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  1. That’s the cover 2 for you. Dungy’s defenses always played the corners that far off
  2. you don't understand the difference between the two issues. A linebacker can have a labrum repair and return to lifting and being a linebacker just fine typically. Its a completely different issue with a thrower. I have no doubt luck has been lifting on that shoulder just fine. The issue is when you involve the motion and torque on the joint when you throw a ball. A labrum repair for a thrower is always risky and there will always be a question if the shoulder will return to the level of performance it had before the injury and repair. The forces and torque placed on the shoulder joint by profession quarterbacks and pitchers is incredible if the joint is not healthy it reduces velocity, accuracy and other issues. Basically labrum damage can reduce superman to an average joe velocity wise.
  3. Everyone assumes, I think, that buy "weighted balls" that hes throwing balls that are as heavy or heavier than a football. We don't know that. Baseball players will used balls that are lighter than a real ball. I think its a bad sign that he has yet to throw a football and would find it hard to believe that if he has not at this point that he could be ready for camp.
  4. Just a quote from the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. I was being funny.
  5. And if Charley Casserly told you that wolverines make good house pets would you believe him?
  6. Lets face it, it won't take a lot to crack this LB depth chart. We have very little talent there especially going to a 4-3 alignment. Obviously Will is the most important position in the 4-3 LB corp. Sounds like a solid pick me.
  7. uni produced david Johnson. its a first rate program that plays top competition in the 1aa. he'll be fine.
  8. can he drop into coverage? need that from a cover 2 mlb
  9. just goes to show that numbers do not make a football player
  10. 56, my number in high school and my position. Destined for glory
  11. I'm not defending his view point but I too feel like Ballard has maybe skewed his draft strategy toward athleticism vs football skill. Time will tell if his draft strategy is a sound one or not.
  12. We have a quite a ways to go before saying we are contenders. We still have a couple of holes that I think exist before we can really say anything about contending. 1) Elite pass rusher 2) better than average running game 3) a healthy Andrew Luck.
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