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  1. BluHorzhu

    Brian Burns

    He's on the back end of the elite DE grouping and is the most likely candidate to still be there at 26... so it was worth mentioning here. I haven't studied up on him but will be doing so shortly. I think it's too costly to trade up for any of those guys from where we stand but it sure would be nice to have one fall right into CB's lap.
  2. BluHorzhu

    Romo - Yeah or Nay?

    I hate when you make them too
  3. BluHorzhu

    Gronk is retiring

    Kurt Warner?
  4. BluHorzhu

    Some Random Sunday thoughts

    Yeah I guess this concept is the million dollar question going into this draft. We'll have a big enough sample size in May to start drawing more conclusions. Right now we're all waiting with fingers crossed to see if he can hit a couple more gopher balls like he did last year. You could argue that Nelson and Leonard would both be top-5 picks if teams got to do 2018 over... Top-10 for certain. It's unrealistic to think Ballard could replicate that performance, but if he gets anywhere close we'll be in real good shape for a large window of time. I, for one, am excited.
  5. BluHorzhu

    LBs in the draft

    Thanks for posting. I haven't even taken the time to read most of the LB prospect bios on Walter Football and wanted to hear which ones people think can cover.
  6. Based on their Free Agency moves, I think the Bengals will trade down and then draft a punter in the late 1st.
  7. BluHorzhu

    Chris Ballard on the fan

    Ballard's got the gift when it comes to his speeches and interviews. I think we really have to consider making a push for Key & Peele to do a skit for Chris Ballard - The College Years:
  8. Would make for a pretty sweet jersey anyway.
  9. By the sound of things, Ray may be a 'tweener who can't find success at any one position regardless of scheme. I still like the idea of taking the devil's rejects with talent and giving them a shot... but as the thread suggests it should be an inexpensive Ballardesque acquisition.
  10. This is what the Raiders used to do 40 years ago when they were good.
  11. Yeah I guess that's what I was referring to when I mentioned basketball type skills. I noticed how we will put himself squarely between the defender and the ball, especially on mid-depth or zone throws. There are tiny adjustments in speed and position that can be made as the ball is approaching where you can box out the defender, forcing him to give it up or get flagged for P.I. There are some catches in the video where this skill is on full display.
  12. His conversion to the 4-3 will be interesting to watch. He himself made a good point in saying that becoming DE allows him to focus squarely on pass rushing and not worrying about covering. Just having a connection with Ballard in KC isn't enough to warrant a signing. They must be pretty sure he can play in the 4-3 to make this move. Either way it eases tension leading up to the draft. We've now retained Hunt (DE), Desir (CB), and Geathers (SS) while adding firepower at WR (Funchess) and DE (Houston). There are no glaring weaknesses heading to the draft. Flexibility allows more of a BPA approach.
  13. BluHorzhu

    Jay Ajayi Visit

    Ajayi will probably not be that expensive and if that's the case I'm all for it. We have Hines to take the pass catching duties. With that o-line, we should be able to bully and lean on teams in the run game... really force the ball down the defense's throat when possible. Having 2 good backs keeps them both fresh and hungry. I believe this is the type of situation where Ajayi would thrive.
  14. BluHorzhu

    The 3 Tech position

    I'd say a trade back is unlikely because if the DEs are gone and we decide we don't need a 1 or 3 tech, we can just draft one of the many great but not exceptional CBs there like Murphy/Baker/Williams. That's also assuming a player at another position wouldn't fall to us. Ballard will get his money's worth at 26.
  15. BluHorzhu

    MY GUYS March Madness Mock

    I like the narrative, even a dash of G.O.T. in there. I'm torn on Lawrence because of the stats and reports that suggest he just hasn't seemed hungry since freshman hungry anyway. Other than that he's probably banned from every all-you-can-eat sushi joint in the south. Hooker is an interesting day 3 guy that a lot of people like here, some because of yes... the Sanders comparisons. I do like the idea of an enforcer who can cover but also rattle your teeth coming through the hole. For me, this IS March Madness baby! Let the prognosticating continue.