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  1. I could be wrong, but they can go ahead and make this deal now and go public?
  2. This is what I’m afraid of (Barkley and Chubb go 1/2). Agree Nelson should be the pick, but don’t know where. I could see Tampa grabbing Nelson too.
  3. Barkley is awesome no doubt, but if the Browns and Giants pass on a QB they want it could be a mistake (if they want a QB). If they pass on Chubb, good for us. I think it was Polian who once said you don’t pass on a pass rusher as well. I’d rather get Chubb and a decent RB in round two than vice versa.
  4. If I were the Browns, I would do this. They can still grab a RB in the beginning of round 2.
  5. Ballard to Reich: "Are you in or are you out?"
  6. I agree. Frank has been in the league for a long time and has been around great players/teams. Knowledge.
  7. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Luck just state he does not need another surgery a few weeks ago or was it Ballard?
  8. This is the first thing I said too.
  9. Me too. It’s better now than him quiting on the team after one year. Maybe this was his true colors? Who knows, but yeah I was excited for Luck.
  10. I can see the Browns doing that as well. Especially if they’re fine with whatever QB will be there at number 4.
  11. I thought the same thing. What if Barkley and Chubb go 1 and 2? All the QB's will be available. Do we stay or trade back? I would like to drop back a little, not too far. Bills have two first round picks, I could see them trading up.
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