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"all In" With Peyton Manning Highlight Video




Great song by the band Lifehouse, tremendous highlights documenting #18's early NFL career, & who can forget how AMAZING WR Marvin Harrison really was...

Plus, the visual quality of this video is crisp, clean, & non-blurry too. That's why I chose it.


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WOW! I tried to catch all of the receivers.....Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Blair White, Brandon Stokely, Dallas Clark after a TD.....I could not see the catch just inside of the right pylon....may be one more receiver.

Marvin on the slant was a defense killer for years.....Reggie on the fade....

Boy have we missed Tarik Glenn.....forgot how big he was....mad Saturday look like Sponge Bob. Thanks SW!

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Tarik Glenn was a HUGE left tackle on the offensive line wasn't he? I wish we could have keep WR Brandon Stokely longer. He never looked right in a Denver Broncos uniform to me.

Your comment about Center Jeff Saturday looking like an angry "Sponge Bob" made me laugh pretty hard Brent. Thanks my brother in arms!!!

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