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And I Interrupted To Inform You About This Week



After performing two consecutive stand-up comedy acts last week on Friday and Saturday, teaching Sunday School and Jr. Church, and preaching in the evening service at my local church---my Mind and my Heart were bushed. I decided to change up the format a little for this week, and have entered this blog tonight to let you in on what'll take place.

I contacted several moderators and multiple popular posters to see what would be an issue prevalent to Colts fans to discuss this week; and got a relatively unanimous response. UndecidedFrog, incidentally, was the only one who took my 'popularity risk' into consideration by sending me this in his note: "If you want a nice easy, non-controversial topic, how about this: New uniforms?"


At any rate, I have decided to address free agency. It has been a hot topic consistently around the forum, and much intelligent debate, intellectual thought, and infuriated shouting have gone into the discussion of who to keep, and why. This week I'll analyze some of the bigger names who will be contractless once the 2012 season starts and put the debate to my Heart and my Mind as to what the Indianapolis front office should do with them.

That being said, here is the tentative schedule for this week:

Monday: Reggie Wayne

Tuesday: Robert Mathis

Wednesday: Pierre Garcon

Thursday: Jeff Saturday

Friday is up for grabs. Ryan Diem, Anthony Gonzalez, Ernie Simms and Jacob Lacey are all candidates I am open to discussing. The name on this list who gets the most requests will be written about on Friday. Send your request to me by way of the message system on the forum.

I hope everyone enjoys it this week; I know I will! And remember, if you have a question about my blog or a suggestion for a future topic, shoot me a message. Have a great one, and God bless America! 'Til tomorrow!


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I will be looking for these blogs....I will do my best not to be infuriated each day. HA! The Friday blog is a tough choice. Since Lacey had such a tough season before Mike Murphy took over, my vote is for Lacey on Friday.

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