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  1. What a game by Kenny Moore. Ballard’s likes his big corners but Kenny is the opposite and played like the best db on the field good for him!
  2. The tom brady and aaron rodgers game was a treat till the end. Also enjoyed watching Sean Mcvay make that comeback but fell short. & Mike Thomas celebration
  3. Ballard has never been a Free agent/ Trade kinda guy he wants to build through the draft he’s said this multiple times.. Does that mean he won’t explore his options ever? No. Remember it takes two to tango was probably out bid in trading and free agency and I’m perfectly fine with that. Some of those teams are a guy away so it makes sense for them.
  4. They were going to start losing players thru free agency anyway or just by cutting because their cap. So getting something especially a 3rd and 5th seems like it would be better than nothing.
  5. Expect the Jags to start moving these players with their cap situation. Also a 3rd and a 5th not too shabby.
  6. I didn’t want him at all anyway plus I hear it’s for a mid round pick? 3rd? 4th? Yeah no thanks.
  7. I don’t usually listen to colin but he’s in love with these Colts and Andrew! It was a nice listen
  8. That’s why you draft elite linemen high.
  9. Tightends this year have been amazing. First time in NFL history 3 tightends score a touchdown in 1 game.
  10. They should send his DROY award to his house like tomorrow. What linebacker is playing better than him right now? I’m thinking First Team All-Pro.
  11. Basically he was asked about a possible trap game for the Giants and ^ is what he had to say about that. I find it comical because he had 11 touches for 20 yards.... Redskins couldn’t even get on the board with a touchdown. Not to mention AP is only in the league strictly because of Derrius Guice injury other than that no team wanted him. Thoughts?
  12. It’s only week 7.... and Darius Leonard has 80 tackles and leads the league and the next person after him is Buddha Baker with 67... oh yeah Darius missed a game too. Just to put the stat in perspective... Luke Keuchly who was first team all pro last year ended the season with 125 tackles combined.... DL is on pace for a little under 190
  13. Him and the entire line has been very solid I’m liking this combo
  14. Disappointing seeing Jack on here again.
  15. Gil Brandt also said Justin Tucker is the greatest kicker of all time.... Glad he got this one right!
  16. Raiders are shopping him thoughts?
  17. you probably thought this one was it huh?
  18. We drafted Bjorn Werner three spots later Texans draft Deandre Hopkins
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