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2013 draft



I understand that the 2013 draft will be a good draft for college linemen, more so than in recent years. I also hear that the Colts are looking to "sure-up" their offense of line, added protection for Andrew Luck. 57 offensive linemen have been invited to the combine in Indy this month, should be an interesting evaluation. I realize we have more than one position that could use some refueling, but most of the talk I have heard surrounds the offensive line. I was a little surprised when I looked at several "mock" draft picks and saw that several "experts" had the colts picking a defensive lineman in the first round (24th pick). Some of the comon names that appeared; Datone Jones (DE-UCLA), Kawann Short (DT-Purdue), Ezrkiel Ansah (DE-BYU), Alex Okafor (DE-Texas), Jesse Williams (DT-Alabama), and Sharrif Flago (DT- Florida). I didn't see an offensive linemen mentioned. In the past (drafts) it appears that the Colts would draft the best athlete available. It will be interesting to see if we keep the same philosphy or if we lean towards a "position" draft. The Colts organization did a teriffic job last year, so it will be interesting to see how we do in the draft as well as free agency. I am looking forawrd to the 2013 / 2014 season. Go Colts!


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With our new O.C to help out im pretty sure we'll do a great job with the o-line he seems like a pretty smart guy.And with a coach that came from one of the best defences in the NFL combined were in good hands with trimming the fat and putting sturdy athletes in to play,with all due respect to Freeney & Collie stability is one of the franchise's primary goals.

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1. Warmack-G

2. Cooper-G

3. Fluker-G

4. Warford-G 

5. Johnson-T

6. Thomas-G

7. Watson-T 

8. Pugh-G


Any 2...




1. Rhodes-DB 

2. Banks-DB

3. Cyprien-S

4. Thomas-S

5. Minter-LB

6. Hughes-DT

7. Geathers-NT



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so far we have



                         4.thomas or duke williams

                          6.xavier nixon or jon herman

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Doesn't seem to be that great of an OL year to me, particularly at our #24 slot.  Cooper, Warmack, and Lane Johnson (all guys I previously thought could fall to us) will be long gone by the time we pick.  Menelik is too much of a project to take at #24, despite his obvious physical talent.  Anyone who takes him will see a rocky rookie year, followed by a year of competent play before him becoming a top quality RT.  And that's sort of a best-case scenario.  Fluker's a big road grader who will probably always be a pass-blocking liability at RT.  I also don't think Larry Warford's worth our 1st.  He's going to be a solid OG for years, but talent-wise he's basically mid-2nd rounder.  Barrett Jones is an interesting one not mentioned yet.  His versatility might make him semi-worthy of our 1st rounder.  He was moved from OG to LT as a Junior, and he won the Outland Trophy for the best college OL. Then, he moved to Center as a Senior, and won the Rimington Award for best college center (in his first year at the position).  He doesn't have the athleticism to become an elite pro lineman, but he clearly has a talent for blocking and could improve our line.  He'd improve the depth of the line, because he could be effectively moved around the line in case of injury.

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We should make an effort to protect our LUCK. He is smart, intuitive, and willing to learn. He can do it! We just need to make sure he is protected enough to be able to make his decisions. He has the talent and the knowledge, just give him the offensive defense to buy him some time. Everyone talks about QBs staying in the pocket, let's give him enough time in the pocket. He CAN DO IT!!!!

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