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  1. Cub grand slam! Two days in a row!

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    2. Fx Stryker

      Fx Stryker

      AZ knocked one against us tonight. So three Cubs games in a row with a Grand Slam.

    3. BrentMc11


      FX...it ended up 4 in a row did't it? Navarro, Wood, Valbuena....and I forgot the other one...may have been 3.

    4. bayone


      I heard yesterday on 3 straight pitches Tigers 1st 3 batters hit home runs, the pitchers 4th pitch of ist inning went right for the head and he was ejected

      Imagine throwwing 4 pitches, ist 3 for homers and 4th getting ejected as went after the haed, thats a bad inning

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