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How To Blog



blog-0310411001328877963.jpgBlogging here is easy. First you must

create a blog

personalize it with your own title and description

Choose your settings

Once your blog is created you can post at any time by going to the blogs page and clicking the Add Entry link

The process is pretty self explanatory. Here's an album with pictures of the process

If you have any questions please shoot me a message or post your question to the Misc Discussions forum.



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Maureen, I'm logged in but don't have permission to see the album with

pictures to create a blog. I've read the instructions but can't get pass

settings/blog....Help, Starchy

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I will never watch the Colts play again. I hope they lose every game they ever play. Peyton Mannng WAS the Indianapolis Colts and the owner (Irsay) is a looser.

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