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  1. While I'm excited about Campbell and the linebacking corps, I'm most interested to see this offensive line push people around six ways from Sunday. Nelson and Smith are in year 2, we picked up a couple new rookies, and got some new line coaching with Chris Strausser and Jason Michael. We have a reasonable expectation of improvement by Luck and the receivers, but add in a punishing run game with Reich's offensive wizardry and there will simply be no answer for them. That balance is what I'm excited to see more than anything. They were talking about having a Top-5 run game, so you know it's a priority.
  2. McCaffrey would look great in a Colts uniform. Imagine the miles Reich would get out of that connection?
  3. Definitely reminds me of Dez in that regard. Dez fizzled quick too.
  4. Thanks for posting Scott. This was gold for us fans. We got a rare look at some of the war room process. We can feel as invested in the new players as the staff themselves. This is groundbreaking material and we're doing it first. This is a great day to be a Colts fan.
  5. It's great to get praise from an analyst, but if 2019 Mel Kiper was a baseball player, he's clearly lost his fastball.
  6. Chad Kelly is a high risk/high reward prospect who can drink like his Irish surname would suggest. He flashed for Denver in the preseason and almost got a shot when Keenum was playing his way out of a job... then got cuffed after a collegesque bender and promptly released. This is a guy you could develop and flip for a pretty good turnaround down the road. I like it.
  7. The Titans had a good, albeit top-heavy draft class in terms of quality/potential. The Texans want a Mulligan. The Jags had swag and I thought their best pick was Jawaan Taylor at the top of the 2nd to keep Foles upright after what they invested in him. No comment on the rest of the league. I'm dialed in to our division right now. There's a lot of new blood from this 2019 draft class that will make the division intensely competitive in the years to come. The South will rise again!
  8. This article was weak but I understand you need filler on a slow news day. How about a REAL nightmare scenario: On April 24, Chris Ballard contracts the 72-hour strain of the Ebola virus after passing through O'Hare airport. Ryan Grigson talks his way into the Colts war room and chooses the pick at 26: D.K. Metcalf
  9. Still waters run deep. I feel most confident in the long-term prosperity of this organization as long as Reich and especially Ballard are in the control tower. Neither one is a shock jock, preferring to let the team's play do the talking. Don't get too high, don't get too low. Build through the draft until the rules change and then evolve with that change. The intangibles are there for... I won't use the "D" word... but the nucleus is in place for a sustainable high standard of excellence whether or not we win 3 titles in a row. Enjoy the quiet confidence they have created for us fans at such a dizzying speed of evolution.
  10. I am starting to believe that Marquise Brown is the WR the Colts will target, either at 26 or 34. With Funchess and Ebron, we've got ample possession/red zone presence. Having another guy like T.Y. can instantly remove the dreaded doubles. What can Brown do for you? Draw coverage and blow the top off on any snap. Problem solved. I think Ballard is so disciplined that the board and draft flow will dictate every pick, making it very difficult to predict what number we will land a guy at. If there are a lot of safeties available at 34, might as well go BPA (passing over Abram) and see what's happening at 59 (Rapp, Savage, Hooker). I can't wait to see it unfold.
  11. Somewhere in the crowd this year you will see someone with a Cain is Abel poster as Cain dusts someone off into the end zone.
  12. I hadn't read much about this film series before it was out. It was very enjoyable. I understand that they can't give us too much specific information regarding the process itself (as explained in earlier posts) but it still had the FEEL of a truly inside look. If nothing else, it validated the level of confidence I've felt in the front office since Ballard arrived. This series is great for everyone involved. Happy to be a part of the community.
  13. I definitely think Ballard hedged his bet with Funchess. If he tanks, you're done with him after a year. If he balls and is willing to re-sign a reasonable multiyear deal, all the better. If he balls and then signs a monster deal somewhere else, you got a good year out of him plus a 3rd rounder on the back end. No real lose/lose scenarios there.
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