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Are you kidding me?



What an incredible game from all aspects. Sure, the first half left a lot to be desired, but the Colts brought it in the second half. Donald Brown looked great, it has been a long time since he was relevant in a game and he could not have picked a better game to step it up. We all know that in order to run the ball we have to run block and the Colts did this with a hodgepodge of an o-line. Shipley and the rest of the o-line did ok. Luck was under pressure a lot during this game and his wheels kept us out of trouble, and he does have wheels, this kid can scramble. Luck looked more like Fran Tarkenton rather than the next Peyton Manning. That might be a stretch but I am still riding high from one of the biggest wins in recent history

. Reggie, are you kidding me? This guy is ageless, his presence has to be reassuring to a young Q.B. like Luck. To know that you have a go to guy that will lay it all on the line has to be priceless. Words cannot express how I feel about Reggie.

Defense, defense, defense. We appeared to be outmatched in the first half but thats why we play two halves. The second half was a completely different story all together, we took control of the game with the Powers interception and never looked back. The pressure we put on Rogers in the second half was the difference in the game, we collapsed his pocket and rattled his nerves. Minus the big run in the second half, I would say that the d-line did a great against the run. Way to go D!

Mistakes were made, way too many penalties for one and the fair catch on the five yard line stand out, but the mark of a good team is that you can over come your mistakes and move on to the next play and the Colts did not disappoint us there.

Great win and I hope we can continue to grow as a team. This is supposed to be a learning year for our young team and there are plenty of life lessons that these young guys can take from a game like this one.


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Reggie is in full beast mode! In his interviews on the " Reggie Wayne show" on WNDE, he has said all the youthfullness in the locker room has made him feel young again.... He aint lyin!!!

He is on track to having a great season!!! REGGIE REGGIE REGGIE!

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