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  1. This team is a joke. 

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    2. southwest1


      I'm with you on wanting to win SB rings MOB & that with the punishment Luck is taking game after game his playoff opportunities are being wasted away. I think we can all agree that both a coaching & GM change will be made next season since this current regime has lost all credibility with it's fanbase. 


      Thank you for your honesty MOB. Even our wins this year haven't been all that convincing. It feels like we limb to victory in many cases & like when we win it's more by accident then deliberate design from Chuck & Ryan. 


      I like what Philbin & Chud have done on offense in 2016 & of course, Pat McAfee & Adam V have been sensational like always. I'm not blaming Luck either. How can we have an elite QB like Andrew & Chuck cannot protect him? It's insane. 


      We aren't far apart here MOB. Like you, it bothers me that no other NFL squad views INDY as a week to week threat or playoffs contender even. 

    3. adamthyst


      I think the offense is fine other than a few miscues and some playcalling. IF the OL shapes up to what it should be, Luck will be fine.


      Everything else besides our ST needs to really be re-evaluated though. It's not Luck's fault at all. Grigson and Pagano had four years to surround the perfect team around them, and neither have done so. At 2-4, we honestly could be 4-2 or 1-5. At 4-2, Luck and co. would clearly be shading the problems with coaching, and at 1-5 it's clearly there. 


      Irsay really needs to do something about it. I want rings, not this. A new beginning and success is what we were promised after Luck got drafted, and so far, with our 11-5 seasons, that's not shaping up to what it should be. 

    4. southwest1


      Your analysis is right on the money MOB. Maybe you should submit your resume for consideration. At least you would make protecting Luck, the face of the franchise, your #1 priority.


      Yep, it's clearly a coaching problem & all those penalties fall directly at the feet of Chuck. It's a question of what you allow to happen on the field running your program as you see fit. 


      I really like your rings or bust approach MOB & I think Pagano's locker room speeches have run their course. Time for a new voice inside LOS. Records don't concern me. It's our lack of signature wins by a comfortable margin that really bothers me. 


      So, just out of curiosity, what appeals to you more? A front office spot or patrolling the sidelines? Hey, if Bruce Arians can hire Jen Welter to tutor inside LBs briefly in AZ, I'm okay with females coaching our guys up on the sidelines. If we win, I don't care what gender a person is. 

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