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I am not that kind of fan



One would think after watching the Colts battle to beat the Packers I would want to talk about that. But is isn't the reason I wanted to blog today.

I am sitting here watching and listening to all my sports talk like I do everday during football season, and I am appalled by a story I am hearing. The story of the home fans cheering Matt Cassel being knocked out. I wish I had a platform to let athletes know that I am NOT one of those fans.

When I watch football it is because I truly love the sport. I love the strategy behind the plays, the athletic ability of some of these men to make a play when you thought the human body couldn't possibly bend that way!

Never in all my life have I watched this sport hoping someone would be hit big. From what these announcers are saying that is why fans watch.

Please Mike n Mike never ever put me in that category. I do not like the Patriots one bit. I have a party every year tittled " Hatriot Party" where my friends and I from all different fan bases get together to just simply hate on the Patriots. Not once have I wished Brady would be knocked out. Sure if he couldnt play anymore I wouldn't be sad, but I don't wish a life , career ending injury on any player. If you are one of those fans you need to check yourself.

These men on the field do choose to get themselves into a really high contact sport. One that can lesson your life span and cause life long diabilities I get that. BUT they are humans. They are husbands, sons, uncles, nephews, fathers.... Men that do something for us to enjoy while risking injury to do it. Sure sure they get paid well I understand that but where is the line?

This makes me think of the time I went to see the Colts play the Raiders. 12/26/2010.. there was one Raider fan in front of us ( we were 2 rows on te 50 visitor side) and Austin Collie was sitting on the bench in hearing distance ( IN fact he heard me yelling his name smiled and waived ahhhh ) but this guy yelled " Hey Austin I hope you get hit so hard that your paralyzed or die"... I couldn't believe it. Me being me couldnt keep my mouth quiet and I said a few choice things to him. To my suprise the Raider fans around me rallied on my behalf and started yelling at the guy saying " not cool man not cool"...

This man ( I use the term lightly) did turn red and was quiet the rest of the game...

I just hope that athletes know those are the minority of fans and not the majority, or at least I hope it is. Please know I am not that person. I just truly love the sport. But I have been athletic all my life so maybe that helps me to see things differently. If you are this kind of fan... rethink your thoughts....

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Really well said! I watched the media run with that........shaming the fans but in my opinion those fans had to be in the minority. Wrong to paint the whole fan base with the same brush.

There are 'rabid' fans in every fan base. Most of us are human and would never behave as those fans did.

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On the whole not that many fans were cheering and the fact is they were cheering because Brady Quinn got up put his helmet on to start throwing passes on the sideline. NOT because Cassel was laying motionless - thats another media created story!

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I heard the interview from the Chiefs OT and he was very upset. He took it as the fans cheering because of the hit too sooo ... but I am sure the media has added fuel to the fire. They always do..

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Yes, I've heard the OT going off - Possibly he was prodded by the media and then went on a rant. I know someone who was at the game and they gave a totally different story as to what happened.

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