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  1. Ballard's conservative profile is baked into each prospect's value, so if he was willing to turn the page on some raw projects to draft another raw project coming off a torn achilles, they must think they have Ed "Too Tall" Jones on this one. Nobody will be complaining if he and Paye look like Freeney & Mathis in a couple years, but it is indeed risky given how many picks have been spent on pass rushers in recent years. I don't subscribe to the Walter Football notion that the Colts need to "win now." Everyone would like to win now, but Ballard has consistently built for in-hou
  2. What rookie head coach wants to get thrown into the Fargo-esque wood chipper in Jersey/B? Not a guy as smart as 'Flus. Wouldn't even be concerned with the allure of San Angeles. Weather aside, I don't see the Chargers as a good fit in pretty much any aspect of that union. He'd be a defensive rookie HC overseeing a 2nd year QB. Doubtful. I would be more concerned about losing Morocco Brown to a team in need of a GM. Falcons interview already done.
  3. Good, healthy debate here. Personally, I'm excited because with Rivers getting ready for surgery and Metamucil commercials, there's almost certainly at least 1 new sheriff coming to town in 2021. While I could speculate on who that might be, I can rest easy knowing who my GM is.... and Chris Ballard will simply make the right move for the right guy at the right price. Ballard and John Lynch have already crafted a deal that worked out for both teams. If Jimmy G were in play, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility. There are obviously ties to the Eagles, bu
  4. The odds are now stacked against Rivers' ability to give this game away. Doesn't a double negative equal a positive?
  5. The beauty of this statement is in it's concise simplicity.
  6. The Colts just made a 3rd down stop on what should have been an obligatory 99-yard soul-crushing drive by TEN. I just looked out my window and saw a cat chasing a dog. Seemed appropriate.
  7. Plenty of opportunity to win this game. The defense has held the run mostly in check and the offense is moving the ball. Rivers simply has to start completing some passes. Nobody's asking him to air it out running to the sideline. Just make some 7-on-7 chucks and get it done in the red zone.
  8. Time to call 'em as we see 'em. That 3rd down play at the 11 was just terrible. Rivers was way off on a throw to Wilkins, who clearly heard footsteps on Philip's de-cleater in front of the defender. Rivers hasn't developed chemistry with a single player this season. That play was a poor call to the wrong player and that's exactly the way it turned out. Can't pretend I have all the answers but that play was ugly and field goals on the road will not do it.
  9. If Taylor keeps up his current pace, maybe early next year Ballard can trade him to the Browns for a 1st round pick. Perhaps by then Bill O'Brien will be in charge there.
  10. Great Colts tidbit right there, much thanks!
  11. With the regular season right around the corner, I thought this would be a fun time to project our collective narratives on the COLTS 2020 season schedule (my apologies if a similar thread has already been exhausted and buried). What games you are most looking forward to and why? Mine: WEEK 5 @ Cleveland Last year the Browns were the sexy pick as the league's big mover, and by a franchise never known to be successful. They went out and purportedly fixed the offensive line, but that can't fix their QB problem. I don't have anything against the Browns. I just feel like I ca
  12. Being a NY native who adopted the Colts during the Harbaugh years, I'll never be the rabid fan that some of you are, so I appreciate the tremendous wealth of knowledge you bring to these message boards. I just saw the news of Ballard's award. It surprises me none. As a draft fanatic and semi-pro Fantasy Football player, I've enjoyed unprecedented access to the Colts process... a luxury not afforded to any other team in the league. This was my thought exactly. I consider the Andrew Luck saga to be a Greek tragedy. I can't hate on luck, and hating on anyon
  13. I really haven't followed the guy but I can't believe it's been that long since he was drafted. I suppose it would be a Ballardesque cap-friendly move. I still want our value back from the life and times of Jerry Hughes.
  14. There were several good drafts. What was most fascinating was seeing the individual strategies play out and understanding the short and long-term visions of GMs both old and new. NFL rookie head coach Matt Rhule smashes it with 7 great picks... all on defense Howie Roseman silently announces to a baffled world that he's ahead of the curve on quarterback grooming strategy. Dave Caldwell quietly had a great draft despite not being able to unload Ngakoue and Fournette. Jerry Jones, of all people, sticks to his board. Tom Telesco has
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