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Not the End of the World!



Colts may have lost but it is not the end of the world. Far from it. As really the Luck and Pagano era has begun. But they have fifteen more games rest. So do not think it is the end of the world. In fact, far from it!

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lol! Don't worry I also believe it's a start but commenting on the title "Not the End of the World". I remember one college coach was asked about his new coaching position after many years at a high profile college. He was asked if this (present college location) was the end of the world. His reply was no it's not the end of the world but you could see from here!

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Patience,patience, patience. Only time will tell whats in store for these new Colts. The maturation of a young player and team takes time. I suspect that we will be fine, just got to get through this season and take our lumps when needed

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Sigh...it was quite a "ride" during the Peyton Era and I enjoyed every second of every game. I'm pleased that one of the greatest QBs the game has ever seen played in lil' ol' Indianapolis along with some of the best Receivers, Runningbacks, TEs, O-linemen, and remarkable Defense. I think it was a crappy decision to let Peyton go after all he's done for the Indy Colts, and I believe that his advice would have been beneficial for Luck. I'm sure he's gonna shake out to be another good QB but the way the team was gutted, they didn't leave him much to work with, no offense to the very talented Reggie Wayne! If Collie gets any more concussions, he's not going to be able to continue playing Football. Scary injury!

Oh and..... Get well soon Dwight Freeny!

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