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Satele injury report?



Ive been looking around the net to try and see what is going on with Sampson and have not been able to find any info. This is a huge problem for us if he is not playing. The rag tag line did ok but some of those snaps made my heart skip a beat. I am a middle aged man and cannot take a whole lot of that. On the other hand, Essex looks like he may be a nice pick up for us, just got to get more acclimated to the system, which should not be that hard coming from Pittsburgh.

I guess I may be worried about nothing since I have not seen any info on Sampsons injury. At least that what Im telling myself.


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I hope he is back and healthy and ready to go this Sunday. I have to say our back up did a pretty good job against the Vikings this past Sunday. Its not easy just coming into that and running your line. With the exception of a few low snaps ( which I am SURE will be corrected this week!) he did pretty dang good IMO...

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I thought he did a great job minus the few bad snaps out of the shotgun, I could not imagine how difficult that would be to do. Essex should be a pretty good pick up for us also, he is somewhat familiar with the Ariens system and that should give him a leg up, should that is. Time will tell which direction this line is headed

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