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Peyton Manning's Best Tv Advertising Spots




Here are a variety of Mastercard commercials featuring Peyton Manning that are quite funny. Peyton does a knack for dry sarcastic humor. Peyton is a great pitch man. He could sell ice to an Eskimo.

My favorite advertisement on here is the 1 where Peyton talks about most people not having rock hard abs unless you're a professional athlete..."Just buy larger t-shirts to cover that big belly okay." I love that line. Its so funny because most men do get pot belly's after 30 & they are not exactly perfect physical specimens & contrary to the popular misguided belief "God's Gift To Women" okay...We are usually very far from that inflated ideal...Just being blatantly honest & truthful here.


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OK...I just spent 11:25 watching Peyton Manning. WOW! The bad news is it is 11:25 more than I got to watch him play this season. The good news is: I just saved some money on my Geico Insurance.

My favorite is a toss up between the wig and mustache.....'lazer rocket arm' which I sill laugh at and Eli shoving Peyton into the closet and blocking him in before the Sunday night Giants/Colts game. Hearing Peyton faintly say "I'm tellin dad" reminds me of....well I better not say...Dad still does not know. HA!

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Yeah you're exactly right Brent. Watching these funny commercials featuring Peyton made me realize how much I miss watching him in action on the field of play this season.

That wig & mustache Sprint cell phone commercial reminds me of a cheesy 1970's detective show.

That horseplay scene between Peyton & Eli is classic man. "Where's your brother?"

"I don't know" HA! HA! Love that line.

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