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About Trolls And Trolling



blog-0524536001327087255.jpgFrom time to time.......we will have among us a troll.

These are internet personas who exist to inflame, irritate, mock and generally call attention to themselves in a way that disrupts the boards.

There are many many different types of trolls and certainly some are better than others . They will often stay just inside the rules and they may also post (at times) in a credible manner.

In an internet environment, it can be difficult to distinguish real people from trolls.

When you've dealt with trolls in the past, it's easy to get paranoid and see trolls where there may just be............your average, every day, argumentative type guy. (as if we have any of those here! :) )

It's also easy to get angry and frustrated (which is exactly what most trolls want).

When we have trolls here, our membership is awesome at flagging them and and staying out of the troll game.

It can take some time for moderation to be certain that someone is in fact trolling the boards and we appreciate your patience and assistance when we have a suspected troll in our midst.

In case you are interested, there are tons of good reads out on the web about trolls.

Here are a few

What Is an Internet 'Troll'?

How to Handle a Troll (and beat them at their own game)

Beware the Troll (A practical guide)

Recognizing and Dealing with Trolls



Recommended Comments

uh, maureen.....

that aint a troll on your award.....its a pickadilly.

you know the difference?????

where is his right index finger???

unfortunately i have the set of three on my porch.

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uh, maureen.....that aint a troll on your award.....its a pickadilly.you know the difference?????where is his right index finger???unfortunately i have the set of three on my porch.

What's a pickadilly? I don't know the difference :)

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