts to have at all. Unlike with the STL and DEN trade which Denver had a 1st round pick to be had.
  9. I agree because how much did the Steelers give Denver to get LB Bush? they moved up 10 spots (giving Denver the 20th pick, their second rounder and a 2020 third-round pick)
  10. According to TSA spokeswoman... "Once on tarmac, Mr. Ballard cannot depart from aircraft." They sound like they mean business too.
  11. lol I've heard he's banned in Vegas and New Jersey.
  12. Both you guys are lost. Everyone knows the best tackling school/program is Prime U lol funny.
  13. Who you targeting with 34/46/59 OT (Little, Ford, Taylor) and WR (DK, Butler, AJ, Campbell). Safety (Rapp, CGJ)
  14. How do you feel about the trade from #26, when DE Sweat/SS Abram was on the board, for Redskins 2019 2nd (46th overall; from Redskins) and 2020 2nd round pick. Colts now has: * 2nd round (34th overall; from Jets) * 2nd round (46th overall; from Redskins) * 2nd round (59th overall) * 3rd round (89th overall) * 4th round (129th overall) * 4th round (135th overall; compensatory pick) * 5th round (164th overall) Thoughts?
  15. Quick Question. How are the Lbs in this year's draft? Esecially MLB. I have to admit that I was on the wagon for Rueben Foster a few years back. But will we find a MLB in this draft? Who are the Mikes to watch for? Will CB make a play for a MLB during the first half of the draft?
  16. Not to be super critical, but Edge could block, catch, great between the tackles and outside (stretch). Josh is a home run hitter, however if you'd ask someone who's not a Colts fan who does JJ remind them of, I dont think they would name Edge with all due respect. Lastly Edge ran a 4.38 forty (faster than Saquan Barkley's 4.40, and Josh's 4.5s range). Most importantly Edge had superior Vision that enabled him to cut on a dime (my gosh). Josh is a super talented player but Edge is scary good. If that makes sense.
  17. I would like the same. As long as he isnt a Darrius Heyward-Bay clone. Great combine workouts that didnt equate to a great NFL career. However, on the contrary, I feel like with a QB like AL, almost any decent WR with measurable as DK can become a Pro bowler. See Eric Ebron.
  18. If, and If we draft DT Lawrence, I hope I could get some kudos as I was first to open a thread on it. If we don’t select Lawrence, then I’m sure CB made an even better selection. Cough cough Rush DE Burns FSU.
  19. You think Peyton Manning was wrong about the way he called plays at the line of scrimmage. Interesting...Now I've heard it all. Maybe that's why BB went for it on 4th down against the Colts.
  20. Yea, I like AJ's game a lot. Back-to-back seasons of 1200+ yards didn't come by accident. I feel as though he's a complete WR. I HOPE he's there at #34.
  21. Quick question, "IF" any of the three players you mentioned are 75%-80% guaranteed to be there by pick #34, Who are you selecting at #26?
  22. Have you heard of baker Mayfield? Have you not heard of his off the field antics including encounters with the law? Talk amongst yourselves.
  23. Does the Colts have a backup C? Over the years Kelley gets banged up for a few weeks, and when he isn't in the lineup its night and day of a performance by the Oline. Do we have a dominant DT play (you need two), how about the CB position or solid #2 WR? There are plenty holes with this team. Once again, these areas of concern are emphasized and brought out once Colts play high seeded teams the likes of PITT, NE, SAINTS, RAMS, Philly, etc.
  24. Cut it out. It was between two individuals and one had to go. thats the bottom line. Nothing more, nothing less. I mean AB is like top 3 in the league and Ben is.. Mean while, How is this FA turning out for you? Is it what you expected? hearing crickets? Wait the Colts phone is ringing... Darnit, it was a prank call! How many visits have they setup? As quck as they come, they quicker they leave. Im not digging that. Same was true last year.
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