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And They Talked About Reggie Wayne, Free Agent



Will Rogers once said, "A lie will travel around the world twice while truth is still getting his boots on." As I've scanned the forum this past week, it seems to me that truth is having a hard time finding his boots, much less putting them on. Speculations, rumors, and happenstance abound. At a time such as this, when everyone is looking for a real answer, an unquestionable truth, and are sick and tired of theories---I have decided to add my speculation to the list and keep them hanging grumpily on for dear life until someone in the Colts front office tweets us what's really going on... :)

As I stated in an earlier post, I have decided to address free agency. I have put together a schedule for the entire week with the exception of Friday. That day is up for grabs for the readers of my blog to choose which free agent they want my Mind and my Heart to address. Today's scheduled free agent was wide receiver Reggie Wayne.

I put the question to my Mind and my Heart this way: "What do you think the Indianapolis Colts should do with Reggie Wayne? Resign him or release him?"

My Heart opened up the discussion. "The answer to your question is simple. Resign him. He is the only proven, consistent receiver on the squad. Regardless of whether Peyton returns or a new QB takes over, he will be a necessary piece of the Indianapolis aerial assault."

My Mind disagreed. "No, Heart, that is not the best move to make. Reggie is going to cost lots of money and will only go downhill from here. Even if Peyton returns, Reggie has already reached the pinnacle of his career. It's time to draft or sign a young, up-and-coming receiver who will consistently improve across the board for half the money we'd pay Reggie. At this point and time, on a rebuilding team, the last thing we need are declining veterans."

"Declining veterans?" My Heart asked. "How can you prove that Reggie is on the decline? He has been over 1,000 yards since 2004 with the exception of this season, when he played with 3 different quarterbacks."

"Heart, you're distorting the facts," My Mind said, accusingly, "Reggie has not been consistent at all. He has had up and down seasons and has shown that he cannot consistently beat the league's best cornerbacks. Let's face it, Reggie is still good. BUT, he is on the decline. We need a younger receiver who can get better with time."

"Yes, Mind," My Heart replied. "We do need a young receiver. And we have two. Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon are young and are getting smarter every year. Pierre Garcon has progressed each season, and Collie has shown great talent as a slot receiver. As far as veteran wideouts go, when Peyton came to the Colts, he leaned heavily on Marvin Harrison, who was a veteran. If Peyton comes back, Wayne is an instant contributor. If a new quarterback takes the reins, Wayne is an instant resource. Either way, it's a good move to keep #87."

My Mind was smirking. "Heart, it was only Marvin's 3rd year in the league when Peyton came. This next year is Garcon's fifth and Collie's fourth. They can handle the veteran role with a younger, speedy receiver drafted this year and added on. As far as security blankets go, Dallas Clark over the middle is enough for Peyton or anyone else."

I interrupted at that point in the conversation and asked: "Okay, then, both of you have presented your views. If he was resigned by the Colts, what kind of contract should he get?"

My Heart was quick and to the point. "A three year, 17.5 million dollar deal. Keeps him happy and keeps the cap down."

My Mind was quick on the trigger as well. "A three year, 17.5 million dollar deal will not keep him happy when he signed a 6 year, 39 million dollar deal in 2006. To stay it'll take at least a 3 or perhaps 4 year 27-29 million dollar deal. That's too much money to pay to someone who could end up like Marvin Harrison did."

I ended the debate there, and have posted a brief synopsis of each view for you to analyze and come up with your own thoughts. Who do you agree with? My Mind, or my Heart?

My Mind: Release Reggie!

1. He Is 33 Years Old

2. There Is Too Little Cap Room

3. There Are Capable Replacements In Place Already

4. It Will Make Room For A New, Younger Playmaker

My Heart: Resign Reggie!

1. He Is Consistently Productive

2. He Is An Immediate Help For Peyton

3. He Has Proven He Can Play With Anyone And Still Produce

4. He Has Got Plenty of Years Left in the Tank

How Much Must Reggie's Salary Be For Him To Stay?

My Mind: 4 Years, $29 Million

My Heart: 3 Years, $17.5 Million

Well, I hope you enjoyed the debate between my Heart and my Mind. While I personally think we should keep Reggie, my Heart presents quite the argument, doesn't he? Tomorrow we'll see what my Mind and Heart have to say about Robert Mathis.

God Bless America! 'Til tomorrow!


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Yes a very well written blog! WeSpy: Your blogs are so Me, Myself, and I. HA!

My mind says if Peyton stays, Reggie stays. Bring him in and ask him what he is willing to stay for. You cannot give him 4 years....and I am hesitant to say 3. He will be 37 a the end of that deal.

My heart...if I still have one....says keep him and retire a colt.

My alter ego says.....let him fly...he wanted Painter as his QB....

Thanks for the blog...fun to start the morning

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Thanks, guys! I know, BrentMc11...I feel about the same way. :) The reason for the three year deal is that hopefully he retires quietly with a 'Hines Ward-like' season instead of pulling a T.O. or Randy Moss on us. Still, I feel almost exactly like you on this.

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