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Back to Earth

Chris Wood


Ever the optimist, I let my hopes get a little high this year. After watching the preseason and looking at the schedule, I felt that 8-9 wins was entirely possible. The loss to Jacksonville took away one of those wins, and couple that with the way the team has played the first few weeks and it looks like 6 wins could even be a little optimistic at this point. But I’m not ready to give up hope yet.

But I do have to look at the team for what our strengths and weaknesses are. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of strengths right now. We have Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis – who have shown up consistently game in and game out. We have Donnie Avery, who many may not have seen as a strength heading into the season, but I believe has shown that he has the speed and the hands to be a #1 or solid #2 wide receiver. We have Donald Brown who is not a premier back, but looks to have the speed right now to make something happen if he can just get a little running room. And we have Powers who could make something happen on defense if the rest of the defense would step up.

There are almost too many weaknesses to list: inconsistent offensive line, less than impressive defensive line, inconsistent pass rush, no depth in defensive backfield, rookies all over the field on offense including Andrew Luck. There, I said it. Andrew Luck is a weakness – at least right now. I don’t think he has quite adjusted to the speed of the NFL yet and it is showing up in underthrowing his receivers and inconsistent play. It probably doesn’t help any that it is a brand new offense for everyone and that he only has 2-3 veterans on offense that can even help him out.

Fixing these weaknesses could take some time. Offensively, Luck and the rest of the team should improve as the season goes on, barring any significant injuries. But it probably won’t make a significant difference until next year. Defensively, about the only position I feel good about right now are the middle linebackers, and even they are young and mistake prone. I like our outside linebackers too, but not enough depth behind Freeney and Mathis. We still need bigger, stronger guys up front for the 3-4 – and that won’t happen this year. We still need bigger, faster defensive backs – and that won’t happen this year. In fact, with all of the needs in the defense, it could still take a couple of years to really grow into a solid 3-4 defense.

Nevertheless I will still be cheering for my Colts, expecting solid play from my young team, and hoping for a victory each and every week. So even with the Packers coming to town in a week and a half I will not be sitting on my hands. Let’s go 12th man, let’s show them what we’ve got.

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Our biggest weakness right now is our coach 2 games in a row in 2nd half he played to lose i thought we got rid of JIM CALDWELL i had hi hopes for PAGANO feel sorry for LUCK his coach is an *

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This is what the beginning looks like. We'll get there. But for sure there is something for everyone to do.

Thanks goodness we have Reggie

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I really didn't get the same feeling as last year - i.e. playing not to lose. The play calling in 2nd half still had a lot of throws, just poor execution. Making them use their timeouts in last 2 min. was smart coaching, but again, poor execution defensively led to loss. When the offense can become more consistent (including Luck) then hopefully there won't be as many of those situations. Of course, we still need a better defense.

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The "coach" didn't "play to lose." There is nothing wrong with the play calling guys. Did you even see the game? We lost to Jacksonville because one of our starting CBs got hurt and the guy they put in to replace him got burnt for a TD. That's not the coaches fault. Also they are limited in what they can do without Freeney, Angerer and Davis. When we get all of those guys back the defense will improve a lot. So will our offense when we get all of our starters back on the front line. Stop blaiming the coaches for having their hands tied playing without a full deck.

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Chris, I have read some of your good posts and write ups. I began the year thinking 6-10.....my hopes raised to as high as 8-8. The title down to earth is a good one. With this team we should try and stay 'grounded' every week. Why?

Injuries mounting....some coming back....then more injuries......we just are not having continuity. I am not with the poster saying the coach in an asterisk (What does that mean anyway?) Hall Of Famer? :)

This game is week to week...practice to practice...learn from mistakes...and play again. Look at the Minnesota Vikings!!! 3-1???? Their loss is to the same mighty Colts were are discussing. The Saints are 0-4!

I will hang in there with this team, and the disappointment of the Jags game gives me heartburn.....PREVENT DEFENSE should never be played....let alone with the game on the line. I would not play it with a 47-0 lead....I want to 'shut em out.' Go :colts: :colts: :colts: ....and hang in there fans.

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