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  1. I hope not! I thought for sure towards the end of the season he earned himself atleast 1 more year.
  2. Are you guys still sold on cover 2? I think we were a top 10 defense but it just seemed like at times cover 2 is just sitting back waiting to be killed. I like running it here and there but i’m sure no one ran cover 2 more than us right?
  3. Warning: Will be ranting so if you’re a homer close your eyes. First of all Frank Reich are you serious? Hated the 2pt try, hated that weak * toss play to Taylor on the goal line and don’t get me started on that challenge call. Corners are so bad - correction.. TJ Carrie was pathetic, Cole Beasley out there with 1 leg doing whatever he wanted! Diggs doing whatever he wanted! Anthony Walker - Yuck Respect the Specs? Yeah miss me with that one! Pathetic! Shouldnt have even been in the game ZP got blessed by the refs at the end.
  4. Let’s slow down a bit JT played amazing but that Raiders run defense is historically bad and not to mention Henry is on a different planet running the football. Would love to see more consistency from JT but last few weeks he’s been good. Potential is there, the sky is high, but slow the brakes.
  5. I’d give up a arm for Derrick Henry
  6. Ballard with a steal! Had to get done congrats grov!
  7. The biggest game of the year can’t wait to see how this turns out.
  8. Made up for that deep ball down the middle thought he had a good chance at hitting that down late in the fourth.
  9. Game was very winnable, questionable calls all game. Ravens with no Marlon no Stanley and half the defense didn’t even practice this week but they come to Lucas Oil and get the win that’s frustrating.... Defense played strong until they got too tired because the offense was pathetic. But short week and must win on thursday!
  10. This guy is unbelievable. Being able to come off the street and play the way he did was nice to see. Not too sure if he’s not the best WR on the team. Certainly was today!
  11. 1st half defense struggled but give a little credit to Bengals. They did a good job at the LOS and Tee Higgins (someone I wanted), Joe Mixon, Burrow, & AJ are all ballers. Flus made adjustments and they looked much better in the 2nd half. Remember against cover 2 defense when you play very accurate quarterbacks you can get exposed when you get little to no pressure (which is what we saw in the first half).
  12. Cool video but I’m sure Myles G had the last laugh had 1 sack but literally controlled the LOS single handedly and completely wrecked the entire game making our highly touted o line look junior high
  13. there’s a reason why they are laughing at you
  14. oh brother lock this thread please
  15. I always think about this when we open the roof. Seems dangerous when fielding a punt, when catching a deep ball, or even the kickers.
  16. I remember wanting Hakeem Butler and Sydney Jones
  17. Hopefully Ravens game is primetime!
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