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My experience at the Stick



blog-0809335001379955623.jpgOK So for those of you , like me, who live vicariously through other fans who go to games .. I am giving this report of my day at the Colts versus Niners!

When we arrived at the stadium I was so glad to see the weather was perfect! Being in the Bay Area you never know. You can drive 10 miles one way and go up or down 10-15 degrees! The stadium parking lot was full by 10 am of people tail gaiting , I have to say I was shocked to see that being the game was hours away.

After we parked ( and remember I went with decked out niner fans) there were a few people who saw me and my husband get out of the car say " OH heck NO".. but they soon came over and said hi. Again I was surprised.

The theme from most fans I kept hearing after they taunted in fun was " I really like Andrew Luck! I have never hated the Colts.." Believe it or Not Raider fans said similiar.

It was quite a hike to get to the stadium then our seats but we had some pretty good seats. Jerry Rice was out running the field showing off all his talent lol

Another surprise for me, that stadium is LOUD! All you blue people in Indy, you need to step it up! I can't even imagine how loud the Seahawks is if they are the loudest in the league... Candlestick is LOUDDDD!

Most fans around us were nice and * chatted it up with my " Chatty Kathy" hubby... toward the end when the Colts were whooping on em you could hear fights in the stands behind us but didn't seem like it got physical.. while leaving most people were humble but again you had a few drunks trying to taunt Colts fans and all of us quickly got on board to stop it ( only to find out the Colt fan being harassed is LAPD LOL) ....

The guys were cool running back to the locker room stopping to say hi to the blue sea of fans waiting for a glimpse.. they got us pumped up and chanting " GO COLTS GO COLTS"" Overton ran up to the stands and shook hands and thanked everyone!

The best part of this day is knowing that I have a lot of co workers who have to face me tomorrow and eat CROW!! I have been harassed about this game so much all while I sat n smiled maintaining my " Any given Sunday" attitude. The funniest part is my friend who drove told me early in the morning she said " I bought this hilarious card for you , I was cracking up! BUT you can't have it til after the game , until after yall lose"... SO guess who has a card for a souvenir.. she never gave it to me! LOL I kept telling her " Don't talk smack til after the game!" lol

After the game we went to the visitors exit gate and met several players. Trent, Vini, Heyward, Luck ( from a distance) Mathis and many others were hanging out .. Matt Overton came out and when he realized I was someone from FB who helped his charity out in Cali he gave me a huge hug and thanked me for my help!! THAT made my day !

We got to talk to a few of the players and met Oliver Luck and Constanzo's family. They were so nice!

I think I floated back to the car and the smile on my face has not left since the final score was posted

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Read that there were more violence at the Stick!  Honestly there's some stadiums I would not go or at the least I will not where my Blue!  Sorry I love my Blue but I choose my well being over violence, stupidity and alcohol. Have a great day!

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Well as you see I wore my blue.. I also wear my attitude... You can tell ( if your smart) by my body language and face that I am not one to mess with... I don't play. The sad thing is you have to be that way in order to keep those ppl from thinking they can harm you ;(

Most people I came into contact were really nice . Doesn't hurt that I was surrounded with friends who work in Law Enforcement and my husband is 6ft 300lbs either .... I feel that since I have to pay so much to go to the game I'm going to wear what I want touch me and your going to jail!

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No problem CC, I applaud that!  You going to the SD game?  The couple of times seems there were more Colts fans that Chargers fans at the game!

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