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Peyton's Unique Language At The Line Of Scrimmage




This is why I refer to Peyton as the YODA of NFL field generals ladies & gentlemen...

Plus, Peyton has a great sense of humor too. Man, Peyton you are so AWESOME!!! I am in sheer AWE of your line of scrimmage mastery skills everytime you line up & that is no joke.

That "next level" line is so FUNNY!!! Jeff Saturday had better cut back on those spicy tacos for the wellbeing & safety of Yoda.

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Just love this every time I see it!!! I sure miss the "cluck clucks," the "Delta Deltas"/Cannot imagine the man anywhere else!!!

There is a reason that Peyton goes to the shotgun and 'No Huddle." Jeff Saturday's eating habits!

The 2 minute drill should be utilized every time Saturday has the aforementioned spicy tacos, Larry Coyer's chili dogs with hot sauce (a booth killer) and sauerkraut. $28 million is way to little to put hands under center with this gaseous diet.

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