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Different year, different draft indeed



Last year at this time, we all waited with anticipation to see who the Colts were going to pick, either RG3 or our eventual pick Andrew Luck. There were few doubts as to who we would pick, but it was nice to see us relevant again after such a dismal season as 2011 was. Flip the switch to a year later and it is draft time again, with the team already headed in the right direction, this draft should not be as exciting as last years,but just as important.

With the Colts nation having only one draft to use as a reference, I think it may be difficult to predict the direction the Colts will take in the draft. Obvious needs will be addressed, wether in the draft or free agency, you can count on that, but its the "diamonds in the rough" that intrigue me. T.Y was not a household name by any means and wound up being diamond who will shine even brighter with another season under his belt. Great pick there. Every draft class has a few of the guys hanging around, waiting to get discovered, lets hope the Colts can strike lightning again and find another "diamond'!!

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following who was on and stayed on this team and played this year......required attentiveness


Who knows?  

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