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  1. I wouldn't give Wilson too much credit, on two of his TD's, they were like both in the red zone. An int and Lucks fumble :/
  2. dw, they were supposed to let him score
  3. LOL...I think he actually pronounces his name Few-gger. At least on youtube it was.
  4. Speaking of Fleener, where is he? Did the Colts stop introducing their 2nd round pick?
  5. Looks like a photoshop "Luck in a Colts uniform". You can see the blue 12 picture right when the camera starts to show him signing autographs.
  6. Tell you what, Luck has pretty big guns....
  7. If Fleener is still on the board before the Giants pick, do you trade up and take him? Wonder what we would have to give up to trade up?
  8. He could hold up 12, Colts had 18 ready when Peyton's name was called.
  9. The thing that concerns me about RG3 is hits. Is it me or does he have a small frame? Seems when he gets hit, he's flying off his feet.
  10. He also just said today that drafting Andrew Luck would be a big mistake. I mean really? http://espn.go.com/nfl/draft2012/story/_/id/7831853/2012-nfl-draft-indianapolis-colts-tell-andrew-luck-no-1-pick-source-says
  11. I really like WR Hill. I think I would take him over Fleener.
  12. I really like Grigson. I feel that he's one of us lol...
  13. Ryan43


    I wonder if they'll present him with a number 12 jersey on draft night?
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